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An introduction to the benefits of using easy-Speak to automate Toastmaster club management.

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  • How would you like to make your TM club management easy?Would you like to save time with TM meeting organisation?YOU CAN WITH EASY SPEAKWhat is easy-Speak?Purpose built software system enabling Toastmaster clubs to automate their meeting planning and to track and support members' development. Created by Malcolm Warden, UK.
  • TOASTMASTER, FELLOW TOASTMASTERS AND GUESTS:NOT ONLY CAN Easy-Speak:take away the time-consuming work of planning for club meetingsBUT IT CAN ALSO:Empower club members to REQUEST SPEECHES and plan for their goalsCome with me on a personal journey of exploration of how easy-speak made a difference for me.Later make up your own mind if you wish to LEARN TOmake TM club management and member progress tracking easier.make use of Toastmaster Club management software?participate in the online easy-Speak Made Easy course in 2014!
  • Before easy-Speak!The preparation of the club meeting agenda was a tedious and onerous taskTHIS WAS ME PREPARING THE Agenda - Emails, phone calls, revised documents, changes at last minuteThe record keeping of individual’s progress was a complex and involved paper trailTHIS WAS ME KEEPING TRACK OF Records - Guess work and hearsay, manual records, little personal ownership, goals unknown or undocumentedCan you plan a meeting and produce the agenda in just a minute? Easy-Speak Can!Do you currently have instant visibility of every member's progress? Easy-Speak Can!
  • DOES IT WORK? IS THERE A DISTRICT IN THE WORLD WHERE ALL CLUBS USE EASY SPEAK?YESDistrict 59 – encompassing the European Union TM clubs – whole of district strategic directions – easy-Speak for allDistrict 59 – training in easy-SpeakDistrict 59 – awards include Select and President District awardsIT’S A GIFTGive your club officers the information to support club members, automate the boring administration and free UP their time to talk with MEMBERS
  • My role as VP Ed for AWT was made easy with easy-Speak: once Members list uploaded: all have login access and can request a speech, take a role, plan their goals, view meeting and print agendaTHIS IS ME AFTER Creating Meetings and Assigning roles to suit members:I can NOW plan the meetings in advance, create committee meetings too, schedule requested speeches fairly and monitor roles by meetingSchedule speeches Match with speech requestsAssign evaluatorsMatch Evaluator to SpeakerProvide speech and role opportunities as requested in advanceMatch educational needPrint speech introductions
  • Not only for VP Ed, the VP Membership tasks made easy:How would you like to do everything in the one place?Send link to prospective members to see for themselves – can view meeting agenda as a guestCreate a one-stop place for getting information, contacting officers, downloading application formEnable Members fill in a Member Survey and set their profiles and goalsIt’s a promotional website where the front page invitesnew members with ease:Promote club onlineProvide club overviewProvide easy ways to visitAdd visitors when joinedDisplay contactsEnable downloadsSend information via email
  • How would you like your members to take charge of their own roles for meetings?With easy speak it is a ONE CLICK RESPONSE from an emailEasy speak provides a three meeting in advance sign up sheet – calculates roles and speeches taken and where vacancies exist – printable sign up sheet.How about that for a ONE CLICK TASK.EXPLAIN how to confirm attendance, confirm a role, request a speech
  • How would you like to manage your agenda in minutes instead of hours? Easy speak can!ONCE THE VP Ed HAS ASSIGNED ROLES AND SCHEDULED SPEECHES:– can print a sign up sheet that provides details of roles taken and vacantsend email directly to that person – click on member name to locate emailORSEND OUT CLUB MASS EMAILS TO NOTIFY THAT AGENDA IS READY seeking roles, confirming roles, announcing speakers and venueassign a mentor and notify both at the same time – system tracks and notifies mentor of mentee activitiesCLICK AGENDA FOR A PRINTABLE VERSION – design is up to you
  • NOT ONLY THAT!How would you like to have your members self-direct their TM tasks, goals and roles?Indicate attendance or non-availability Self-select a roleKnow what’s expected for role and how find to out moreBook speeches in advanceMonitor progressPlan for CL projects and evaluations in advanceProvide extra information for Speech introductions & evaluationsEasy-Speak enables members to view their speech and leadership progress, set goals, provide information to introduce their speeches – all in the one placeEXPLAIN the three tabbed sections of REQUEST A SPEECH
  • How would you like to see at a glance (or by notification) – if a member has been absent for several meetings - email is sent to VP Ed and mentorShows members who have: Next scheduled speech datesLost interest?CL progressCommunication progressPersonal goals and objectivesStormed ahead with speech requestsSpecial achievements approachingHow would you like to see at a glance who is nearing completion of CC manuals?How would you like to remind yourself of your requested speeches (as opposed to paper based documentation)?
  • Easy-Speak automates all of the data collected from the meetings as they are updated by VP Ed after the events. Easy-Speak automates all awards given at meetings and enables ease of record keeping towards special awards for the year.How would you like to see all of your current projects at a glance?Easy-Speak provides a Workbook Matrix, Speech Progress Report, Speech and Award Records for each manual, EXPLAIN the matrix records – ticks, clocks and ? marks
  • EXPLAIN MY HPL Project :Guided by District 59 leader Bill Monsour and author of easy-Speak Malcolm Warden.Assisted by team of contributors from UK and Europe building an elearning course for any TM clubs across the world.Currently gathering existing resources and providing them in an online any time access eg videos, ebooks, slides, documentsDeveloping a FREE online course in a MOODLE environment – seeking triallers and reviewers now - facilitated group sessions ready for 2014.
  • Avoid being left behind,Please consider easy-Speak for Automating :your own empowerment Your own club member record keepingyour own club management and lead the way for others with easy speak.
  • easy-Speak for Toastmasters Made Easy

    1. 1. Host: Professionally Speaking Canberra TM Club Meeting 21: November 14, 2013 Presenter: Carole McCulloch, ACS, ALB
    2. 2. Goals:
    3. 3. Albury Wodonga TM – VP Ed Before easy-Speak!
    4. 4. Current impact of easy-Speak: Outstanding results: District 59 European TM clubs Embrace easy-Speak Source: Malcolm Warden, Warden & Associates UK
    5. 5. Effortless Administration: • After easy-Speak:
    6. 6. New Membership promotion:
    7. 7. Individuals sign up for meetings
    8. 8. Empowering Meeting Management
    9. 9. Empowerment for members:
    10. 10. Records for all members
    11. 11. Individuals track all projects
    12. 12. Free Online Course
    13. 13. Want to learn easy-Speak? Contact Carole McCulloch at coachcarole2012@gmail.com Further details at CoachCarole.net http://www.coachcarole.net/?page_id=381