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Easy speak for Club Officers


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Monday 31 July 2017 at 7:00 PM AEST

Published in: Education
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Easy speak for Club Officers

  1. 1. EASY-SPEAK FOR CLUB OFFICERS Coach Carole and Friends Welcome to Easy Speak Training Series 2017
  2. 2. Next easy-speak online training opportunity? What do you need to master in easy-Speak right now? Do you want to know how to setup your own special Agenda Templates? Do you need to know how best to help your members self-select meeting attendance and role sign ups? Do you want to see what other tools will help you with your club officer roles? Questions posted in the community Reminders: recording on and chat monitors
  3. 3. Today’s Agenda Club Setup for New VPEs Preparation Help Desk Club Details Setup: Control Panel Upload users Create locations Club Meeting Setup Stages 1 to 3 Plus Q & A
  4. 4. Club set up preparation for VPE  Locate Help:  Neighbouring Clubs - access from the Go To Menu  Local Champions – from the Community  Training Resources – from the Help Desk  Access Knowledge Base: Articles about Club Start up process  Practice: King Arthur’s Playground Site –
  5. 5. Register user: STEP 1  http://easy- =register
  6. 6. Register User: STEP 2
  7. 7. PRE CLUB SETUP Step 3: ACCESS KNOWLEDGE BASE  These articles in the Knowledgebase will help you to get started: Getting started on easy-Speak: Running the meeting: Importing Member details from a spreadsheet
  8. 8. Pre-CLUB Step 4: access GETTING STARTED
  9. 9. Step 5: access videos for VPE   Select Club VPE or Startup categories
  10. 10. Visit the easy-speak Made easy course   View the easy-Speak Made Easy online course as a guest (password easyspeak)
  11. 11. Jo Join ieasy-speak toastmasters community
  12. 12. QUESTION & ANSWER Please add your questions to the Chat Panel. Chat monitors – please read out questions Feel free to ask your question using your microphone and video camera
  13. 13. set up club in control panel 1. Upload a list of Club Members 2. Upload a list of Speeches if required 3. Specify your Club Officers 4. Setup Location, Meeting Awards and Roles 5. Edit the Club Setup In your site: Stage One
  14. 14. Create a meeting, assign, schedule, then notify 1. Create your first Meeting Agenda 2. Notify your Club Officers and send How To instructions  Ask them to Sign Up for Roles on first meeting agenda and request speeches 3. Assign roles for other Members 4. Notify your Club Members and send How To instructions  Ask them to Login and Sign Up for Roles In your site : Stage Two
  15. 15. PREPARATION : KING ARTHUR’S PLAYGROUND Login as Minnie Password is fun4us
  16. 16. Demonstration from King Arthur’s Playground Minnie is ready to send out the Meeting email reminders 1. Select current agenda 2. Select current meeting ‘Send meeting email’ option 3. Select recipients 4. Select email type 5. Send
  17. 17. PRACTICE : Create a meeting
  18. 18. Notify using club mass email
  19. 19. EDUCATE YOUR MEMBERS ABOUT EASY-SPEAK 1. Send information to the Club Members about easy-Speak 2. Schedule an easy-Speak Educational  Demonstrate how to : Login, Sign up for a Role, Request a Speech  Provide handouts as take away learning resources 3. Emphasise the benefits of easy-Speak for them In your club: Stage Three
  20. 20. QUESTION & ANSWER Please add your questions to the Chat Panel. Chat monitors – please read out questions Feel free to ask your question using your microphone and video camera
  21. 21. THANKS FOR VIEWING! SUBSCRIBE TO THE EASY-SPEAK HELP DESK FOR MORE RESOURCES HTTPS://WWW.SMORE.COM/UQEYD-EASY-SPEAK-HELP-DESK Easy-speak presenters: enquire within Monthly pre-recorded sessions for 2017
  22. 22. NEXT EASY-SPEAK FOR CLUB OFFICERS EVENT Monday 21st August at 8am UTC+10 Topics ?