Beachbody Focus T25 Workout Review


Published on Looking to lose weight but don't have the time for a full workout program? The creators of P90X and Insanity, have now come out with a revolutionary, shorter workout to get you results, Focus T25.

Focus T25 works with the new science that shows that a intense and short workout can produce better results than a full hour workout. Best of all, Focus T25 has a modifier to make most moves intense but at a lower impact.

The Focus T25 workout reviews have been nothing short of extraordinary. Every workout is only 25 minutes a day and you will get full hour results when you truly focus on your workout.

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Beachbody Focus T25 Workout Review

  1. 1. Focus T25 Workout Review: Will You Get Results? Are you ready for a complete Beachbody Focus T25 workout review? Great news because Shaun T recently released Focus T25.. Shaun T has been working with Beachbody for a long time and has created life transformation home workout routines like: INSANITY INSANITY: THE ASYLUM Vol. 1 INSANITY: THE ASYLUM Vol. 2 Rockin’ Body Hip Hop Abs Now, Shaun T has compounded all his knowledge into 25 min cardio workouts, the Focus T25 workout. That means, in less than a 30 minute workout, you’ll get to push yourself to the limit in order to get amaz ing results! In t his Focus T25 workout review, you’ll learn: Why Beachbody created Shaun T’s Focus T25 Cardio Workout? We’ll go over Focus T25 before and after pictures and results. How a 25 minute workout will get you results. And The supplements that will help you get maximum results. Focus T25 Workout Review: Why Beachbody Created Shaun T’s Focus T25 Cardio Workout? Life is tough and there’s never enough time to do anything, let alone a hour or more workout. Slides from: Main Site:
  2. 2. I love doing the Insanity workout but those were between 30 and 60 minutes for 6 days a week. It got results but was long. Then I did P90X and that was much longer! Yes, the set workout time was about 60 min, but I’m not a machine. Sometimes P90X lasted up to 2 hours because I needed breaks!!! And then Yoga X is a set hour and a half! Again, P90X gets results but it’s long … Some people will of t en go t o t he gym t o workout but t hat ’s also a t ime sucker. Time Time Time Time Time Time Time to drive there. to change. waiting for a machine to free up. to learn how to work a machine. waiting for an instructor. to change again or shower. to drive home. Got time for a 25 minute workout? The worst part about gyms is not knowing how t o opt imally lose weight . With a gym membership you won’t know which exercises to do or when to do them. With a gym membership you don’t have anyone to tell you the best foods to eat or how to take care of your nutrition. With a gym membership you won’t know how to change your workout when you hit a plateau. So t hen, How can we lose weight f ast , get t he best result s, and do it in t he short est amount of t ime possible? The answer is simple, Shaun T’s Focus T 25 workout… the only 25 minute cardio workout designed to get results. For the last year, Shaun T has experimented to see how you can get the same kind of results you’d expect from an hour- long workout program, in under 30 minutes. The result is FOCUS T25– and t he name implies t he int ent : If you focus your intensity for 25 minutes, and you do it 5 days a week, you WILL get results. Slides from: Main Site:
  3. 3. Yes, you are working out for less time. But since you have your shorts on, since you have your sneakers on, and you managed to Push Play, I’m just asking you to give it everything you’ve got, for ONLY 25 minutes. You focus, and you go! 25 minutes. 5 days a week. 100% results. And there are major university studies out there that prove the value of shorter, more intense workouts. But I’ll save that for later. The only question now is, do you want to be one of the first to see these routines and what kind of results you can get? Don’t miss the biggest breakthrough in health and fitness since Insanity. – Shaun T Focus T25 Workout Review: Focus T25 Before and After Pictures & Results Wait… wait.. wait… Can you give a Focus T25 workout review with it barely being released? Yes you can! Beachbody always runs their home workout routines through extensive testing. Often many of the home workout routines that Beachbody releases will take 1 to 2 years to prefect. It’s not only about getting the right workout routines figured out but also researching what the best nutrition for each workout routine and ensuring you will get results. Check out the Focus T25 Focus Workout Review and Results below: Slides from: Main Site:
  4. 4. If you’re looking for a quick workout that gets results, you need Shaun T’s new 25 minute workout routines. Focus T25 Workout Review: How a 25 minute Cardio Workout Will Get You Results Here’s what you’ll get wit h Shaun T’s Focus T 25 cardio workout : Every workout is 25 minutes, start to finish. Slides from: Main Site:
  5. 5. Each workout Phase is five days a week, for five weeks. Each phase building on the previous. Phase 1: The first five week phase is the ALPHA phase, consisting of resistance and cardio. Phase 2: The second five week is the BETA phase, focusing on your CORE strength. Every phase has a purpose and mixes up your progress so your body keeps adapting; getting you better and faster results. Shaun T delivers high intensity workouts in a small “group” in each video. There’s one individual who will show you how to modify each workout move until you’re ready for more advanced moves. 3 Phases to Focus T25 workout T25 is the first in home workout routine set to music. Meaning, the music wasn’t added after the workouts were recorded! You control your intensity. Advancement Opportunity. After a few rounds of Focus T25 you may get bored with it so there’s the next level, GAMMA phase (sold separately). It focuses on everything you have learned and greatly further your strength. Plus, it’s still only 25 minutes a workout. Check it out here: Focus T25 Gamma If you’ve attempted Insanity or Insanity Asylum, you know that Shaun T is all about brief, highintensity workouts, that pressures you to work … and work hard! During the interval training routines from his other workout programs, you would work out with high intensity for a brief time, take a very short breather, and then repeat. This kind of high intensity interval training (HIIT) accomplishes exactly what some longer exercises just can not achieve. Thus, although the workout is much shorter, you’re still burn several calories during and long after the workout is done. Slides from: Main Site:
  6. 6. Focus T25 takes out those breaks from Insanity and Aslyum and gets you results in a intense 25 minute cardio workout. Here’s Shaun T’s Focus T25 Workout Review: “So I made it my mission to create a workout program that would get your body looking like you’d spent hours at the gym…in only 25 minutes a day—less time than you’d spend driving to and from the gym! FOCUS T25 is that workout. So how can I get you such amazing results in just 25 minutes a day? By pushing you hard—with short, highintensity exercises that force your body’s chemistry to adapt so you get shredded. Even though you’re working out shorter, you’re getting strong and getting cut faster. Focus T25 workout That’s what makes FOCUS T25 the most efficient workout ever created.” If you’re serious about getting a home workout routine that gets results in less than a 30 minute cardio workout, then you need Focus T25. Focus T25 Workout Review: Recommended Supplements for Maximum Results The Focus T25 workout will come with a nutrition plan so you can fuel your body right and get amaz ing results…. But there’s nothing wrong with a few supplements to get the most out of your workout. Not only is this a Focus T25 workout review , but also a recommendation of how to get the most from Slides from: Main Site:
  7. 7. your cardio workout. Below are t he t op 2 supplement s t hat you’ll want t o look int o get t ing. 1. Beachbody E&E Energy and Endurance Preworkout Formula Why a preworkout formula? It’ll give you an extra boost of energy to push your workouts hard. It’ll help you focus on the moves. With more energy, you’ll burn more calories. Before E&E Energy and Endurance, I used Jack3d but it was limited. It caused stomach issues, used artificial ingredients, the instructions said not to use 3 days in a row… In short, Jack3d is a unhealthy and unsafe way to get more energy before a workout. Now there isn’t a day that I can’t push myself hard with the E&E Energy and Endurance preworkout formula. And there have been days where I didn’t have the energy to workout but E&E Energy and Endurance changed that right around. Learn more about E&E Energy and Endurance: 2. Shakeology People have reported the following benefits from using Shakeology: Increased energy and st amina Accelerated weight loss Increases in lean muscle mass Improved digestion and regularity Boost s in ment al clarit y Reduced junk food cravings Boost s in Met abolism Faster recovery from workouts Lowered cholest erol Whatever your goals are, your health will benefit from Shakeology. Check out the following Slides from: Main Site:
  8. 8. Feel free to contact me with any questions. If you can’t wait for Focus T25 or would prefer a different workout: >>> Focus T25 is looking to be a game changer in how fast you get results with a workout. Have a great day! P.S Can’t decide between Insanity or Focus T25?…. Check out this post to decide on the best one for you => Slides from: Main Site: