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HR Strategy For Young India


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We believe that while the current crop of youth has changed but still the hiring strategies have remained same since so many years. With evolving role of technology & social media it is very important for recruiters to engage the students.

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HR Strategy For Young India

  1. 1. HR Strategy for Young India Strategic engagement for the future
  2. 2. Youth Should it be a focus area for HR?
  3. 3. What did George Bernard Shaw say about communication? He said that “the problem with communication is.. . Current ways of communication  Posters sent  Lecture by GM/VP  Career page on the website  Presentation shared on the day No measurability Restricted engagement with youth results in significant inability to understand, engage and influence them
  4. 4. I cannot speak to you in French How does Young India communicate with each other?  Mobile  Calls  SMS  Internet  Mails  Content  Social networks  Twitter How many companies are using these medium to hire and retain?
  5. 5. Case studies from India and around the world
  6. 6. From (< 1 day) TO (> 1 year) Paradigm shift in campus engagement with GenY Engagement Pre Campus On Campus Post Campus Lower internal costs for recruitment and attract better quality hires through early and consistent online engagement 24*7 campus presence to engage Start "on-the -go" as and Efficient and centralized online process and identify top candidates across when hiring plans th resulting in visibility and cost savings colleges at 1/20 of regular cost finalize Detailed Activity Chart Zero Upfront Work: CoCubes brings a. Shortlist from  Online  Detailed MIS to colleges online (final/pre-final year) “students following" assessment support strategy b. Share "job profile" module with  Pre-boarding Tools to engage with ppt and video "Live View" processes online a. SMS/internet communication c. Students apply from  Interview  Keep hired b. "Launch-a-contest" projects etc across India process mapped candidates warm c. Content sharing module d. Plan efficient travel online and aware d. Detailed company profile based on actual  Automated e. "Expert Panel" for students numbers report f. Engagement tools: SMS Polling, generation Gallery, Events, SMS Hotline  Contingency planning Proprietary tool for identifying right candidates
  7. 7. Measurable Pre and Post Hiring Engagement Keep youth engaged and informed through internet and SMS, take feedback
  8. 8. Case Study: BPO firm with 15,000+ headcount  Objective: saving cost due to efficiency, centralized place for hiring, capturing student feedback  Predicted student turnout within 20% : Challenge in the BPO sector is low turnout of students. Our estimates beat TPO by over 300% resulting in high travel cost and people time saved  Created high brand awareness resulting in better prepared candidates along with capturing feedbacks to improve process
  9. 9. Key Strategic Points for Engagement with Youth  A single company does not have the means to engage youth for an entire year  One needs to engage the youth directly keeping the college and the faculty in the loop. This shall benefit everybody, youth, college and the company  Sustained and measurable engagement with youth is necessary. It is a way to attract top notch talent (each student has a family, a brother probably more experienced looking for the right job)  Cost Effective  Technology as an enabler holds the key to reach out to a large population
  10. 10. Thank You!! 3rd Floor, AIT, Sector 55, Gurgaon 0124-4234920