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CoCubes.com in Edu Tech Magazine


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CoCubes.com in Edu Tech Magazine

  1. 1. Excerpts from Placement Section in the July 2011 Edition of EDUTECHNet connect has brought net gains for aspirants of white collar jobs in lower-tier cities.Institutes are not only actively pursuing industry for placements, but also ensuring thattop-of-the-line companies come knocking at the door of their campuses to hire thestudents. Technology has certainly effortlessly squeezed the universe into a ball. BY KAVITHA SRINIVASA V yomesh Vashishth, a student of Jagannath Gupta Institute of Engineering & Technology, located in the Sitapura Industrial Area of Jaipur, had his sights set on the corporate world. His aspirations soared high and technology helped him make the transition. An internet product company provided the platform for him to connect with Birlasoft Technologies Ltdthat fetched him a white-collar job.Vashishth represents the emerging breed of youth from lower-tier citieswho go that extra mile to groom themselves into desirable blue-eyedcandidates for the corporate world. Savvy educational institutions locatedin Tier II & III cities are also making calculated moves to help studentslike Vashishth overcome the hurdles of location and find placement in thetop ranking organisations. Sure enough, a different kind of life is beingorchestrated for such aspirants from small cities.Opportunities are backed by a focussed approach. CoCubes.com, aninternet product company, headquartered in Gurgaon uses technology tohelp increase employment and employability for students. “We gotstudents in locations like Orissa online in less than one week andconnected them with firms like Accenture. We conducted over 300 suchrecruitment drives across the country; from Jabalpur in Madhya Pradeshto Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh down to Kerala in the south,” claimedVibhore Goyal, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer,CoCubes.com.The company shares SMS modules on CV writing. There is a log-in for students and colleges to share.They can also follow multinational companies (MNCs) on the platform. This year, CoCubes has partneredwith several firms to deliver a concrete employment solution for third year engineering students.However, with every student aspiring for a big ticket move, finding desirable placements becomes aproblem, especially offline. “There are 20,000 colleges and five lakh companies – all wanting to get intouch with each other. Placement officers from Tier II and III cities travel to metros to meet HR managerswho don’t have a clue about these institutions and are hence, not in a position to choose or reject one. Thisoffline means of finding the right fit is inefficient in terms of cost and time consumed,” says Harpreet S.Grover, Co-founder and CEO, CoCubes.com.Full Article available on http://goo.gl/ZCczf