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  1. 1. By sinha on 4, May, 2009 | Channel: FundingCoCubes Secures Funds from Ojas VenturesDelhi based startup, Cocubes has secured an investment from Ojas Ventures (you are reading it here first).Cocubes online platform enables colleges and companies to get started with campus recruitment processonline (i.e. without burning too much of ca$h).Cocubes partners with college campuses, signs MoU with the placement department and brings theplacement part online. Companies pay on a per campus basis, posts job descriptions to which students canapply.Post funding, Ojas’ Raghu Batta and Gautam Balijepalli will join CoCubes’ board.Here is a quick QnA with CoCubes team:Please share your business model – how does CoCubes make money.We charge colleges an annual fee and work with large companies on a per campus model. We don’t allowindividual students to register on CoCubes.comWhat services do you offer to colleges?We help the colleges manage and increase placements. The college and the students get an online platformalong with a global profile (video, picture enabled) to interact among themselves and with companies. Theyhave an account manager from CoCubes as well throughout the year.In general, there is a friction from college management in changing their way of working (evenGoogle apps failed to penetrate the market – so used lateral means) – Share someexperience/insights.I believe it is about persistence. Nobody is going to get through in a day or year to all colleges of India. It willtake energy and patience. And our belief is that rather than everybody (companies, assessment firms,training firms) doing it, why don’t we do it and others can use us as a channel.What’s your modus operandi?The most important piece (and monetizable) in your model is reachingout to the Tier-2/3 colleges – how do you reach out to them?We have a direct sales team which reaches out to colleges though we have converted colleges inMaharashtra and Rajasthan on phone. Our brand has built out in the last 2 years so we get a lot of calls fromcolleges India wide.Given the current economic scenario, isn’t your model significantly affected (after all, companiesaren’t recruiting).It is affected in the short run (and that was one reason to raise money) but we believe campus is and will bea strategic priority for large firms. Overall apart from recruitment we intend to be the single channel for anyengagement activities as well with colleges.How do you plan to use the raised fund?Building our sales and operation team India is Indias largest visibility platform for startups. Thanks for visiting! Do stay Pluggd.inFull Article available on