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MapRecruit - HR Technology 10 best startups


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Powered by AI for recruiting, MapRecruit automates the resume screening process with Home-grown industry standard Parsers (Resume & Job), Visual Discovery of the profiles, Parallel Automated Audio Interviews, Screening (using Capability, Reachability and Audio Signal Processing), Automated Candidate match to Job Description.

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MapRecruit - HR Technology 10 best startups

  1. 1. JULY 20171 JULY 2017STARTUPCITY.COM HR TECHNOLOGY SPECIALsiliconindia `150 IN MY OPINION CXO INSIGHTS Srinivasan CR, Senior Vice President, Global Product Management & Data Centre Services, Tata Communications Philip Kurian, Country Head & Director, Pearson MAPRECRUIT.COM SCALING TALENT ACQUISITION Shivaji Mukthavaram, Founder & CEO
  2. 2. JULY 201710 JULY 201711 MAPRECRUIT.COM SCALING TALENT ACQUISITION Shivaji Mukthavaram, Founder & CEO COVER STORY I n today’s borderless global environment, companies face a vast array of challenges such as social & technological changes, cultural diversity, aging populations and political instability. A consequence of this is that there is an ever- increasing focus on effective recruitment. Acquiring the right talent has never been more important as a company’s ability to find, attract, and ultimately recruit skilled talent is going to determine how successful they are in meeting their business growth objectives. As the economy continues to improve, businesses are beginning to experience more intense competition in the job market. Unfortunately, traditional practices in acquiring and retaining talent have occasionally fallen short of meeting the demands and constantly evolving challenges of a 21st century workforce. In 2017 HR TECHNOLOGY 10 BEST STARTUPS IN MAPRECRUIT HAS TAKEN A HOLISTIC APPROACH IN TACKLING THE TECHNOLOGY REQUIREMENTS FOR HR DOMAIN THROUGH RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT, PRODUCTS AND PROVIDE CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS
  3. 3. JULY 201712 JULY 201713 an era in which three generations are working side-by-side and the cultural makeup of workers is more diverse than ever, business leaders need an updated set of strategies in order to increase corporate growth and effectiveness. Reactionary hiring strategies are, at best, a triage mechanism and do not sustainably prepare companies to remain competitive in light of talent shortage trends. This means dedicating proper resources to it, creating tailored strategies and processes, and supporting their efforts with modern talent acquisition technology. Hyderabad- based CoArtha Technosolutions perfectly identifies the challenges and has emerged with the core purpose to put the best talent in front of the hiring managers, in the least amount of time. As an open source technology focused product development company, CoArtha comes focuses on providing solutions in the areas of Big Data for Recruitment, Machine Learning, Cloud Application Hosting, Inte- gration, Big Data Analytics, amongst others. The Idea behind MapRecruit Shivaji Mukthavaram worked with Cisco Systems in California for almost five years, he made up his mind to move to India. He worked for about nine years in different job roles and finally incepted CoArtha Technosolutions. Hiring at the speed of Big Data using Talent Analytics and Visualization, all Shivaji wanted was to engage in solving long procrastinated traditional recruitment problem and so he built a customized solution in 2014, named MapRecruit that effectively utilizes Big Data technologies like Map * Extensive experience in Enterprise Software Services, Product Development & Management and Human Resources functions. * Background in Consulting / Fortune 100 / SME / Startup companies focused on improving company’s productivity through innovative solutions. * Lead geographically spread cross-functional and cross-cultural teams to deliver technically challenging Programs / Product / R&D requiring significant co-ordination and collaboration with virtual teams. * Strategize, evangelize and deliver new products. Drive the go-to-market strategy working closely with the sales team * Extensive experience in evolving Ideation to market reality to growth cycle with focused leadership while managing large teams through fast paced, unpredictable business environment. * Deep techno-managerial skills and understanding of the Enterprise Software market * Strong experience in Managing multiple complex programs, Software Product Development & Quality Assurance initiatives, Project Management, Offshore Strategies and Operations, Talent Acquisition, Resource Management in matrix organizations, Vendor Management and contracts * Specialized in technical aspects of M&A activities- conceptualization, technical due diligence and post-M&A product integration * Adept public speaker in industry prominent summits like QAI, Gartner PPM Summit, PMI, HYSEA to the executive audience * Domain expert in Manufacturing, High Technology, Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) & Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Recruitment, Finance and Media & Entertainment. KEY MANAGEMENT Reduce, Python, SciPy to understand the overwhelming applicants’ capabilities. Throwing light on the same, he speaks, “My vision is to optimize a talent acquisition at a massive scale. Recruiters find it difficult to go through multiple profiles at the same time and find the best talent in a short period. We automated the whole talent acquisition process, visualized a fast and easy recruitment process including automated calling and recording and did an analysis of the automated audio where a recruiter can directly get to the right person, based on capability & reach-ability”. Beyond doubt a bumpy ride, in the beginning, team CoArtha had launched MapRecruit first campaign to reach 14 people who were selected from different experience ranges. Soon they began attracting interests of people to attend interviews. “We have conducted about 38000 interviews. However we do not conduct these interviews ourselves, customers conduct it using MapRecruit platform” explains Shivaji. Access the Capable and Reachable Candidates Quickly! Much focused on open source technology, CoArtha’s Talent Acquisition Platform (TAP) visualizes the data and provides talent analytics to shortlist the resources at a high level, makes use of IVR technology to reach out to the resources to do Parallel Automated Interview Recordings (PAIR) for Hiring Managers to do the initial assessment to further shortlist the resources. The unique solution assists Talent Acquisition Managers use the Voice Analysis to analyze the best-answered candidates first - select the top answered candidates for next round (MR Video or In-person interview) with 30 percent reduced effort. This way they are able to review a 10x number of candidates and build pipelines with readily available interviews for future requirements. “The uniqueness of our platform is every data source which can be texts, audio files are recorded. So the recruiters find profiles based on these audios which is a benefit for the recruiters while using our database,” he avers. Hiring managers can use their productive time with only the proven & potential resources in-person as they can screen qualified applicants at their leisure. Besides, the TAP help recruiters reach 10 times the profiles that they actually used to and additionally enables to conduct interviews (1000 calls) at any given moment in parallel, which is an advantage for the recruiters to reach out to a number of people. This also helps in creating a talent pool, as compared to doing it in excel sheets as the overall effort is reduced. Instead of going through each profile individually and identify possible candidates to reach out, recruiters can visually skim the profiles and shortlist them for scheduling the interview based on their location, qualifications, years of experience, used and known SHIVAJI MUKTHAVARAM, FOUNDER & CEO MAPRECRUIT AUTOMATES THE RESUME SCREENING PROCESS WITH HOME-GROWN INDUSTRY STANDARD PARSERS AND VISUALIZATION
  4. 4. JULY 201714 JULY 201715 skills, skills, previously worked for companies, amongst others. Modernizing Talent Acquisition From an enterprise perspective, the hiring manager is well aware of how many applications have reached, how many are being shortlisted and what kinds of people are available in the market, which eliminates the usual debate between the manager and the recruiter. “Recruiters deal with hundreds of profiles on a daily basis. Our Parser will parse these in a couple of minutes and provides the output ready for visualization, all the while reducing the time for Recruiter. We started building the career Parser two years back. Now we are confident that our Parser works 91 percent accurately. The advantage is that we can combine all Intellectual Property (IP) to build a unique and competitive solution, which is eventually beneficial for enterprises,” he says. Furthermore, the company is engaged to invent a robust technical solution using an end-to-end JavaScript framework (Mongo, Express, Angular and Node.js, D3.js) backed by Advanced Information Extraction & Machine Learning algorithms (Python Scikit, MapReduce, NLP & Signal Processing). To cater to the Enterprises, MapRecruit has taken a holistic approach in tackling the technology requirements for HR domain through Research & Development, Products and provide customized Solutions. With 40 dedicated personnel, including data scientists, UE experts, and a well-versed team to handle massive data, CoArtha strives to implement all good elements for the employees. The team primarily consists of three major segments in the firm; the Research and Development team who develop solutions to find the best contexts for the job seekers profile, the Products team which caters to building new features and also supporting existing customers at and the Solutions team utilizes the intellectual property developed by the R&D team as per the requirements of the clients. Powered by AI for recruiting, MapRecruit automates the resume screening process with Home-grown industry standard Parsers and Visualization. The software learns the CONTEXT of what the job requirements are and then predicts qualified candidates. The team completely analyzes the behaviour of the user, through communication, and feedback or if the client would come back for more services. “Our mantra is that we don't encourage our customers to search for the people, but discover them using our resources, faster - searching might end up giving no results at all whereas, in discovery, the customer is aware of the kind of people who are there,” he adds. The Bright Future Since inception, CoArtha has come a long way to achieve greater heights of success. The company is currently getting more acceptance ratio with at least 70 percent of the people returning for interviews. Big names like Randstad, Monster have been working with them for the last two years. “ has conducted close to 10000 interviews using our solutions. We are able to cater to sales and technology sectors,” he mentions. CoArtha at present is focusing towards expanding their operations in the U.S. and India and has plans to set their footprints in Singapore and Australia in the near future. The company is in the process of building Channel partnerships and started working with Companies / Talent Acquisition Specialists. Summing up the entire journey, Shivaji concludes, “Data Science and Automation is a de- facto for technology innovation and not a trial and error anymore. There is a lot of human involvement in the HR process and emotions too. To normalize this, automation is required and tools for recruiters to reach people faster. We are striving to innovate the HR space by properly nurturing it and taking different steps to eliminate the stresses of talent acquisition. -Understands the overwhelming applicants capabilities effectively utilizing Big Data technologies, Machine Learning - Real-time Visualization of Talent Analytics to short list the resources at a high level - Parallel Automated Interview Recordings (PAIR) to do 10x candidates initial assessment quickly - Builds customized Enterprise solutions using their Intellectual Property “Automated Matching & Ranking of Resumes based on Job Descriptions, Resume Parser for Technology / Healthcare / Mfg& Logistics domains, Job Description Parser, Resume Enrichment using Social data, and its ever- growing Ontology Knowledge Graphs” MAPRECRUIT ADVANTAGES