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Social mediapresentation


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Social Media Presentation_5822_Team_Rejuvenate

Published in: Business, Technology
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Social mediapresentation

  1. 1. Mann Marketing Inc Moves into the 21st C entury C ommunications By Team Rejuvenate C ollins Yearwood Michael Mann John Holm
  2. 2. Mann Marketing, Inc.
  3. 3. History• Mann M ket ing is a 20 year s ol d ar Company It cr eat es br anded m chandise for er businesses & event s and cor por at e gif t s• The business cur r ent ly has no Social Media pr esence
  4. 4. C urrent Use of SM NONE!• Cor por at e web sit e• Per sonal LinkedIn account
  5. 5. Why Use Social Media• St r at egy Dr umup m e business or • Cr eat e a pr esence; buil d br and Est abl ish or ganizat ion as a t hought l eader in t he f iel d of br and m ket ing ar
  6. 6. C ompetition’s SM
  7. 7. Proposed Use of SM• Bl og Facebook• LinkedIn• Twit t er Hoot Suit e• Ver t ical Response
  8. 8. Blog W wil l m r ecom endat ions on when e ake m t o post and t he appr opr iat e subj ect m t er at
  9. 9. FacebookW have cr eat ed a page and r ecom end e mit s use t o suppor t sal es ef for t s andbuil d a com unit y ar ound M m annM ket ing, Inc. ar
  10. 10. LinkedIn• M ann M ket ing shoul d use LinkedIn t o ar m obser vat ions about t he nat ur e of ake it s par t icul ar business• This is al so a pl ace for backgr ound info about t he com pany
  11. 11. Twitter• Twit t er is a good pl ace t o st ar t est abl ishing t hought l eader ship• It shoul d al so be used for out r each t o cust om s; encour age t hemt o fol l ow er M ann M ket ing ar
  12. 12. HootSuite• This f r ee social m edia dashboar d enabl es sim t aneous m or ing of ul onit social m edia sit es• Post s can be l oaded up and schedul ed-- a r eal t im saver ! e
  13. 13. Vertical Response• This is a f r ee (at l east on a t r ial basis) em m ket ing com ail ar pany• Em can be used t o suppor t ot her ail social media ef for t s
  14. 14. Website Before
  15. 15. Website After
  16. 16. And now for the toolsMann M ket ing ent er s t he 21 Cent ur y ar stwit h t he fol l owing t ool s...
  17. 17. New Blog
  18. 18. Facebook
  19. 19. New LinkedIn Page
  20. 20. New Twitter Page
  21. 21. Vertical Response
  22. 22. And to Manage It All... Hootsuite
  23. 23. TrainingTeamRej uvenat e wil l pr ovideinst r uct ions on how t o use al l of t heset ool s
  24. 24. Making the most of...• Your New Bl og Her e’s wher e you can be st r at egic or j ust whimsical • Y our cust om s and par t ner s can er get t o know you and r ead your insight s about t he business
  25. 25. Making the most of...• Facebook: It ’s new t im ine f eat ur e l et s you put el at t r act ively displ ay your m ket ing info ar • Her e’s a usef ul how-t o: • cl ick her e
  26. 26. Making the most of...• Twit t er Her e’s a r esour ce guide for get t ing t he m out of your Twit t er account : ost • cl ick her e
  27. 27. Making the most of... LinkedIn: cl ick her e for a how-t o• Use t his t ool t o: • Get r ecom endat ions f r omcust om s and m er vendor s • Connect wit h pot ent ial cust om s er
  28. 28. Thank YouW at TeamRej uvenat e hope we’ve egot t en you of f t o a good st ar t in t hewor l d of Social M edia