Integrating Inbound Marketing Into Your Communications Campaigns


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A presentation from #PRSAICON 2012

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  • That means it beats shopping!
  • 44% of direct mail is never opened 86% skip TV commercials 200 million say “Do Not Call”
  • Integrating Inbound Marketing Into Your Communications Campaigns

    1. 1. Integrating Inbound Marketing intoYour Communications Campaigns Presented by Jessica Lyon and Danielle Cyr Co-Communications
    2. 2. What is Inbound Marketing?
    3. 3. Not this.
    4. 4. Definitelynot this.
    5. 5. Orthis.
    6. 6. It’s more like…this! DOGGY VIDEO
    7. 7. Unlike traditional ‘push’ marketing, InboundMarketing pulls in audiences by offering informationthat they are already interested in, typically via ablog. Further information is often available as adownloadable incentive.Leads that download the incentives may be nurturedthrough an online marketing program that aims toconvert prospects into customers.
    8. 8. get yourviewers hooked!• optimized website Download your…• remarkable/sharable information• downloadable incentives• compelling calls-to-action• robust blog
    9. 9. Why Businesses Should UseInbound Marketing Techniques• sharing intellectual property builds trust among clients and prospects• makes advertising more action-oriented• generates leads for the sales team to follow-up with• makes the company’s website more dynamic and engaging• offers real-time data to inform a nimble strategy• allows companies to easily measure success
    10. 10. who should use inbound marketing what makes content compellingwhat’s when to drive actionahead where to integrate why it works how it’s measured
    11. 11. Inbound marketingcosts 62% less per leadthan outboundmarketing. – HubSpot
    12. 12. WHO wants to build relationships with their customers? wants to showcase their expertise in the marketplace? wants to be found online? wants to focus on tightly targeted audiences? wants to raise conversion rates? wants to close qualified leads?
    13. 13. 51% of all time on theweb is contentconsumption.– AOL Neilsen 2011
    14. 14. Compelling content is...
    15. 15. custom blend• calls-to-action in e-communications• calls-to-action in blog posts• QR Codes in tradeshow collateral• dedicated landing pages for online, print and broadcast advertising• email ‘lead nurturing’ campaigns for real life contacts• web releases that link to e-books
    16. 16. Companies that blog at least 20times per month generate 5xmore traffic than those that blogonly a few times per month.- HubSpot
    17. 17. B2B companies that blog generate67% more leads per month thanthose who do not.- HubSpot
    18. 18. what works?website trafficblog article viewsincentive downloadssharing and interactionorganic search rankingsinbound linksnew leadslead activitynew clients
    19. 19. Jessica Lyon @jesslyon | Danielle Cyr@daniellecyr | New York | Connecticut