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This is just a quick tutorial of how to start up a LinkedIn account. I have touched on the main points of the website but there are probably a lot of other ways to utilize this social media tool!

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  1. 1. By: Chelsea Carter
  2. 2. What is it? -World’s largest professional network with millions of members and growing. -LinkedIn is one of the leading online professional directories for companies and individuals. -It is a social networking website for people in professional occupations as well as ones seeking a career in the future.
  3. 3. How can it help me? You may be wondering how this social media tool can benefit you. Well this is how… First off, you can establish your professional profile and control one of the top search results for your name. So basically, this makes you searchable!
  4. 4. How can it help me? You can build and maintain a broader network of professionals that you can trust. It’s a good tool for finding and reconnecting with colleagues and classmates.  Learning about other companies is easy and convenient. New opportunities are available to be discovered. You can manage your career.
  5. 5. Why use it? There are tons of reasons!  Compared to other social media sites, LinkedIn was designed specifically for businesses and companies to network with each other.  Facebook and Twitter may be useful, but LinkedIn focuses specifically on the business world.  You can directly connect with companies and follow news as well as be notified of job openings.  You can join groups or a research network in a particular area of interest.
  6. 6. How to set up an account? The steps are pretty simple and takes two minutes to complete. There’s an app available for individuals who want to update or search when they’re on the go as well. I will explain these easy steps and give occasional tips that I have learned along the way. Once you create an account and play around with it, you will be hooked!
  7. 7. How to: Step 1 Step 1: Go to and either choose to learn more about the company or simply enter your name, email and a password into the “Join LinkedIn Today” located on the right side of the screen!
  8. 8. How to: Step 2 Step 2: Confirm your account by email. Go to your email and there will be a link available to click on to activate your account with LinkedIn. -After this you can sign in and get started. -You will have the option of choosing a profile picture and the basic profile options that you would see on any social media site that you use. *Tip: Choose a professional picture for your profile. One that isn’t too revealing or has things that can be taken the wrong way. You want to come off as mature and professional to others.
  9. 9. How to: Step 3 Step 3: Add to your profile. It’s easy and quick to do. Choose an area and industry underneath your name. *Tip: You can always edit/update your info later on if need be.
  10. 10. How to: Step 4 Step 4: Next you list your experience and qualifications. -Start with current and previous employment. -Include brief descriptions of job duties -Add any degrees you have earned and amount of schooling achieved.
  11. 11. People will contact you based on what you post in your descriptions. -The key is to be short, sweet and informative. So remember that what you post is exactly what people will see.
  12. 12. How to: Step 5 Step 5: Write a summary that better describes who you are and where you stand in your career. This is an opportunity to give people an idea of what your strengths are and what your goals for the future are. *Tip: It may take a while to get it the way you want it, but that short summary helps you tie everything together.
  13. 13. How to: Step 6 Step 6: This is where you add your specialties. Form a list of skills or any areas of expertise you may have. This give you the chance to brag a little while pointing out the strengths you have to offers a company. -LinkedIn has a cool feature that allows your friends/connections to endorse you for those skills. -Pick things that other people can back you up on!
  14. 14. How to: Step 7&8 Step 7: Add connections. You can utilize your email address book or just type in a name, job title or company to find people you know. -You can also just connect with random companies or individuals that interest you. Step 8: Add websites. You can link your own personal website, company website, your blog or a twitter account. This allows people to see you in different settings. *Tip: Be careful linking this to social media sites if you have any inappropriate photos or words.
  15. 15. How to: Step 9 & 10 Step 9: Just like a resume, you need to have at least three recommendations handy for people to read and be able to contact if need be. You can ask former bosses or advisors from the previous years. Step 10: You have the option of adding applications. These tools can make your profile more complete. By adding apps you can share your interests and show work that you have done.
  16. 16. Who uses it? I came across a few websites with statistics showing who is currently using LinkedIn. According to Business Insider:  61,527,573 registered users are in the US  157,526,652 users total  30,089,144 users are male  26,754,909 users are female -So it’s easy to see that more males use LinkedIn than female and almost half of the total users are located in the U.S.
  17. 17. Who uses it? Cont. Another interesting thing I found was the most popular companies being connected with. They are as follows:  IBM  Dell  HP  Cisco  Microsoft  Apple  Accenture  Oracle  Google  Deloitte
  18. 18. Other Reasons to use LinkedIn -Most people utilize LinkedIn for networking and job hunting, but more and more there are online adults using this site over other social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest! Here are a few other reasons to use it:  LinkedIn allows people to creep and be creeped on just liked Facebook does, however they took it to the next level and show you people that are located within just a short distance of where you are located. Their name will pop up and also the website tells the date that someone viewed your profile. Pretty Cool! If you don’t like the idea of people seeing all your things then you can change the privacy settings.
  19. 19. Other reasons to use LinkedIn Another cool aspect of LinkedIn is that you can join groups, as I mentioned before. This lets you partake in and group that interests you to chat about anything from science to puppies to pizza! *Tip: Remember though, this is still a professional community so beware of what you say. You never know when a future employer could be checking out the groups you are in and reading up on you.
  20. 20. Other reasons to use LinkedIn  Scope out the competition! You can use LinkedIn as a way to assess your competitors. By looking up current and past members of the company, you can see a trend and determine the turn over rate of the company or figure out how big of a marketing team they might have.  Sales reinforcement. This is a great idea for people entering the sales/marketing world. After meeting with someone or a group, you can follow up with an invitation to connect on LinkedIn. This will instantly move the number of contacts and usually guarantees another meeting!
  21. 21. Other reasons to use LinkedIn  One last reason that could be helpful to you or your company would be to use the LinkedIn polls. This feature lets you obtain quick opinions, get product and service feedback, conduct market research and generate offers. -84.4% of users use the free version -15.1% of users pay for the premium option -The premium offers additional features that could be helpful to you so check those out!
  22. 22. Will it become necessary?  I do believe in the future most companies who haven’t already discovered the usefulness of this website, will be either requiring or recommending the tool. There is so much to gain from using it and it creates opportunities like never before.  Plus, it’s free to start!!!
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