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CnAdventure China School Trip


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This is the tutorial of CnAdventure School Trip

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CnAdventure China School Trip

  1. 1. Cnadventure “Your best choice for Adventure Tours in China”
  2. 2. Why Us? • Your subtopic goes here CnAdventure succesfully operate adventure tours around China for more than 10 years CnAdventure offer unique products – to discover China behind the screen. CnAdventure is customer-oriented,we would love to provide personalized service to meet every customers’ need. CnAdventure has a great team, with experienced hiking and trekking tour leaders and travel assistants that are always ready to help you out! CnAdventure is an environmentally friendly operator: we are pioneers to initiate eco and sustainable tourism.
  3. 3. Our eco-commitments: Use environmentally means of transportation (e.g. horse, bicycle, foot) Donating medicines and other life- necessities directly to communities and people in need. Provide benefit to local communities by hiring local people, using local accommodation and meals Protect wild flora and fauna Recycle and dispose of waste appropriately
  4. 4. Hiking Trekking 4WD Overland Culture Festival Biking Horse- Riding Bird-watching Wildlife Self- Driving Sight-seeing CnAdventure Theme Tours
  5. 5. Camping Training for Camping Pack the equipment Set up tent by yourselves Gear list Tent Sleeping bag Bagpack Sleeping mat Stove Gas
  6. 6. BBQ dinner BBQ Cook yourselves Camp fire
  7. 7. Hiking Good place for hiking Great wall Hiking (1 day – 24 days) Baidao Valley to Yunmeng Valley, Beijing Haizi Village to Silver Pagoda, Beijing Xingping to Yangdi, Yangshuo, Guangxi Baoshan Stone to Lugu Lake, Yunnan Hailuogou Highland, Sichuan Tiger Leaping Gorge, Yunnan Besides offering a variety of Great Wall hikes along its entire length, Cnadventure also offer many other treks of varying difficulty levels into many remote regions of China
  8. 8. Biking Good place for biking Beijing city Around Beijing Guilin to Yangshuo, Guangxi Shangri-la to Lijiang, Yunnan Qinghai Lake Around Hainan CnAdventure offers a myriad of tours for the cycling enthusiast. Our programs offer an entirely different way to experience the amazing scenery and diverse culture of China.
  9. 9. Rock climbing Training Demonstration Experience Good place for rock-climbing White River, Beijing Sidu, Beijing Yangshuo, Guangxi Laoshan, Qingdao Climbing Routes on San Cliff of White River Beijing
  10. 10. Rafting & Sailing Rafting place: White river, Beijing Sailing place: Xiamen or Shenzhen
  11. 11. Outward Bound 盲人方阵 blind cube 全组队员蒙上眼睛在 最短时间内将绳子围城规 则的正方形 时速极限 Speedy number 小组成员单位时间内顺序 触打指定区域内无需摆放 的数字卡 智力电网 electric network 小组全体成员在规定时间 内穿越一张大网,身体任 何部位不得接触网 珠行万里 Water transfer 队员利用PAC塑料水 接力传运水到终点 无轨电车 team walk on a piece of wood 让两跟长方形的木头在小 组所有成员的脚下走起来 抢滩登陆 raft making 按照指定道具扎成船筏, 到达指定位置并返回。
  12. 12. Our Experience Outdoor Leaders Every10 - 15 kids one tour guide Brucenow is a popular tour guide of CnAdventure, some of our royal customers love his style so that everytime they do tours with us, Bruce is always their first choice, and kids love him as well, for his sense of humor and special consideration. Moreover, he is a true outdoor lover, we always call him savage as a nickname, he can not even tell direction when he is back to city. Cheney a licensed and professional tour guide with 3 years guiding experience . he started his career to be a tour guide. He is a young, very pleasant and energetic guide. During the tour, his guests are always given plenty of history about China and the places of interest around.Cheney is one of our most popular guide of Great Wall hiking, especially leading family group, all kids love him!
  13. 13. Our Experience Outdoor Leaders Every10 - 15 kids one tour guide Aaronis specialized in comparing the different culture and history between China and western world, which made the complicated history become more understandable and fun to those guests. In terms of his working experiences for some VIP guest, he has been a guide for AIA president, vice president and manager of PACIFIC BANK, ISFand IBM business partner, and the president of England Green Card Golf Club etc. Leeis originally from Shandong, graduated from Shandong Normal University, majored in Geography. Four years in the tourist business, basically working as a Beijing local tour guide. He is good at geography and history, also, he likes to do something that involves meeting people, that’s why he wanted to be a tour guide. In terms of his reputation, he is pretty knowledgeable, open-minded. As for his other hobbies, he spends a lot of time watching American/British movies.
  14. 14. Contact us: Hotline: 0086-10-51669102 FAX: 0086-10-51099161 E-mail: MSN: ( MSN Only ) Skype: cnadventure(skpe only)