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Lec surge protection


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One of the devastating and secondary effect of lightning strikes is destroying sensitive equipment and electronics, causing expensive repairs and downtime for business enterprises. The Lightning Eliminators have complete range of surge protection devices for the critical applications backed by expert consulting support. LEC Surge Protection devices provide protecting ranging from 40,000 amps to 400,000 amps per phase. For more details write to them at and achieve complete Surge Protection now:

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Lec surge protection

  1. 1. LEC Surge Protection
  2. 2. The Surge Protection Device (SPD) is a part of the electrical installation protection system. These devices are connected in parallel to the electrical supply circuit of the power surges that it has to protect. LEC Surge Protection
  3. 3. The main purpose of the Surge Protection Devices (SPD) is to protect the electrical appliances from sudden 'power surges'. You must be wondering. LEC Surge Protection
  4. 4. A surge protector device is put next to the electricity supply circuit of the device, it has to protect from power surges. The surge protection device passes the electrical current from the circuit to a number of electrical and electronic devices plugged into the power outlet. LEC Surge Protection
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