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Miami Ad School


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This is a sample of my strategic thinking built from my time at Miami Ad School’s Account Planning boot camp in 2010

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Miami Ad School

  1. 1. Clyde Lee Account Planning Portfolio Miami Ad School 2010
  2. 2. My Foundation: I am… Modeled by my upbringing as a product of General Motors. (Born and raised in Flint, MI) Influenced by hip-hop and the impact it has on pop culture. Passionate about following my dreams Carpe Diem is my motto since tomorrow is not promised. Competing in sports is what has prepared my for life. (Talent can only take you so far) Fascinated by the personal stories of others; by what makes up each individual's unique DNA. Fueled by my own thinking proportion: 60% head |10% heart | 30% gut.
  3. 3. Ad Campaigns: To view a case study built around target relevancy and innovation turn to PNC. This marketing activation is based on the launch of a new product in a saturated industry. To view a case study built around qualitative research and consumer insight turn to the WWF project. This awareness campaign is built with influencers in mind. To view an advertising ecosystem built around quantitative research and the white space in a competitive market turn to the Starbucks Doubleshot project. This ecosystem will challenge assumptions and change perceptions.
  4. 4. Leading the way to an easy green lifestyle Case #1 Account Planners: Clyde Lee | Andreas Humbel Creative Team: Allyson Martin | Juan Pablo Lemus
  5. 5. Cr ea te n ew m r oble log o The P PNC bank is known as “your father’s bank” and has grown into the 5th largest banking institution in America driven by other banks miscalculations and greedy business practices. Most importantly PNC’s growth was driven by the slow and steady approach to lending, focused on responsibility. With the recession of 2009 and a combination of bank failures across the U.S. PNC’s stringent business practices proved to be what Americans needed highlighting the fact that they will always be responsible partners in the community. Now PNC is ready to capitalize on their positive momentum and move parts of its business into the modern times of today. PNC would like to design, develop a strategic direction and create a new and responsible credit card product that expands the PNC brand and culture into the hearts of a future target market.
  6. 6. gh ts Insi Key Insight: The My time is valuable and I have no time to jump through hoops in order to go green, if going green can be as easy as turning off the lights I’m all in. Brand: PNC’s leadership has taken the leap into the green movement within its corporate culture, embracing sustainable designs, LEED certified buildings and refurbished branch locations giving PNC authenticity to speak to those looking for easy solutions to enhance this targets lifestyle. t in n ves atives C i iti Consumer: PN en in gre Lite green movers and shakers are often non-believers in the green movement. They would like to have a reason to join the positive trend of making a better planet as long as there is no inconvenience in their lifestyle.
  7. 7. What they look like: Target: Lite green consumers Middle American: Living in urban environment Working: In technical field, creative or education $75K median income - 27 to 35 Y/O 65% male / 35% female In a relationship or married (Straight or LGBT) - 0 to 1 kid What motivates them: Adventure activities with friends New technology or information Security in the future Doing better than their parents How to reach them: Internet: Information over entertainment Events: Art galleries, charity gatherings & festivals Sports: Outside of big 4
  8. 8. ef e Bri iv Cr eat Business Objective: Position PNC bank, the 5th largest in the U.S. to launch a credit card product and advertising campaign that stands out in a saturated market, in addition to returning the credit card experience to a productive, simple and pleasing individual event. What does the lite green target consumer think today? I am ready to go green if I could see the positive How will lite green consumers feel after the launch? impact on the environment and understand what Spending money on my PNC credit card is easier makes my purchasing habits eco-friendly. than recycling newspapers and bottles. Creative recommendations: Interactive and digital Big Idea: The hippie generation now have a chance to invite the yuppies of today to their bank through a common cause of going green. By reframing the credit card experience for this lite green target provides entry into a new space of responsibility for this consumer while adding some youth to the image of PNC away from being known as "your father’s bank“.
  9. 9. Insight to creative strategy: Connect with the target while they are experiencing digital media which can conserve natural resources through small shifts in behavior with suggestions from PNC. Inte En racti erg ve y s we ave b b r m ann ess er - age
  10. 10. ite w ebs ssion ed mi cus als & fo o Creative Strategy: Evolving my digital life en g to help create a better environment without Gre PNC with giving up the perks of simplicity. with oin ts Mo de pa bile a dm a sp car ateria l ard ym en pp & d ew s gne e m te r aritie t sy E- d esi adabl n a Do co-c h ste m Re egr e d to bio Evolve from card to mobile payment (NFC chip)
  11. 11. Engagement Strategy: Heavy digital focus based on interaction with target market using mobile, web and interactive media to invite a user experience with the benefits of the product and consumer needs addressed. ted s iva oard act illb tion nic b Mo ctro ele
  12. 12. Understanding the real cost of bottled water Case #2 Account Planners: Clyde Lee | Jessica Friedman Creative Team: Alphie Ali | Thu-Nhi Nguyen
  13. 13. le m Pro b The Save the fresh water supply by encouraging the use of tap water. It takes two bottles of water to create one bottle of water, any 1st grader knows that 1+1≠1 but adults continue to practice this funny math every time they drink from a plastic bottle of water. The usage of plastic bottled water is spiraling out of control with a current pace expected to increase over a 5 year span ending in 2011 by 40%. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) recognized that this increased usage of bottled water is taking a toll on the environment and deteriorating the fresh water supply which impacts the quality of life for animals. They would like to create a movement from disposable plastic water bottles to an increased usage of tap water.
  14. 14. ts Key Insight: n sigh You’re already using tap water in your everyday The I life, stop paying a premium just to get water in a bottle. Make the healthy shift that you’ve made with your lifestyle. Brand Influencers and tastemakers in major cities Consumer promoted the use of bottled water with the Many people who drink bottled water in some introduction of premium waters over 20 years cases have done so for the past twenty years or ago at fashion shows and with entertainers. Fast as far back as they could remember but also forwarding to the 21st century bottled water stated that they will only eat organic or locally usage has increased by roughly 8% a year over sourced food because both are much the past 7 years across all target audiences that healthier and also better for the environment view bottled water usage as a need versus a proven by their steps towards a sustainable life. luxury. Some consumers of bottled water are against tap This thought of premium drinking water took off water because of previous behaviors that stem with these advocates and will end with these from safety violations dating back 20 years. trendsetters in the same manner that it started.
  15. 15. What they look like: Target: Tastemakers Bi-costal: Living in major cities Working: In entertainment or fashion (behind the scenes) or starting a entrepreneurial venture $100K+ median income - 25 to 40 Y/O 75% male / 25% female Married: 2 kids (Stay at home mom or dad) What motivates them: Success on own terms Being first and creating Competing with friends and networking How to reach them: Internet: Social media (Brands) and entertainment Influencers: Free samples or sponsored events Music and entertainment: Concerts & launch parties
  16. 16. rie f i ve b C reat Advertising Objective: Change the mindset of bottled water drinkers and encourage them to drink more tap water while raising the awareness of the reduction of the earth’s freshwater supply in a relevant and seamless way. Who are we talking to? What does this target think now? Influencers and tastemakers in major cities who Health is important to me and I value anything committed over the past decade to a Wholefoods that gives me the impression that it is in its purest lifestyle when convenience is not a factor. form even if cost comes at premium. Creative recommendations: What do we want them to do? Think about out of home situations that are pre- Request tap water with confidence in social water drinking scenarios. situations around their peers. Big Idea: Change the way that tap water is seen.
  17. 17. s r cup s p e untain pa fo l e d ublic c y c ed at p R e ibut r dist Copy: Did you know? The main ingredient in your latte is purified water. And you know that’s a fancy way of saying tap water. Right? cal h lo els wit s ite ity lev ro- ur Mic ter p wa Insight to creative strategy: Water drinkers have a bad history with tap water, this perception can only be broken through trial and understanding of improvements that have taken place with tap water.
  18. 18. Creative Strategy: Just ask for tap! Create a constant reminder of the tap Cre water movement in convenient and timely situations. ate Log o Sti res ckers tau fo ra n r ts P Ba artn na ers na hip Re w pu / bli c By choosing restaurants as a primary supporting vehicle a conversation with friends and family in social settings will influence future drinking behavior of those that are on the fence about drinking tap water.
  19. 19. While consumers are headed home or to work we want to remind them of tap water and that it is safe to use because they are all ready using tap water in their day to day life. Making small changes in behavior will connect with the strategy. Su elte r bill bway s sh rds Bu o a boa rd s billb Copy: Copy: Evening cocktail - $6.95 Morning coffee - $6.95 Ingredients: Whiskey, Sour Mix, Ingredients: Coffee, sugar, milk also, lemon wedge also, tap water tap water
  20. 20. A shot of personality in a can Case #3 Account Planners: Clyde Lee | Jessica Friedman Creative Team: Alphie Ali | Thu-Nhi Nguyen
  21. 21. Cre ate new log o m r oble The P Starbucks Doubleshot ready to drink beverages have a two product brand offering that is looking for an identity in a crowded marketplace. They have created a cult following of loyal users who connect the usage of the Doubleshot beverages solely on the taste and quality of the product. There has been little to no advertising around these beverages in the past but a changing competitive landscape which has grown by leaps and bounds over the last 5 years have changed the needs of the messaging around the brand. This has the Starbucks/Pepsi joint venture looking for a stimulant to move Doubleshots awareness to the next level of the ready to drink market, moving it pass a coffee drink to player in the energy drink space.
  22. 22. ts Key Insight: n sigh I am focused on getting into the zone, The The I mental area between productivity and creativity, Consumer “Young Guns”, 18 - 25 year old males (core Market audience centered around 22-25 year olds), The Doubleshot brands compete with other energy focusing on getting major personal goals drinks through the strong brand association with accomplished in their life with the skills that they Starbucks and cult following of drinkers who use have practiced, learned or self taught in the Doubleshot products as a tool to jump start preparation of graduation, opening their first their mornings or re-energize throughout the day business, launching a new art exhibit or anything when the traditional coffee shop. that is creative or inspired by their personal drive. They are currently between doing something great The market has intensified with other energy drinks and handling real world responsibilities i.e. working identifying specific spaces to own, building a a crappy job while preparing for a career but often connection with the user who need energy for a have to go back to the drawing board to readjust specific purpose versus energy in general. their path to success due to real life obstacles for example, being a $1,000 short on tuition in their junior year of college.
  23. 23. What they look like: Target: Young Guns They live on or close to a college campus (Roommates) Working: Part time while attending school full time with dreams of beginning a entertainment heavy weight Less than $20K median income - 18 to 25 Y/O 50% male / 50% female Single: Mom and dad provide limited support What motivates them: Blazing a trail inspired by celebrity idol (Diddy or Ashton Kutcher) Using the talents that they learned outside of school (limited formal training) Being creative and breaking rules not laws How to reach them: Internet: Hulu, Social Media & Blogs TV: OnDemand or DVR Grassroots: Events and contest (on & off line)
  24. 24. rie f i ve b C reat Marketing Objective: Connect the two Starbucks Doubleshot brands, building upon its cult following of current drinkers who use the product in impulse situations through convenience purchases while leveraging the Starbucks brand of freshness and authenticity. In addition to this, we have the opportunity to leverage the HBO brand in a creative form that is seamless and relevant to the Doubleshot brand, product and target market. What does this target think? So what do we want them to do? I need a pick-me-up to get me through the day Choose Doubleshot products as their go-to drink and ANY energy drink will do. that will help deliver my greatness. Creative recommendations: Big Idea: Develop a campaign that is interactive and work Everyone in the core target has a talent, lets ask well on a college with students who are inspired them to commit to sharing it with the world. by what the future holds.
  25. 25. Insight to creative strategy: Launch an interactive campaign driven by students creative focus and dreams. Each participant will be asked to dedicate 30 minutes daily for 30 days to develop a story using their creative passion. Each month a new genre will be highlighted (i.e. directors, script writers, actors and camera operators etc.) over an entire school year to build a full film production team. Soc spr ial m ead edia the w wo ill rd. to pu ses . s camt room al ep loc ith conc w e er rtn reativ Pa ld c bui
  26. 26. Creative Strategy: Get into the Doubleshot zone. Develop a marketing campaign with events focused on the creative energy of students across the country that can be promoted through user generated content and social media word of mouth. s fl yer code QR Copy: Good idea’s don’t come easy. For Copy: Yesterday’s ideas are already stale. For times when you’re stuck in a mental rut and times when you need a jolt to kick start your need to break free you have Doubleshot - day, you have Doubleshot Energy. For the focus you need to start your day right. For the focus you need to keep you going.
  27. 27. Let the users spread the word of the ZONE’s 30 for 30 campaign and give Doubleshot an creative authentic voice with the target an ner bb e we ctiv In tera Copy: When things no longer make sense, it’s time for a Doubleshot. For the focus you need. ZONE
  28. 28. Engagement Strategy: Interactive and user generated system creating awareness with a grassroots digital focus that encourages participants to be productive and creative while increasing brand awareness. De dic ate dm icro -sit e
  29. 29. About me Experience Pernod Ricard USA (June ’10 - Present) Consumer Insight, Planning & Research Comcast Cable Corporation (2003 - 2010) Senior Manager Marketing & Sales (January ’07 - June ’10) Marketing Manager (June ’05 - January ’07) Marketing Coordinator (January ’03 - June ’05) Pocket: 203-506-9150 Land: 135 Olive St. 1B, Skills New Haven, CT 06511 Planning | CRM Marketing | Financial/Analytical Forecasting | Web: Telecommunication and Media Interactive: Skype – ClydeLee111 Interest Professional: Telecommunication, spirits, traditional and emerging media, finance and technology Personal: Fashion, arts, entertainment, financial markets, networking Professional and mentoring, historical business titans and sports Resume Education Morehouse College Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, Marketing Graduated Cum Laude, August ’98 - May ’02 Southern Connecticut State University Master of Business Administration (MBA), Finance Graduated Cum Laude, September ’07 - May ’09 (nights and weekends) Miami Ad School Account Planning Boot Camp, Account Planner Graduated, January ’10 - March ’10 Leadership Training: NAMIC Leadership Seminar, NYU ’07 (New York), The Partnership Inc. - Fellows Program ’08 (Boston) and Self Leadership and Empowerment - Comcast University ’09
  30. 30. Resourceful Fighter Listener Hired Diverse Authentic Opinionated Music Follower Finance Family Leader Productive Humble Driven Energetic Substance Art Strategic Faith Comedy Productivity Loyal Curious Blue collar Ethical Dreamer Thoughtful Value Accountable ROI Patience Happy Experienced Passionate Innovative Talented Cultured Fashionable Educated Charitable Smart Ads Creative Fearless Teammate Hi-Tech Thinker