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Sentence fluency combining sentences


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This lesson shows how to combine sentences properly to avoid run-on sentences.

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Sentence fluency combining sentences

  1. 1. Combining Sentences
  2. 2.  We learned that good writers use a variety of short & long sentences.  Sometimes, sentences that are too long can be a problem.  These sentences are called RUN ON SENTENCES!
  3. 3.  A run-on sentence is 2 sentences joined together without any punctuation.  Avoid long rambling sentences with too many ands or buts.  Fix a rambling sentence by breaking it into smaller sentence.
  4. 4. Fix these run on sentences: Have you seen my dollar it is missing. Have you seen my dollar? It is missing.
  5. 5. I thought I dropped it, here it is. I thought I dropped it. Here it is. I thought I dropped it, but here is missing.
  6. 6. Where will it be safe I always lose things! Where will it be safe? I always lose things!