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6 types of web application development


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Web applications are classified into 6 types. This classification is based on how web apps show the content they accept. Have an overview of each type here!

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6 types of web application development

  2. 2. TYPE 1 Static Web Application
  3. 3. Displays little content Non Flexible Developed in HTML, CSS, Jquery, Ajax etc Caters animated objects, GIFs and Videos Static Web App
  4. 4. TYPE 2 Dynamic Web Applications
  5. 5. Complex on technical level Uses database for loading data and content Operates with an administrative Panel called CMS Content Modification is simple and handy Developed using PHP and ASP Dynamic Web App
  6. 6. TYPE 3 Shop online or e-commerce
  7. 7. Involves Electronic Payment Operates with an administrative Panel to add, delete or modify product information Fully responsive application Mobile version is clone of Web app Shop Online or E-Commerce
  8. 8. TYPE 4 Portal Web App
  9. 9. Accesses content, various sections or categories through a home pages Includes chats, forums, emails, latest content etc Portal Web App
  10. 10. TYPE 5 Animated Web Application
  11. 11. Displays content with animated effects Is based primarily on Flash technology Not suitable for Web positioning Purposes Animated Web App
  12. 12. TYPE 6 Web Applications With CMS
  13. 13. Uses CMS to modify content on the website Common CMS are Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal Commonly used for content pages, blogs, news pages, articles, media etc. Web App With CMS
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