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EnergiBasque - Technological and Industrial Development Strategy


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Summary document of the EnergiBasque update carried out in 2016

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EnergiBasque - Technological and Industrial Development Strategy

  1. 1. EnergiBasque Technological and Industrial Development Strategy Deployment of the Energy area RIS3 Basque Country
  2. 2. 2 EnergiBasque Diffusion The Basque RIS3, embedded in the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Plan 2020, selects three priority areas being Energy one of them Background Deployment of the smart specialization strategy in the Basque Country Source: Strategic priorities for Basque Country's intelligent specialization. Basque Government. March 2014. BUSINESS SECTORS / CLUSTERS … Markets with Export Potential … Internal Demand Human Health Food Territory Ecosystems Urban planning and regeneration Leisure and culture Advanced Manufacturing Multi Sectorial Intelligence, materials and processes, efficiency, services Metal Capital goods Transport Autom. Aeronaut. Railw. Naval Biosciences RIS3 Priorities Niches Energy
  3. 3. 3 EnergiBasque Diffusion The Energy priority is based on the EnergiBasque strategy designed in 2011 that focused on eight strategic areas Background The selected areas addressed primarily electricity as energy vector and their connection through smart grids, with storage as enabling technology. Wave energy Solar thermos electric Management of energy services Electro mobility Wind energy Storage ALM Smart grids Offshore Unconventional gas exploration PRIMARY ENERGY Strategic areas of the first version of EnergiBasque
  4. 4. 4 EnergiBasque Diffusion At the end of 2015 the Energy Steering Group was created as one of the public-private collaboration spaces for the deployment of Basque RIS3... Background PRESIDENCY Companies Government and Public Agencies Scientific and technological agents Technical secretariat Composition of the Energy Steering Group
  5. 5. 5 EnergiBasque Diffusion ... in charge of the definition and implementation of the Energy strategy in four areas of activity Background Coordination of the Basque agents in the field of Energy International positioning and promotion of the Basque Country in Energy Monitoring and evaluation of policies and actions Assessment and promotion of policies and funding mechanisms Challenges for implementing EnergiBasque
  6. 6. 6 EnergiBasque Diffusion The evolution and detailed design of EnergiBasque was defined during the first half of 2016 based on the dynamics of the Energy Cluster Working Groups, counting with the participation of numerous agents, ... Design process 234participants 136organisations 8Working Groups 7 R&D agents 3 public agencies 47 companies from other clusters
  7. 7. 7 Difusión de EnergiBasque … including the participation of several clusters and their partners in issues where there are common interests Electric vehicles Energy Efficiency Oil&Gas Energy Efficiency Oil&Gas Wave energy Wind energy Energy EfficiencyEnergy Efficiency Electricity grids Electric vehicles Energy Efficiency Energy Efficiency 47 companies from other clusters Wind energy Energy Efficiency Design process
  8. 8. 8 EnergiBasque Diffusion The agents involved contributed with more than 600 ideas that form the basis for the updating of the strategy. .. Design process IDEAS PROVIDED WORK IN DETAIL FINAL SELECTION ~600 ideas ~90 papers Global figures in the identification and prioritization of proposals
  9. 9. 9 EnergiBasque Diffusion ... contributions that have been complemented with other elements of interest to obtain the final definition of EnergiBasque Design process New proposal for contents in each energy area The contributions made in the Working Groups are complemented by other sources such as the R&D projects by Basque companies or technology foresight exercises Contributions made in the Working Groups Technological Lines from the previous EnergiBasque strategy Major projects of Basque companies in R&D programmes Technological capabilities of Basque companies in the field of energy Technological prospective for each of the energy areas considered Elements used for the definition of the strategy
  10. 10. 10 EnergiBasque Diffusion Design process SI DA TL All these inputs have allowed progress in the detail of each strategic area in three levels • They deploy in detail the technology areas where it is considered that the promotion of R&D will generate greater value for the sector in the Basque Country, based on the available capacities and potential market opportunities • These are actions focused on the global development of the sector • These actions can belong to several areas, the most common being training, promotion and internationalisation, networking and support for the development of non- technological innovation, among others • cross-cutting activities work as facilitators and have a significant impact • A Strategic Initiative… … represents a qualitative, differential step forward for the sector, … … is a collaborative activity with the involvement of all relevant agents … requires a significant effort from public and private resources, … … and has a significant impact that benefits a large number of organisations. Technological Lines Dynamisation Actions Strategic Initiatives Detail of elements in each strategic area of EnergiBasque
  11. 11. 11 EnergiBasque Diffusion This design process has endorsed the definition of mission, vision and global objectives, ... EnergiBasque Strategy To consolidate the network of scientific and technological agents and companies in the energy sector and reinforce their competitiveness worldwide, so that they contribute to the Smart Specialisation of the Basque Country and become a source of wealth, employment and quality of life. Mission Turn the Basque Country into a reference region in Europe for its level of technological and industrial development in the energy sector Vision OG1: To consolidate the leading Basque companies as technological references in their respective energy areas, generating a pull effect through their value chains based on high added-value products and services OG2: To develop business activities in new emerging areas of energy, in which industry and scientific- technological partners have already get competitive advantages that give them a sound starting position. OG3: To foster the development of new value chains that boost innovation processes and new business models Global Objectives
  12. 12. 12 EnergiBasque Diffusion ... objectives that are deployed around 7 Strategic Areas and 2 Key Enabling Technologies, which give continuity to the bet made on the previous EnergiBasque EnergiBasque Strategy Wave Energy CSP Electric Mobility Oil & Gas Energy Efficiency in Industry Power Grids Wind Energy
  13. 13. 13 EnergiBasque Diffusion EnergiBasque Strategy SI DA TL Each strategic area and KET is defined in a document with specific details in the three activity levels considered Technological Lines Dynamisation Actions Strategic Initiatives Renewable generation Intelligent networks Efficient consumption Enabling technologies Primary energy
  14. 14. 14 EnergiBasque Diffusion The analysis of results in the design process has allowed to identify synergies between the different areas and define three areas of integration or NEW VALUE CHAINS (NVC), in order to concentrate and align the efforts in innovation EnergiBasque Strategy New Value Chains (NVC) • They arise from the interconnection of several traditional value chains, both in the energy sector and in other related sectors • They integrate technological lines, cross-cutting activities and strategic initiatives that are of interest to several strategic areas and facilitate the orientation of companies to new business opportunities, especially in the case of SMEs, with less capacity to dedicate resources to new approaches • Their development usually implies the generation of knowledge outside the traditional scope of the companies • They foster access to new markets and business models through the systematic collaboration between organizations of different value chains, favoring an entrepreneurial discovery process NVC Resource Efficient Manufacturing NVC Smart Grids NVC Offshore Energy
  15. 15. 15 EnergiBasque Diffusion The three New Value Chains are Offshore Energy, Smart Grids and Resource Efficient Manufacturing, … EnergiBasque Strategy Smart Grids Electric Mobility Power Grids Energy Efficiency in Industry CSP Wind Energy Wave Energy Offshore Energy Oil & Gas Wind Energy Wave Energy Resource Efficient Manufacturing Energy Efficiency in Industry Power Grids Oil & Gas Wind Energy CSP
  16. 16. 16 EnergiBasque Diffusion ... that have been selected from the confluence of three critical factors, which identify them as high potential bets EnergiBasque Strategy New business opportunities in high potential markets Relevant capabilities in Basque Country in the related areas Common challenges that can be solved by joint technological solutions 1 2 3 New Value Chains Reasons for NVC selection
  17. 17. 17 EnergiBasque Diffusion The NVC Offshore Energy integrates technology lines, cross-cutting activities and strategic initiatives that are common to the areas of Wind, Wave Energy and Oil & Gas EnergiBasque Strategy: NVC Offshore Energy The Basque Country has capacities in the three key energy areas for the offshore domain, in addition to an important presence of the naval industry Offshore Energy Oil & Gas Wind Energy Wave Energy
  18. 18. 18 EnergiBasque Diffusion This area addresses the challenges that are common to marine energy sources EnergiBasque Strategy: NVC Offshore Energy The strategy identifies, completes and prioritizes the common challenges of greatest interest to Basque companies NVC Offshore Energy Validation in real environment Sensors, instrumentation and remote monitoring Transmission and power conversion Manufacture of large components Corrosion and degradation of materials Impact on investment costs Impact on operating costs TECHNOLOGICAL CHALLENGES INDUSTRIAL CHALLENGE Optimization of O&M activities Development of high added value solutions at competitive costs
  19. 19. 19 EnergiBasque Diffusion ... and is dealing with some of the main strategic bets developed in recent years in the region EnergiBasque Strategy: NVC Offshore Energy Also noteworthy is the Basque co-leadership of the Vanguard Initiative pilot of Advanced Manufacturing of Energy applications in Harsh Environments • Infrastructure dedicated to the integration and validation of wind power subsystems, inaugurated in 2015 thanks to the collaboration of the Energy Cluster, a group of eight Basque companies from the wind sector and IK4, with the support of the Basque Government and the Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa • Infrastructure available to technology and product developers, enabling real- scale research and demonstration of wave energy capture and conversion devices and systems • Created in 2011, with the participation of the Basque Energy Agency EVE (92%) and the Spanish Energy Agency IDEA (8%) • Offshore laboratory to carry out on-site experiments during the development stages of those products and services for energy installations in the marine environment • At the design stage (R&D project) through the collaboration of 11 companies and 5 technology agents IN OPERATION PHASE IN DEPLOYMENT PHASE IN DESIGN PHASE
  20. 20. 20 EnergiBasque Diffusion NVC Smart Grids integrates technology lines, cross-cutting actions and strategic initiatives common to virtually all strategic areas EnergiBasque Strategy : NVC Smart Grids The Smart Grids are an element for the integration of generation, transport and consumption areas Smart Grids Electric Mobility Power Grids Energy Efficiency in Industry CSP Wind Energy Wave Energy
  21. 21. 21 EnergiBasque Diffusion The common challenges are framed in all phases of generation, transport, distribution and energy consumption EnergiBasque Strategy : NVC Smart Grids Key Challenges of the NVC Smart Grids Intelligent networks Efficient consumption Renewable generation Integration and charging infrastructure for the Electric Vehicle User-centric digital solutions Advanced measurement systems Integration of renewable generation Automation and digitization of electrical networks Development of storage and power electronics applications The strategy identifies, completes and prioritizes the common challenges of greatest interest to Basque companies
  22. 22. 22 EnergiBasque Diffusion Among the factors for its selection, it is worth mentioning the initiative of Bidelek Sareak, which has been an important effort in the technological development of the Basque supply in smart grids EnergiBasque Strategy : NVC Smart Grids • Bidelek Sareak is a joint initiative of the Basque Government (through EVE) and Iberdrola Distribution, to provide intelligent networks to urban and rural areas with the aim of increasing the efficiency and security of electricity supply. • It involves an investment of 60M € to implement the concept of smart grids with the following scheme: - 400,000 smart meters in Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa - Introduction of intelligence in 2,400 transformation centers and 3 high voltage substations - Development and implementation of additional services for the efficient operation of the network • The project has generated advantages at different levels: - ... consumers, with significant savings and greater information, quality and management capacity - ... society, reduction of consumption and emissions and generation of employment and income - ... industrial fabric, improvement of international competitiveness, turnover and R&D activity - ... and for electricity companies in particular, reduction of costs and number of incidents, optimization of investments and higher quality of supply Bidelek Sareak Overview
  23. 23. 23 EnergiBasque Diffusion The NVC Resource Efficient Manufacturing integrates technological lines, cross-cutting activities and strategic initiatives common to the areas with greater weight of industrial factors EnergiBasque Strategy : NVC Resource Efficient Manufacturing The area of Energy Efficiency in the Industry has in this case a specific supply profile Resource Efficient Manufacturing Energy Efficiency in Industry Power Grids Oil & Gas Wind Energy CSP
  24. 24. 24 EnergiBasque Diffusion NVC Resource Efficient Manufacturing focuses on two challenges of special interest to the Energy sector EnergiBasque Strategy : NVC Resource Efficient Manufacturing Ecodesign of equipment and components Energy efficiency in manufacturing processes Design that considers actions aimed at minimizing the use of resources (materials, energy, water, etc.) both in the manufacture of equipment and components and throughout its life cycle within a concept of circular economy Development and implementation of solutions aimed at improving the energy efficiency of transformation processes in energy-intensive industries
  25. 25. 25 EnergiBasque Diffusion Among the factors for its selection, it is worth highlighting the important mobilization around two initiatives launched in the last years EnergiBasque Strategy : NVC Resource Efficient Manufacturing The strategic initiatives proposed in the framework of this NVC seek to promote and consolidate these two cross-cutting activities • The Initiative is focused on developing, implementing and marketing innovative solutions (technologies with their respective business models) that reduce the intensity of energy consumption and the environmental impact of manufacturing processes through the efficient and cost- effective use of residual heat • The Basque Ecodesign Center is an entity formed in a framework of collaboration between private companies and the Basque Government for the conceptualization and execution of innovative ecodesign projects
  26. 26. 26 EnergiBasque Diffusion As a consequence of the design process, EnergiBasque proposes eleven strategic initiatives, six of them linked to NVCs Strategic initiatives CSP Storage components and systems verification facilities SI Strengthening bimep capacities as a research, testing and validation center SI Floating offshore wind power demonstrator project SI Windbox, Advanced test center for the integration and validation of wind power subsystems SI Platform for the incorporation of ecodesign techniques in supply chains Deployment of the project Calor for the use of residual heats SI NVC Resource Efficient Manufacturing Infrastructure testing and validation of products for the Offshore environment Business Intelligence Unit for Offshore SI NVC Offshore Energy Integral platform for the digital transformation of products and services in Smart Grids Project demonstrating the capabilities of the industrial value chain in the field of storage SI NVC Smart Grids "Living Lab" for integrating Electric Vehicle- Charging Infrastructures - Information Management SI
  27. 27. 27 EnergiBasque Diffusion For monitoring, global goals are aligned with the objectives set by the 2020 Science, Technology and Innovation Plan, both in global dimension and by source of funding, ... Monitoring Basque investment scenario in R&D in 2020 STIP (M€, 2014-2020) 1.008 1.565 318 344 2014 2020 240M€ (18% of total) 1.326 1.909 +6,3% annual 373M€ (20% of total) +7,6% annual RIS3 Areas76% 82% 202 303 20 40 18 30 2014 2020 240 373 +7,6% annual 84% of R&D expenditure is financed by companies Note: International and public data according to financing committed in the year in question (sources: Innobasque and public information) Energy
  28. 28. 28 EnergiBasque Diffusion ... gathered in a specific scoreboard that includes indicators of process, effort in R&D and evolution of the sector Monitoring During 2017 details of the scoreboard and goals for the indicators will be sorted out
  29. 29. 29 EnergiBasque Diffusion Some strategic areas of EnergiBasque have clear links with other areas and niches of Basque RIS3 and collaborations are being sought Monitoring Ecosystems Urban planning and regeneration Advanced Manufacturing Energy Connection with other RIS3 areas and niches • Efficient and cost effective systems for the use of residual heat in productive processes (Energy Efficiency in the Industry) • Advanced manufacturing for energy applications in harsh environments (Wind energy, Wave energy, Oil&Gas) • Deployment of the Electric Vehicle (Electric Mobility) SISISI SI SI • Energy-efficient and intelligent buildings (Energy Efficiency in Industry) • Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles for Smart Cities (Electric Mobility) SISI SI
  30. 30. 30 Difusión de EnergiBasque The international positioning of Basque Country as a reference region in Energy is being worked out around three European initiatives... Interregional collaboration European Strategic Cluster Partnership on Smart Specialisation Investments
  31. 31. 31 Difusión de EnergiBasque … Vanguard Initiative, in which Basque Country leads the ADMA Energy pilot, directly linked to the EnergiBasque strategy, ... Interregional collaboration Vanguard Initiative ( is a network of regions pursuing the alignment of policies and instruments at European, national and regional level as an effective growth strategy in Europe. The Initiative proposes new ways of mobilizing and aligning resources on the basis of regional smart specialization principles and cluster-based interregional cooperation. The pilot action of "Advanced Manufacturing for Energy applications in Harsh Environments (ADMA Energy)" is one of the 5 pilots currently underway within the Vanguard Initiative, with the aim of making the EU the world leader in the manufacture of robust components and reliable solutions for offshore energy applications (Offshore Wind, Wave Energy and Oil&Gas).
  32. 32. 32 Difusión de EnergiBasque ... the S3 Platform of the European Commission, Smart Specialization Platform on Energy, S3PEnergy, ... Interregional collaboration S3PEnergy is a joint initiative of DG REGIO, DG ENER and DG JRC and its mission is to support the optimal and efficient use of European Cohesion Funds in sustainable energies Basque Country coordinates the activity of the working groups of the platform (S3 Energy Partnerships) OFFSHORE y SMART GRIDS
  33. 33. 33 Difusión de EnergiBasque … and alliances between European Clusters as European Strategic Cluster Partnerships on Smart Specialisation Investments Interregional collaboration Linked to the previous initiatives, the Energy Cluster has launched two strategic alliances of European Clusters, one around NVC Offshore, with the participation and institutional commitment of the current partners of the Vanguard Initiative ADMA Energy Pilot, and another one around the NVC Smart Grids, Smart Grids in S3
  34. 34. 34 EnergiBasque Diffusion