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CSP Basque Country Catalog 2016


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CSP Basque Country Catalog 2016

  1. 1. Gemasolar Plant, owned by Torresol Energy, developed by SENER ©SENER
  2. 2. 1984 1990 2006 2007 20082009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 14 354 367 441 488 560 1.300 2.768 3.425 4.485 Keys to Thermoelectric Solar Power (Concentrated Solar Power, CSP) Development of LCOE in CSP plants until 2050 Development of the installed capacity of thermoelectric solar energy (MW,1984-2014) Solar thermal power has huge potential for transforming the world energy system into one with a greater contribution from renewableenergy. Source:IEA *Compound Annual GrowthRate Solar thermal power is a key alternative in configuring a renewable mix that is both efficient and low in CO2 emissions. It is estimated that the LCOE (Levelised Cost of Electricity) at the CSP plants will decrease at an average annual rate of around 2.5% until 2050. Wich… • Is subject to price volatility of fossil fuels. • Is a significant source of air pollution. • Is one of the main causes of climate change. And needs to… • Reduce dependence on fossil fuels. • Reinforce the social and institutional commitment to advance towards renewable energy and more efficient ways of using energy. • Diversify sources of energy and increase their efficiency in order to prevent greenhouse gas emissions. After two decades under development, installedpower has soared in the last 5 years, reaching 4.5 GW in 2014. TACC* 2009 -2014 52% 0 50 100 150 200 250 1.758 2015 2020 2025 2030 2035 2040 2045 2050 Minimum Average Maximum 2 $USD/MWh
  3. 3. Predictions for CSP installed capacity by geographical area in 2030 (GW) geographical area in 2050 (GW) Source:IEA So • It is estimated that the world installed capacity in 2030 will be 260 GW with annual increases of more than 15 GW and average annual growth rates of 28%. • According to predictions, the United States will hold the top position, overtaking the European Union and, in particular, Spain, which does not have great expectations for development. • India, Chile and China will be forcefully incorporated into the CSP, while African countries like Morocco and South Africa now have ambitious development plans. • Important developments are scheduled in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Israel, Jordan, Australia and others.) Predictions for CSP installed capacity by In 2050 an installed capacity of 983 GW of CSP is estimated in the world. Almost 27 GW installed annually over the whole period 2013-2050, with average annual growth rates of 9.7%. Development has been focused on Spain and the United States. In the medium term, new markets are opening with great prospects for growth Others,71 India,186 Africa,147 Middle East,204 United States, 229 European China, 118 Union,28 3 0 20 40 60 80 100 Others China India Africa Middle East United States EuropeanUnion 2013 2030 Source:IEA
  4. 4. Two commercially proven technologies Parabolic trough plants (PTP), CCP Central tower plants (solar tower plants) • Uses parabolic mirrors to concentrate the solar radiation into a linear tube. • Has thermal energystorage. • High level of maturity, operating experience, modularity and a large number of suppliers. 90% of the installed capacity of CSP corresponds to this technology. • The majority of the plants in operation have an installed capacity of between 14-200 MW and a level of efficiency of 14-16%. Core elements of the CCP technology • ReceiverPipe.Afluidcirculatesinside(syntheticoil,moltensalt) which isheatedbytheconcentratedsolarradiation. • Parabolicmirrors.Parabolic-shapedmirrorswhichconcentratethe solar radiationintothereceiverpipe. • SupportStructures.Metalstructureswhichsupportthemirrors and receiverpipes. • HydraulicDrive.Hydraulicmechanismssothatthemirrorstrack the sun. • PowerBlock.Wherethecapturedsolarenergyisconverted into electricity. 4 ©SENER ©SENER • Concentrates the solar radiation at a receiver point located at the highest part of a tower. • Allows operation at higher temperatures and therefore greater output and more cost-effective storage. • Has a high net conversion rate of solar energy into electrical energy. Main components of tower technology • Heliostats. Surfaces of mirrors supported on a structure, which reflect solar radiation towards the receiver. • Tower. Tall concrete or steel structure, with the receiver of the solar radiation reflected by the heliostats, installed at its highest point. • Receiver. Solar radiation receiver, inside of which a fluid (molten salts, water/steam) circulates that is heated by the concentrated solarradiation. • Power Block. Where the captured solar energy is converted into electricity.
  5. 5. • The storage of thermal energy captured during the day using molten salt systems for its subsequent use enables electricity generation to be adapted to the needs of demand and facilitates the implementation of solar energy. • Allows the level of use in the CCP plants to exceed 40%. • Improves energy efficiency as a whole. • Reduces the relative cost per unit of energy produced. • Improves the operating conditions of the plant; fewer start/stop cycles and more hours of operation. • Enables the safe, predictable and programmable dispatch of electricity. • Provides robustness to the whole grid, a key step which increases the weight of renewable energy for the whole network. Thermal storage. A key factor of solar thermal power 5 Power island tower plants with molten salt storage. ©SENER ©SENER
  6. 6. • Development of many of these plants has been led by Basque Country companies and they all rely on engineering and supplies from Basque companies. Development of solar thermal power in Spain from 2008 to 2013 6 MUNITY ALENCIA: r Plants:1 50 EXTREMADURA: Power Plants: 17 MW:850 Lleida CATALONIA: Power Plants: 1 MW:23 MURCIA: Power Plants: 2 MW: 31 COM Cáceres X 6 CASTILLA-LA MANCHA: OFV Power Plants: 7 Powe MW: 350 MW: adajoz X 11 CiudadReal ANDALUSIA: Power Plants: 22 MW:1.000 Cadiz X2 Seville X11 B Alicante Córdoba X 6 Granada X 3 Andalusia 44% Extremadura 34% C. - LaMancha 14% Murcia 4% Comm. ofValencia 2% Catalonia 2% Andalusia 44% Extremadura 37% C. - LaMancha 15% Comm.of Valencia 2% Murcia 1% Catalonia 1% Source: “Concentrating Solar Power Projects”, NREL; Protermosolar; IBC analysis 50 2.304 MW BasqueCountry • In Spain, 50 plants have been put into operation with an installed power of 2,304 MW, located in 6 Autonomous Communities, mainly in Andalusia (22) and Extremadura (17).
  7. 7. Source: General view of the Basque Energy Cluster world-leading company such as SENER have enabled the set up of a dynamic and competitive business network covering the whole value chain of solar thermal power. • In spite of the fact that, due to the climatic conditions, it has no CSP plants, it is estimated that the Basque Country has 20% of the direct jobs in the solar thermal power value chain in Spain. • Basque CSP companies are prepared to actively participate in the expected growth and development of this type of technology at global level in the years to come. The Basque Country has a powerful industrial sector in solar thermal power 7 Growth of 36.3% since 2008 A peak of more than 1,600 employees in 2011 Peak of 126 employees in 2014 with 1.5% growth since 2008 Turnover 318.9 million Employment for 1,253 people Investment in R&D 25.2 million Peak of 27 million in 2011 Employment in R&D of 120 people CSP sector activity in the Basque Country. Average 2008-2014 • The extraordinary development of CSP in Spain and the presence of a ©SENER
  8. 8. Products and services of the concentrated solar thermal power value chain Promotion Design and Engineering Technological Development Installation and commissioning Manufacture of systems, equipment andcomponents Operation and maintenance 8 Preliminary studies Promotion Businessmodels Plant • Project management • Civil engineering • Design of electricity evacuation Systems • Conceptual design and study • Componentdesign • Mechanical engineering • Electrical engineering • Electronic engineering • Simulation • Solarfield • Parabolic mirrors • Receiver / absorber pipe • Supportstructure • Hydraulicdrives • Heliostats • Central tower • Heat carrier fluid • Storage System • Pipes, valves and hydraulic pumps • Temperature sensors • Moltensalts • Exchangers • Power block • Turbine • Generator • Condenser • Protection, control and metering • Evacuation line and substation • Construcción de plantas llave en mano (EPC) • Instalación de los elementos del campo solar • Obra civil terrestre • Instalación eléctrica • Otras actividades auxiliares a la puesta en marcha • Equipo auxiliar en tareas de instalación �Testing and certification �R&D and engineering services �Consultancyservices �Ancillary services �Training • Operating services • Inspection, repair and maintenance services • Optimisation of plant performance • Simulation and management systems
  9. 9. 9 Companies in the Basque Country solar thermal value chain Promotion Design and Engineering Installation and commissioning Manufacture of systems, equipment andcomponents Operation and maintenance Technological Development
  10. 10. A complete science and technology system specialising in solar thermal power 10 • Improvement of high temperature solar collectors through developmentof: • New coatings (selective, reflective, self-cleaning, etc.) • New heat carrier fluids and thermal storage systems. • Improvement of thermoelectric plants (control of HTFs, control and communications systems for autonomous heliostats, etc.) • Development of new configurations and components (trackers, receivers, heliostats, etc.) Stirling Engines for solar applications • Basicresearch: • Materials for sensible heat storage • Materials for latent heat storage • Materials for thermochemical heat storage • System research: • Modelling and simulation • Basic research into the field of nanoscale materials with important fields of application in the energy sector and especially in energystorage. • Training of scientists, engineers and highly qualified staff in the energy sector and related fields. • Basic and applied research in the field of materials science and engineering. Research Centres Universities • High temperature thermal storage: • Design, synthesis and characterisation of storage materials and fluids. • Validation of material containers. • Simulations of fluid mechanics, design of heat exchangers. • Small scale solar thermal power, solar fields for medium temperature applications (100-300 ºC). • Solar fields, collectors and heliostats. • Newcoatings. • Solar tracking systems and advanced communications. • TRNSYS simulation, ray tracing, fluid mechanics, thermal and mechanical etc. • Materials and components for high temperature solar thermal power (>1000 ºC): corrosion, abrasion, erosion, new protective coatings,etc.
  11. 11. An ecosystem of research centres and companies working jointly on extensive projects and market projection 11 Etorgai Programme BasqueGovernment Etorgai Programme BasqueGovernment 2020 Definition and demonstration of low-cost solutions for large central tower solar thermal plants. Including new concepts of central receivers, heliostat pointing mechanisms, manufacturing and assembly processes, etc. Terrestrial robot moving inside a loop during the experiments. MANIBOTproject. TC-GRAN Stand-alone cogeneration and renewable energy storage system, based on Stirling thermoelectric generation technology and Redox flow battery storage. SISTIREX Water Saving for Solar Concentrated Power. Improvement of the environmental profile of CSP technology - CSP plants with reduced water consumption for cleaning the reflective surfaces and forcooling. HorizonProgramme WASCOP Mobile robots for inspection and maintenance activities in extensive industrial plants. Application to solar thermal power plants. MAINBOT EUFP7 Programme CAPTURE Development of new technologies in the fields of solar thermoelectric energy and grid integration. EUROSUNMED Novel Insulating Shield for Concentrating Solar Tower Receivers. Materials and design concepts for high temperature solar thermal power. Transfer of special technologies for land-based uses. CSTR SHIELD ESA Programme Technology Demonstrators Development of competitive central receiver technology. HorizonProgramme 2020 GEET-AE New concept for the generation of high efficiency solar thermal electrical power. INNOTEK-INTEK- BERRI 7th EUFramework Programme STAGE_STE Scientific and technological cooperationin concentrated solar thermalenergy. 7th EUFramework ProgrammeTechnology for generating thermo-electric solar energy on a small scale with sustainable management through hybridisation with biomass and thermal storage. Challenge Programme Cooperation2014
  12. 12. Promotedby: Cluster de EnergÍa del PaÍs Vasco Basque EnergyCluster Edificio Albia I - 2a Plta. S. Vicente, 8. 48001 Bilbao Tel. +34 94 424 02 11 Parque Tecnológicode San Sebastián MikeletegiPasealekua,2 Donostia-SanSebastián +34 946 430850 Parque Tecnológico210 Zamudio +34 944522003 BarrioSagarribai,2 Amurrio +34 945897108 inquiry.comercial@ ParqueEmpresarial Abra Industrials/n Ortuella +34 944970036 C/Albert Einstein31 Torrea Auz oa,2. Parque Tecnológicode Álava, c/Rodríguez Arias,28-30 Ctra. Bilbao-Galdácano,11-13 Miñano Igorre Albert Einstein48 Bilbao Bilbao +34 945214110 +34 94 630 5000 Edif CIC Miñano +34 944899100 +34 944116500 +34 945 29 7108 Polígono Industrial Itziar, Urresolo,47 Pº del Circuito10 San Blas s/n Apdo.131 Aita Gotzon,37 Pol. Ind.l Trobika, Martinetxe Ambrosio de losHeros 15, Deba Etxebarria Lasarte-Oria Bergara Urduliz Bidea, 4 LasCarreras 943 85 2600 +34 946167732 +34 943 376400 +34 943 769016 +34 944316658 Munguia +34 94 670 9816 +34 946159100 Bº Landeta C/ Orendaundi,7 Avda. Zugazarte56 Av. de Tolosa76 Alda. Urquijo 80, oficinas Azpeitia LasArenas Donostia - San Sebastián Bilbao +34 943 15 7088 +34 944817500 +34 943 57 4000 +34 94 454 3333 Calle Orendaundi5 Pab. 7, Olaberria, Apdo. Avda. San Adrián,48 Ribera de Axpe5 Avda. Lehendakari Aguirre, 3,4º Polígono Industrial Azitain, 3, 2º- 11 Parque TecnológicoEdificio 106 Azpeitia 84 Beasain Bilbao Erandio Bilbao Eibar Zamudio +34 943 15 7015 +34 943 162020 +34 94.466.37.99 +34 913 83 3180 +34 944016405 +34 943820350 +34 944039800 distribució Ribera de Axpe47 Erandio +34 944356550 Donostia Ibilbidea,70 Parc.5,6 Astigarraga +34 943 33 33 11 C. Plaza del Gas, 1 Barcelona +34 934025100 eficienciaenergetica @gasanturalfenosa.c om Pº Jose Mª Arizmendiarrieta nº 5 Mondragón +34 943 779300 Ribera de Axpe 20 Erandio +34 944967813