04 plastipolis p.vuillermoz_internationalization_day 3_s3_ecc2012


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04 plastipolis p.vuillermoz_internationalization_day 3_s3_ecc2012

  1. 1. Internationalization / Cross-fertilization / Smart Specialization Patrick Vuillermoz PLASTIPOLIS France
  2. 2. European intercluster cooperations:Plastipolis experience Coordination actions Collaborative projects (FP7 cooperation) (FP7 cooperation) Inter-cluster cooperation (FP7 capacity – Region of knowledge) Technology transfer project (FP6 / FP7 ERANET) CLUSTER Strategic vision Innovation for SME (FP6 & FP7 ETP & NoE) (INNET - DG Enterprise) European Commission Enterprise and Industry
  3. 3. European intercluster cooperations:Building a European network Micropolis Plastiwin OES CIKC Innovation Lab Chemie Cluster Bayern Plastr Réseau Plasturgie Clusterland Plastipolis Engineering & tooling - Portugal Proplast Veneto Nanotech Plastival Thessalonniki European Commission Enterprise and Industry
  4. 4. European intercluster cooperations:To go together beyond Europe• European Clusters have been able to develop strong cooperations and partnerships thanks to the EC programs• The next step is to develop cluster level cooperations for international development: – Coordination in supporting the industry international developments – Development of technology partnerships with international leaders Nanocom satellite group, Tokyo, 2011 Clusterplast & Cotech event at K Fair 2010 NPE, Chicago 2009 European Commission Enterprise and Industry 20.04.2012 4
  5. 5. European intercluster cooperations: Wiintech projectClean technology and Sustainable industry Ohio Polymer organization Nagano techno foundation Chemical Alliance Shandong provinceCalifornia Zone West Virginia Innanotechnanotechnology Shanghai CIATEC and Anipac Indian Chemical Council Projet WIINTECH CTC /Unica / “Worldwide Intercluster Initiative Florianopolis for New materials and processes University / Campinas -S. focused on clean TECHnologies” Paulo area / S. Carlos area / European Commission Enterprise and Industry CENI
  6. 6. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTIONInternationalization / Cross-fertilization / Smart Specialization patrick.vuillermoz@plastipolis.fr