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Salon Maison Passive - Enterprise Europe Brussels - Technology Watch services


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Enterprise Europe Brussels propose de nombreux services de veilles technologique et commerciale

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Salon Maison Passive - Enterprise Europe Brussels - Technology Watch services

  1. 1. Enterprise Europe Brussels:Enterprise Europe Brussels:Technology Watch serviceTechnology Watch serviceSalon Maison PassiveSalon Maison Passive03.05.201303.05.2013
  2. 2. Enterprise Europe Network ID CardEnterprise Europe Network ID Card• Name:Name: Enterprise Europe Network• Surname:Surname: Business Support on Your Doorstep• Date of birth:Date of birth: 01/01/2008• Place of birth:Place of birth: Europe• Nationality:Nationality: Global• Issued by:Issued by: European Commission
  3. 3. Enterprise Europe BrusselsEnterprise Europe BrusselsYOUR local gateway to:- doing business abroadbusiness abroad (5353countries),-accessing EuropeanEuropeanfundingfunding,-driving innovationinnovation-increasing yourcompetitivenesscompetitiveness in newnewmarketsmarkets.
  4. 4. Going internationalTechnology transfer & innovationBusiness & technology watchBusiness & technology watchAccess to financeResearch fundingAdvice on EU law and standardsIntellectual property and patentsSpeak up on EU lawThe services in a nutshellThe services in a nutshell
  5. 5. Enterprise Europe Brussels’Enterprise Europe Brussels’tech watch:tech watch:•For freeFor free subscription•OptimiseOptimise time, money,efforts•Quick-to-readQuick-to-read info•Daily/weekly alertalert•Built around your needsyour needs•Sector-relatedSector-related keywords e.g. Building materials,Components and Methods,Pulp Technology related toconstruction technologyBusiness & technology watchBusiness & technology watchWhat is it?What is it?Systematic procedure of capturing,analysing & exploiting usefulinformation for strategic decision makingin a company or organisationCredits to: EventsGuru
  6. 6. Business & technology watchBusiness & technology watchTO - Cellulose Compound ElementTO - Cellulose Compound Elementfor Indoor Insulation.for Indoor Insulation.(Ref: 12 DE 1271 3NXJ )(Ref: 12 DE 1271 3NXJ )Abstract:A small German company has developed anew building material with extraordinarycharacteristics in thermal and soundinsulation. The insulation panel is made ofrenewable resources, can be processedecologically and is recyclable. The materialhas advantages over conventional materialswhile having at least comparableperformance characteristics. The company islooking for licensees for the adoption of thetechnology. It is also interested in selling thepatent (but keeping a minority interest).
  7. 7. Business & technology watchBusiness & technology watchConstruction system based onConstruction system based onprecast structures deliveringprecast structures deliveringcost-effective and eco-efficientcost-effective and eco-efficientbuildingsbuildings(Ref: 13 BE 0213 3SDA(Ref: 13 BE 0213 3SDA ))Abstract:A Belgian SME, specialized in designconsultancy for the construction sector, hasdeveloped an innovative and universalconstruction process based on assemblingprecast panels. This process offers a set ofcomponents which satisfy the requirements ofSustainable Development and eco-efficiency. Itfits all types of passive buildings, from one toseven floors with a perfect thermal and soundinsulation. The company seeks partners totransfer its know-how and to establish alicensing agreement.
  8. 8. Business & technology watchBusiness & technology watch2012121400820121214008SummarySummaryRomanian enterprise specialized in civiland industrial construction want to expandin other countries and seeks partners forcooperation in this field. The company islooking for subcontractors.Romanian enterprise specialised inindustrial and civil constructions,demolition, foundation, dragging wants tofind subcontractors for sustainableconstructions and for cooperation. Thecompany wants to expand operations inother countries.
  9. 9. Business & technology watchBusiness & technology watch2010110902020101109020SummarySummaryBelgian company specialized in distributingproducts for concrete repairing andwaterproofing is looking for foreigncontractors in the world of concrete repair,waterproofing, chloride and corrosionprotection of concrete and steel who needtechnical mortars and cementitiouscoatings.This company distributes the reinstatementmortars and cementitious coatings forstructural protection and renovation ofconcrete and steel. …(it is) looking forforeign contractors who are active in thestructural protection and renovation ofconcrete and steel.
  10. 10. Targeted sending of cooperation opportunitiesTargeted sending of cooperation opportunitiesPersonalised targeted sendingPersonalised targeted sending of :•Offers•Requests•Partner Searches for R&DT projects under FP7 or CIPprogrammesbased on daily monitoring performed by the 2 teams &knowledgeEnterprise Europe BrusselsJoint monitoring ofcooperation opportunities arisingfrom the networkCustomised approachCustomised approach
  11. 11. Ms Elena AngioliniEnterprise Europe BrusselsPhone: + 32 2 422 00 21www.brusselsnetwork.beFollow us on: