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  1. 1. Cosmetics & Aesthetics
  2. 2. Our Products
  3. 3. Products Calcium Phosphates Nanoparticles  High Purity Biomaterials BET surface area >100m2/g Quality and Consistency Natural substance in the body Feb 09 Mai 07
  4. 4. Products Hydroxyapatite β-TriCalcium Phosphate Nanocrystalline  Nanoparticles Osteogenic Osteogenic and Reabsorbable Powder Paste Transparent Gel Different particle sizes Good Flowability R&D Feb 09 Mai 07
  5. 5. Cosmetic & Aesthetic Feb 09 Mai 07
  6. 6. Skin Wrinkle Filler Injectable Creams 1-5% HAp Stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts and collagen synthesis Results should persist for 9 months Natural, rejuvenated appearance Lips Volume Augmentation Feb 09 Mai 07
  7. 7. Teeth Toothpaste 1-10% HAp Enamel - 97% HAp Prevention of sensitive teeth Dentin – 70% HAP Whitening effect Prevention of caries and periodontal disease Elimination of mouth odor Feb 09 Mai 07
  8. 8. Products in the Market Skin Injectable Filler RadiesseTM Microspheres of Hydroxyapatite Gel Creams L’Óreal AGE RE-PERFECT PRO CALCIUM Lancôme PLATINÉUM EYES & LIPS HYDROXY(a)-CALCIUM™ Feb 09 Mai 07
  9. 9. Products in the Market Teeth Sangi Co. APAGARD Henkel THERAMED SENSITIVE (with NANIT® ACTIVE) DIO DIO TOOTHPASTE Feb 09 Mai 07
  10. 10. Key Features & Benefits for SKIN Nanocrystalls of Hydroxyapatite 1000 times smaller than Radiesse Powder Better Skin penetration Paste Better Osteogenic Features  Better Stimulation of Collagen Production Gel  Entrapment of proteins, vitamins or other actives in its crystalline structure Feb 09 Mai 07
  11. 11. Key Features & Benefits for Teeth Nanocrystalls of Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticles Powder Same teeth composition Paste Prevention of sensitive teeth Gel Whitening effect Prevention of caries and periodontal diseases Feb 09 Mai 07
  12. 12. For additional information, please contact: Cristina Maia CEO Email: Pedro Afonso nanoXIM Marketing & Sales Email: