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IBM Cloud Computing Specialty Brochure


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IBM Cloud Computing Specialty Brochure

  1. 1. IBM Cloud Computing SpecialtySpecialize to gain enhanced benefits andtake advantage of the rapidly growingcloud opportunityCloud computing is a rapidly growing market Partner initiative creates a single programopportunity expected to more than double that covers the full breadth of IBM’s cloudfrom $68.3 billion in 2010 to $148.8 billion capabilities, including software, systems andin 2014, according to industry analysts. The services. The IBM Cloud Computing SpecialtyIBM Cloud Computing Specialty is designed supports five types of Business Partnersto help our Business Partners engage more that demonstrate their expertise and clientclosely with each other and with IBM in this success in cloud computing:key growth area. This new IBM Business • Cloud application providers, who deliver applications through the cloud, such as with Software as a Service (SaaS) • Cloud builders, who engage in consultative and solution selling of multiple IBM offerings, and want to more fully participate in cloud opportunities to win higher value, higher margin deals • Cloud infrastructure providers, who provide a public cloud service on which application vendors and companies can host their solution • Cloud services solution providers, who have an established practice, leveraging one or more IBM Cloud offerings and providing end-to-end cloud solutions to their clients • Cloud technology providers, who provide the tools, services and technologies that help other IBM Business Partners and enterprise clients use the cloud more effectively
  2. 2. BenefitsNo matter which path is right for your The IBM Cloud Computing Specialty can helpcompany, the IBM Cloud Computing Specialty IBM Business Partners in a variety of differentwill provide you with the unique capabilities areas, including their marketing, technical,you need to establish a cloud solution that is training and collaboration efforts:smart, secure and ready for business. Cloud Cloud Cloud services Cloud Benefit application Cloud builders infrastructure solution technology providers providers providers providers Marketing IBM Cloud Computing Specialty mark P P P P P IBM confidential updates on the IBM cloud strategy and roadmap P P P P P Access to an IBM relationship representative P - P - P Business development funds P P P P - Business development workshop P - P - - Market your IBM Cloud Computing Specialty sales enablement kit - - - - P Selling Cloud assessment tools - P - P - Cloud mentoring vouchers - P - - - Collaboration Expanded use of LotusLive™ P P P P P Networking opportunities within the specialty ecosystem P P P P P Note: The benefits shown in this figure represent the current offerings of the IBM Cloud Computing Specialty. These benefits are subject to change by IBM at any time.Getting StartedOnce you have found the path that best cloud solutions. The website also includesmatches your company’s cloud business information about the requirements yourobjectives, visit to organization needs to meet in order to qualify.learn important program details, including After you have reviewed these requirements,the IBM cloud products and services that contact your IBM representative, or send anqualifying Business Partners can use in their email to Follow us on Twitter!© 2011 IBM, the IBM logo,, Smarter Planet, the Smarter Planet icon and LotusLive are trademarks of IBM Corp. registered in many jurisdictionsworldwide. A current list of IBM trademarks is available on the Web at “Copyright and trademark information” at