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  1. 1. Share Report Abuse Next Blog» Create Blog Sign In6 plus 6Points de vue et articles de synthèse en 6 plus 6 points, présentant généralement deux angles opposés. Accueil Contact 14 f évrier 2011 Forum SaaS et Cloud IBM - 9 f évrier 6 plus 6 lessons from the 6th Forum SaaS et Cloud IBM - Club We d ne s d ay, Fe b 0 9 20 11 8 :30 AM Alliances - #FcloudIBM #SaaS #Cloud #IBM IBM Fo rum - Bo is Co lo mb e s View t he event Simp ly invite with amiand o Rechercher dans ce blog Rechercher fourni par Archives du blog ▼ 2011 (1) ▼ f évrier (1) The 6th edition of the " Forum SaaS et Cloud IBM" is behind us now. 6 plus 6 lessons Let me share 6 plus 6 lessons we have learned by running this bi- yearly SaaS and Cloud Event which slowly f rom the 6th Forum SaaS et PDFmyURL.com
  2. 2. becomes "Legacy" both for Club Alliances Members and for the entire IBM Partner Ecosystem. Forum SaaS et Cloud ...6 Signs of Success : The Forum SaaS et Cloud IBM has gained Momentum ► 2010 (8)! ► 2009 (1) 1. We deliver value on SaaS and Cloud t o t he Channel : The Forum SaaS et Cloud IBM is currently the only meaningful SaaS and Cloud event that is repetitive [every 6 months !] and solely dedicated to the IBM Partner Ecosystem [both for existing and prospective partners]. It brings both Cloud Libellés enablement, P2P networking and Biz Dev opportunities to hundreds of ISVs, Integrators, SSOs, Resellers, VARS, VADs, MSPs, CSPs, Consultants and IBMers. Overall satisfaction is high, both for networking/partnerships opportunities and for expertise and experience sharing. Business Cloud 2. The Forum SaaS et Cloud IBM is now considered Legacy : In less than 4 years, we have Club Alliances English managed to run 6 editions of the Forum SaaS et Cloud IBM. After a rebranding from "Forum du Club Français PoV Alliances" and "Forum Solutions- as- a- Service" to "Forum SaaS et Cloud IBM", it seems now that the Forum is well established in the SaaS/Cloud landscape. SaaS 3. It brings visibilit y and credibilit y on SaaS and Cloud : Club Alliances websites, blogs and members, including IBM, benefit from the increased visibility and credibility brought by the Forum in the area of SaaS and Cloud [simple Google searches can easily demonstrate it]. By posting and sharing Sites associés meaningful content [articles, presentations, photos, links...] in our "Inbound Marketing Infrastructure" [Blogs + LinkedIn + Viadeo + Twitter + Slideshare + InfoBOOM + etc...], we leverage the Social Forum SaaS et Cloud IBM Business trend to get exposure. Forum SaaS et Cloud Métiers 4. Subject Mat t er Expert s are delivering : Several Club Alliances Experts like Thierry [Marketor], René [PAD], Patrice [Aspaway], Thierry [ESDI] and Loic [IBM] consistently share their expertise in Le Blog du Club Alliances conferences, workshops and working sessions. They are joined by a growing force of SaaS/Cloud Biz Dev Experts like Xavier, Laurence, Paul- Antoine, Yann, Denis, Laurent, Hubert, Philippe, Alain, Le Site des Solutions-as-a- Pierre, Isabelle, Nathalie, Jack, François, Christine, Vincent, Matthieu or Jean- Marc [spot their last Service names in the Forums program!]. And some IBMers join, too, like Patrice, Fady, Fabrice, Vincent or François to name a few [Christian, Philippe, Lionel, we missed you this time!]. . Le Site du Club Alliances 5. The Forum is light weight and resilient : As the Forum runs on a shoestring marketing budget, it is quite immune from budget cuts and sponsoring issues. The cost of organiz ing and running the Forum is kept low thanks to the involvement of Club Alliances experts/members and the leverage of social networking and social marketing. Besides, the Forum formula is now well tested and each new edition is easier to run and almost guarantees a minimum of 150/200 satisfied participants! 6. We launched t he 1st Forum SaaS et Cloud Mét iers : In November of 2010, Club Alliances organiz ed the 1st Forum SaaS et Cloud Métiers dedicated to the promotion of SaaS, Cloud and Solutions- as- a- Service to End Users.With this Forum, we address the business issues of Verticals like Banking, Distribution, Healthcare... and LOBs, like Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, Finance - PDFmyURL.com
  3. 3. Administration [CFO] or Information Systems [CIO] with SaaS and Cloud based Business Solutions. We believe that this Forum Métiers can become a second Forum SaaS et Cloud franchise!6 Areas of Progress : From Consumption to Production and Sharing... withAlignment! 1. At t ract 1.000+ part icipant s : 350 enrollees, 200 participants is not enough!. Today, a majority of participants come from rogue emailings, Club Alliances networking and social media stunts. With Marketing alignment, we can leverage IBM [and Club Alliances members] even more to make sure that Forums promotion and invitations flow better inside IBM and towards IBMs existing and prospective Business Partners. 2. Bet t er align Market ing init iat ives : Today, IBM and Club Alliances organiz ations launch disconnected and competing marketing programs with no guarantee of return, resilience or repeatability. Many could benefit from aligning with "resilient marketing tools" like the Forum SaaS et Cloud IBM, le Forum SaaS et Cloud Métiers or the Club Alliances. By integrating at least SaaS, Cloud, Channel and SMB initiatives, we can make sure that content, expertise, lessons learned, visibility and credibility are leveraged and reinforced by all interested parties. Lets try to stop the traditional "not invented here" and "silo" syndroms! 3. Bet t er align wit h IBM Market ing processes and resources : Building on an aligned marketing strategy, we should also be able to get increased support from IBM Communication, Press Relations, Channel Marketing and Market Management resources. As for now, they may still consider the Forum like a "Rogue Initiative" ran by some french Club Alliances or "Channel Sales" guys, outside quarterly marketing plans, rules and processes. Lets work on this! 4. Share expert ise even more : Today, a majority of Club Alliances members attend the Forum, but many do not really contribute to the creation and sharing of meaningful content [ie presentations...] even if they understand the power of Expert Content for SEO and, subsequently for their SaaS Busines. Will better alignement help us find ways to get them even more involved? Any other ideas? 5. Leverage IBM Subject Mat t er Expert s : Today, it is quite difficult to book IBM speakers and booth holders and get them fully involved, while, at the same time, Club Alliances experts are happy to share their experience and expertise in focused workshops and booths. By involving IBM experts and sellers earlier in the process and making them fully aware of the Forum well in advance, we can for sure drastically improve their commitment. Your suggestions? 6. Facilit at e product ion and sharing of cont ent s and links : We find it still difficult to gather meaningful and SEO friendly presentations and links. Many speakers and sellers do not really see the value - or are afraid - of sharing documents publicly and widely, outside the Forum itself. How can we get them to post and share their presentations on Slideshare, Scribd or Youtube ? Thus, we easily embed them in blogs and bring them to Forum participants, but also to "no shows" and remaining prospects! Can we train them to the power of Social Business, Social Media, Inbound Marketing, PDFmyURL.com
  4. 4. Content Marketing and Curation ? Yes we can!What are YOUR lessons learned, ideas, suggest ions t o bet t er leverage t he "Forum SaaS et CloudIBM", t he "Forum SaaS et Cloud Mét iers" and t he "Club Alliances" legacy?Even more import ant , what are your ideas t o accelerat e t he development of our SaaS and CloudBusiness, t oget her wit h IBM and t he Club Alliances?Feet on the Ground, Head above the Clouds, with IBM and Club Alliances Loic Simon - +33 6 76 75 40 71 Business Development - Club Alliances IBM www.cluballiances.com loic_simon@f r.ibm.com0 commentaires Liens vers ce messageLibellés : Business, Channel, Cloud, Club Alliances , English, IBM, Marketing, PoV, SaaS26 décembre 2010My 6 plus 6 predictions for #SaaS and #Cloud #Channel#Marketing [2011, France, Loic Simon] PDFmyURL.com
  5. 5. Leading Club Alliances, a SaaS and Cloud Ecosystem of existing and potential IBM Channel Partners, I amin quite a good position to analyz e and sense where Channel Market ing is heading, both for : Market ing TO channel partners, eg for Club Alliances members recruitment and enablement Market ing WITH channel partners, eg for lead generation among end users.Here are my 6 plus 6 predict ions for SaaS and Cloud Channel Marketing in France:[cliquez ici pour accéder à une version de cet art icle en f rançais]6 ouch!In 2011, many Vendors and their Channel Partners will continue to: 1. Ref use t o co- f und syndicat ed Inbound Market ing tactics [under the false pretext that they are not strictly quantifiable and containable "lead generation", but in reality because most vendors marketers still dont "get" social media / pull marketing]! 2. Put t oo much money in t elemarket ing and event s , despite ever diminishing returns and skyrocketting "no show"! 3. Dismiss Facebook [wrongly seen as B2C and/or for "personal stuff" only] and Twit t er [wrongly seen as insignificant in France]! 4. Ask partners and prospects to visit lame websites and to f ill in police- like f orms to get the "privilege" to access promotional material [white papers written by marketing, product brochures, PDF presentations...] 5. Export to PDF boring old- f ashioned Powerpoint presentations, filled with copyright notices, so that nobody can remix, reuse, share and spread the word [and, of course, forget to make them accessible and downloadable on Slideshare or Scribd, which would be too convenient for partners and prospects and too good for SEO]! 6. Think that posting Blog articles, delivering curation and participating to LinkedIn/Viadeo groups/hubs are a wast e of their precious t ime... and thus, continue to st ruggle wit h blog cont ent !6 wow! PDFmyURL.com
  6. 6. In 2011, Innovative SaaS/Cloud Vendors and their Channel Partners willstart to: 1. Educat e and enable marketing staff and channel partners in the area of Social Media and Social CRM. 2. Leverage Web 2.0 / Market ing 2.0 instead of continuously explaining that they are in the process of launching a new website [what about starting a blog, join some LinkedIn group, engage on Twitter... around pressing business issues adressed by their company/service?] 3. Understand the power of producing/giving away valuable cont ent and of collaborat ing wit h cust omers [widely publish non copyrighted material, encourage customers to contribute and to produce content for you and their peers...] 4. Eat their own dog food and use SaaS and Cloud services f or PRM, Channel Market ing and Partner to Partner collaboration 5. Accept vendor / part ner independence and cont ext ual only loyalt y and start collaborat ing wit h relevant coopet it ors to grow the SaaS / Cloud market together [eg help business partners network and collaborate with other partners, even if they are affiliated with competitive vendors!]. 6. Mix of f line and online tactics, eg run both Networking Events [see the IBM SaaS and Cloud Forum] and Virtual Events, develop Community Management without limiting it to online!What are your 2011 predictions f or SaaS and Cloud Channel Marketing ?Happy New Year, Feet on the Ground, Head above the Cloud ![cliquez ici pour accéder à une version de cet art icle en f rançais] Loic Simon Business Development - Club Alliances IBM www.cluballiances.com loic_simon@f r.ibm.com +33 6 76 75 40 710 commentaires Liens vers ce messageLibellés : Business, Channel, Marketing, PoV PDFmyURL.com
  7. 7. 19 décembre 2010SaaS and Cloud Tsunami in France - My 6 plus 6 predictionsfor 2011 - Loic Simon, Club AlliancesAs a Business Developer, a Bucaneer and a Curator for Club Alliances existing and potential members, I amin quite a good position to sense where the SaaS and Cloud Ecosyst em is heading to, at least here inFrance:I think that 2011 will NOT YET be the year when: 1. The majority of infrastructure integrators, VARs, resellers, distributors and their vendors Channel Account Managers will be fully Cloud enabled! 2. Cloud related security, confidentiality and compliance issues will no more be an objection for the Channel and - as a consequence - for their Customers! 3. SaaS "Canada Dry" and "Cloud Washing" will be replaced by true shared multi- tenant, elastic, self- service, usage based, internet accessed, API enabled Cloud Services! 4. Marketing Departments will fully grasp and share [through Social Networks, of course !] the true Business value of SaaS and Cloud! 5. "Cloud Computing for Dummies " or "SaaS Business Model for Dummies" types of workshops will no more be at the agenda of the IBM SaaS and Cloud Forums! PDFmyURL.com
  8. 8. 6. Club Alliances mission as a Cloud Incubator will become obsolete!But I also believe that, in the 2011 SaaS and Cloud Tsunami : 1. The two words SaaS and ERP will be associated in many, many more press releases, presentations, articles and blogs. Watch out this space for SAP [of course], Sage, Infor, Lawson, Cegid, Microsoft and a myriad of other ERP Vendors... 2. PaaS [Platform as a Service] will be THE battleground for a growing number of Vendors ! 3. BPaaS [Business Process as a Service], Information as a Service, Content as a Service, Data as a Service and other "Cloud Business Services" will be HOT, too. We will see a host of Vertical Channels emerge and compete with more traditional ones, with a radically new value proposition. 4. Pushed by Vendors, Consultants and CEOs, CIOs will really start embracing the Cloud in all its flavors and begin experimenting the real disruptive nature of Cloud Computing for IT: IT [Services] Indust rializ at ion! 5. IBM will make a real Cloud "Coming Out" in the Mid Market and in the Channel, with "Channel Ready" Cloud services and components as well as with more and more Cloud oriented communication and co- marketing initiatives. 6. Club Alliances value proposition will continue to evolve and to appeal to new members, addressing the needs of ISVs, consultants and Business services providers, but also of more and more integrators, resellers and VARs in pursuit of a profitable Cloud related business model.What are YOUR predictions f or 2011 in the Cloud ?Oh, by the way, would you like to join us on the 9th of February, for our [french !] 6ème Forum SaaS etCloud IBM ?And here is a french version of this article Loic Simon Business Development - Club Alliances IBM www.cluballiances.com loic_simon@f r.ibm.com PDFmyURL.com
  9. 9. +33 6 76 75 40 710 commentaires Liens vers ce messageLibellés : Business, Cloud, Club Alliances , English, PoV, SaaS5 décembre 2010Revendeurs, intégrateurs, 6 plus 6 façons de surfer leTsunami Cloud !Tout comme les édit eurs de logiciels, lesrevendeurs et les intégrateurs f ont f ace auTsunami annoncé du Cloud Comput ing. Ilsant icipent un bouleversement de leur modèlede business équivalent à celui que vivent cesex-édit eurs devenus, par la f orce deschoses, sociét és de services... récurrent s.Au t ravers des Forums SaaS et Cloud que leClub Alliances IBM organise, je not e depuisplusieurs mois une une part icipat ionexponent ielle des revendeurs et int égrat eursaux sessions de vulgarisat ion et de“st rat égie” SaaS et Cloud.La plupart des part enaires “Channel” d’IBMsont en t rain dét udier la meilleure f açondaborder linf ormat ique en nuage. PDFmyURL.com
  10. 10. Et vous ?Les sessions de vulgarisat ion, de réf lexion st rat égique et de planif icat ion que jai animé pourplusieurs de vos conf rères mamènent à list er “6 plus 6” f açons que vous pouvez avoird’aborder le Tsunami Cloud :Lire la suite >>0 commentaires Liens vers ce messageLibellés : Business, Cloud, Club Alliances , Français, SaaS18 juin 20106 plus 6 façons de profiter ou non des Médias et RéseauxSociauxCloud Computing, Software- as- a- Service, Médias et Réseaux Sociaux ... Un DSI ne peut plus ignorerlutilisation grandissante par les collaborateurs de son entreprise des applications accessibles directementpar internet. PDFmyURL.com
  11. 11. Facebook, LinkedIn, Viadeo, Twitter, Blogger, Wordpress, Slideshare, Google Docs, Skype... De nombreuxoutils sont désormais exploitables immédiatement dans leurs versions "freemium", cest à dire gratuitement.Et vos utilisateurs ne sen privent pas [voir lexemple du Club Alliances que janime personnellement !]Définir et mettre en oeuvre une politique daccompagnement des utilisateurs et décideurs en entreprisedevient urgent.Nous suggérons aux DSI den être les artisans au côté de la Direction Générale et de bien comprendre lesimpacts business des applications en ligne [SaaS] et plus particulièrement des Médias et Réseaux Sociaux.Voici 6 f açons de se couper de leurs bénéf ices business :Lire la suite >>0 commentaires Liens vers ce messageLibellés : Business, Français, PoV9 mai 20106 plus 6 - Newsletter du Club Alliances - N°1 - Mai 2010 6 plus 6 - Newsletter - Club Alliances Numéro 1 - Mai 2010 PDFmyURL.com
  12. 12. Articles et abonnements : Blog du Club Alliances Informations sur le Club Alliances : Site du Club Alliances 6 z ooms "les pieds sur terre" : Comment... 1. Créer une offre BPaaS et Solution- as- a- Service pour vous différencier 2. Travailler avec des Intégrateurs, Cabinets de Conseil et Influenceurs. 3. Intégrer les Médias & Réseaux Sociaux dans votre stratégie Marketing 4. Devenir un SME [Subject Matter Expert] reconnu 5. Exploiter les Clubs Mét ier du Club Alliances 6. Collaborer avec IBM Mid Market pour générer des leads plus 6 z ooms "la tête au dessus des nuages" : Pourquoi... 1. Comprendre les 3, 4 ou 5 couches du Cloud Computing 2. Bien appréhender l impact du Tsunami SaaS & Cloud sur les acteurs IT 3. Evaluer les nouveaux modèles de business "as a service" 4. Faire évoluer votre offre "Canada Dry" vers le BPaaS et le SaaS 5. Développer une stratégie dalliances et de partenariats 6. Exploiter le Market ing 2.0 et les réseaux sociaux dès maint enant .Lire la suite >>0 commentaires Liens vers ce message26 mars 20106 plus 6 façons d’exploiter le cloud computing pourdévelopper votre entreprise ! PDFmyURL.com
  13. 13. Le cloud comput ing est le nouveau Graal des f ournisseurs inf ormat iques ! Mais les dirigeants et les responsables informatiques sont perdus face à la débauche de promesses « marketing ». Ils s’interrogent sur la manière de bien exploiter « le Cloud » pour développer leurs entreprises. Voici 6 f açons de voir le cloud comput ing par le « pet it bout de la lorgnet t e », de mal en exploit er le vérit able pot ent ield’innovat ion business, voire de le rejet er t out de go !Lire la suite >>0 commentaires Liens vers ce messageLibellés : Business, Cloud, Club Alliances , Français, PoV, SaaS22 f évrier 20106 plus 6 Ways to Fail and Succeed in Leveraging CloudComputing for Business ! - Point of View - Loic Simon - Club Alliances Cloud Computing is the new Grail for IT vendors, but Mid Market CIOs still wonder why and how to leverage "the Cloud" to develop the Business. Here are 6 common ways t o f ail wit h Cloud Comput ing f or Business : [1] View cloud computing just as another Fad [2] Consider cloud computing as a mere technology or infrastructure issue [3] View cloud computing solely as a flexible IT provisioning and billing mechanism [4] Start cloud computing as a complex IT infrastructure Project [5] Think that reducing Opex means growing Capex. PDFmyURL.com
  14. 14. [6] Add "Cloud Computing" in projects, but change nothing else.Now, here are 6 rout es you may want t o f ollow t o leverage Cloud Comput ing f or Business, now ![1] Start now by implementing any SaaS or hosted business solution[2] Think business usage and benefits for LOB and real users[3] Learn the true business impact of multitenant BPaaS and SaaS solutions[4] Just do it : Pilot, test, try, learn, refine[5] Dont over- invest, pay for what you use, but use it now ![6] Literally think "Outside of the Box", even if it means not using true cloud computing.In “Club Alliances”, we believe in leveraging the power of networks of software developers, businessintegrators, experts and vendors to assemble and deliver "Solutions- as- a- Service" to businesses.We leverage cloud computing components like SaaS whenever they are already relevant, but moreimportantly, we focus on business use and benefits.And so should you, too, as a mid- market CIO, if you truly want to deliver on cloud computings promise to thebusiness.Article écrit par Loic Simon - Club Alliances - IBM0 commentaires Liens vers ce messageLibellés : Business, Cloud, English, PoV, SaaS9 janvier 2010Le Club Alliances IBM vous souhaite une Bonne Année 2010 ! PDFmyURL.com
  15. 15. Merci à Laurent Herce de Marketor pour la réalisation de cette carte.Voici dailleurs la carte de voeux Marketor qui a inspiré la nôtre. [2.0 10, cest bien vu !]Venez bien démarrer une année de partenariats business fructueux en nous rejoignant à loccasion du 4ème PDFmyURL.com
  16. 16. Forum Solutions- as- a- Service du Club Alliances [vendredi 5 février, IBM Bois- Colombes].Co- organisé avec IBM IDR [ISV & Developer Relations], rebaptisé Forum SaaS et Cloud IBM, ce 4èmeévènement semestriel reste focalisé sur le partage dexpertise et létablissement de relations daffaires entremembres du Club Alliances actuels et potentiels.Après avoir pris connaissance de lagenda du Forum, remplissez bien le formulaire dinscription et depréparation.Ceci nous permettra de vous proposer un agenda individualisé [brouillon pour linstant] avec ateliers,conférences et/ou speed meetings personnalisés en phase avec vos désirs et votre profil.A bientôt.0 commentaires Liens vers ce message26 octobre 20096 plus 6 raisons pour rejoindre ou non le Club Alliances6 raisons de rejoindre le Club Alliances IBMplus6 raisons de passer votre chemin !6 raisons de rejoindre le Club Alliances IBM : 1. accélérer ma présence sur le marché SaaS au travers de partenariats pertinents 2. partager les mauvaises et bonnes pratiques du SaaS et du Cloud Computing avec mes pairs 3. mutualiser des ressources 4. utiliser les services et le nom dIBM pour accroitre ma crédibilité et ma visibilité 5. exploiter leffet réseau 6. plein dautres bonnes ou mauvaises raisons !6 raisons doublier le Club Alliances IBM : 1. je ne veux surtout pas développer un business "as a service" [SaaS, Cloud...] ! PDFmyURL.com
  17. 17. 2. je naime pas IBM ! 3. je me débrouille très bien tout seul ! 4. je nai pas dargent pour co- financer un plan marketing mutualisé ! 5. les réseaux business, cest une perte de temps ! 6. le marketing mutualisé, ça ne marchera jamais !www.cluballiances.com0 commentaires Liens vers ce messageLibellés : Club Alliances , Français, IBM, SaaS Accueil Inscription à : Messages (Atom) PDFmyURL.com
  18. 18. Fourni par Blogger. PDFmyURL.com