2013.04.12 #3 - Blogging, how to ? B2B [cloud] Inbound Marketing - Don't ask for permission, just do it - Loic Simon


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Part #3 of a slidedeck supporting talks about our experience in leveraging Inbound Marketing for B2B [Cloud] : Blogging, How to ?

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2013.04.12 #3 - Blogging, how to ? B2B [cloud] Inbound Marketing - Don't ask for permission, just do it - Loic Simon

  1. 1. B2B [Cloud]Inbound Marketing Don’t ask for permission, just do it !Part #3 – Blogging: how to? Loic Simon Loic_simon@fr.ibm.com http://clubcloud.blogspot.com +33 6 76 75 40 71
  2. 2. STEPPSSocial Does talking about your product or ideaCurrency make people look good? Can you find The inner remarkability? Leverage game mechanics? Make people feel like insiders?Triggers Consider the context. What cues make people think about your product or idea? How can you grow the habitat and make it come to mind more often?Emotion Focus on feelings. Does talking about your product or idea generate emotion? How can you kindle the fire?Public Does your product or idea advertise itself? Can people see when others are using it? If not, how can you make the private public? Can you create behavioral residue that sticks around even after people use it?Practical Does talking about your product or idea helpValue people help others? How can you highlight incredible value, packaging your knowledge and expertise into useful information others will want to disseminate?Stories What is your Trojan Horse? Is your product or idea embedded in a broader narrative hat people want to share? Is the story not only viral, but also valuable?
  3. 3. Employees are the brand
  4. 4. Les contributeurs de “Thoughts on Cloud –Français” sont des SMEs [Subject Matter Experts]Cloud francophones d’IBM et de nos Partenaires… • Diversité des types d’expertise et d’expérience Cloud – conseil, – architecture, – mise en oeuvre, – exploitation, – vente, – écosystème, – marché...
  5. 5. Additional visibility & credibility through GuestBlogging… using Posts from owned Blogs
  6. 6. Types d’articles (no limits!)• Point de vue dexpert,• Témoignage de mise en oeuvre ou dexploitation de technologies/services/solutions cloud,• Compte-rendu de conférence/évènement cloud, (également, annonce dun évènement cloud présenté par un SME)• Cas dusage, avec ou sans témoignage(s) clients• Mode demploi - "How to"• Trucs et astuces (par exemple sur lutilisation dune technologie, dun service, etc...)• Traduction darticles parus sur Thoughts on Cloud WW (par Marketor ou autre), introduite par un SME référent francophone• Curation dun article écrit par un autre (même en anglais) avec quelques phrases du SME référent pour introduire• Introduction à la mise à disposition dune présentation ou dun livre blanc disponible sur Slideshare, Scribd, un site IBM...
  7. 7. • Instructional: Explain how to do something or how something works• Informational: Explain the definition of a term, or a Cloud 101 topic• Reviews: Review and give your take on a new product or offering, or something you checked out for the first time. Weigh the pros and cons.• Lists: 10 things I hate about, or 5 things I learned, or 15 mistakes you’re making…etc.• Interviews: Interview an expert or colleague.• Profiles: Profile someone who you know (maybe a boss or colleague) and explain what you think makes them successful or interesting• Link post: A list of links you’ve found interesting lately and a description of why.• Contrasting two options: Perhaps you’ve seen this customers, or maybe in your own job—but there are two roads that can be taken, and you can provide input on the pros and cons of each• Inspirational: Forward thinking, describing possibilities you see.• Research: Do an analysis of something and present the facts.• Predictions and review posts: We saw a ton of these at the end of the year, and they’re always ppopular• Critique posts: Can be beneficial if done in a gracious manner.• Debate: Perhaps partner with another blogger and present two opposing viewpoints. Could end up with a very interesting balance and discussion.• Hypothetical: The “what if” factor is very compelling and you can get creative with this.
  8. 8. As of MAY 2012, 300.000pages had been viewedon : «Club Alliances*» andnow «Club Cloud desPartenaires» BlogsThanks to SaaS/Cloudfocus, repetition, relevantcontent, word of mouth,networking,With a few 0 cost mailings,0 paid search, 0 paidadvertising, 0 paidcontent, 0 specificmarketing resources, 0POE costs, 0 agencycosts…and with 9 SaaS & CloudForums [event, content,buzz, traffic…]* First blog was started mid 2008.
  9. 9. B2B [Cloud]Inbound Marketing Don’t ask for permission, just do it !Next: Part #4 - Slideshare ! Loic Simon Loic_simon@fr.ibm.com http://clubcloud.blogspot.com +33 6 76 75 40 71