Cloudian HyperStore and Exabuilder Solution Brief


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Most IT organizations are faced with a flat to declining storage budget and are forced to manage the ever increasing storage with the same or reduced IT resources. A drastic change in storage infrastructure is needed if enterprise IT is ever going to tame the data explosion. Cloudian and Exabuilder are changing the game.

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Cloudian HyperStore and Exabuilder Solution Brief

  1. 1. THE ULTIMATE ANSWER TO CLOUD STORAGE HIGHLIGHTS • Hybrid cloud storage software for service providers & enterprises • Seamless scalability from a few Terabytes to hundreds of Petabytes • Complete S3 API coverage with full support for all S3 ecosystem apps • Dynamic data tiering to tape/spin-down disks • Multi-tenancy, advanced QoS, performance monitoring, usage reporting, billing and flexible rating plans • NFS support for easy integration with enterprises applications • Easy out-of-the-box installation ENTERPRISE USES CASES • Enterprise backup • Long term archiving • Disaster recovery • Multi-tier private cloud storage SERVICE PROVIDERS USES CASES • Multi-SLA cloud storage services THE NEW CHALLENGES OF DATA STORAGE With the popularity of rich media, the proliferation of mobile devices and the digitization of content, there has been an exponential growth in the amount of unstructured data that IT is managing—and this growth is not slowing but instead accelerating. This unprecedented growth in unstructured content is simply not sustainable for current NAS/SAN infrastructures. In fact, the whole storage system is breaking down. Backups & restores are taking longer. Migrations from older storage systems to new storage systems are labor intensive. And the list goes on and on. Not only does all of this unstructured data increase the cost of managing the infrastructure, it also impacts the internal consumers of storage. Most IT organizations are faced with a flat to declining storage budget and are forced to manage the ever increasing storage with the same or reduced IT resources. A drastic change in storage infrastructure is needed if enterprise IT is ever going to tame the data explosion. Cloudian and Exabuilder are changing the game. SOLUTION Fortunately, “Web 2.0“ consumer-facing companies such as Facebook and Amazon faced this same storage challenge a few years back. To address these challenges, they developed a new storage infrastructure using commodity hardware called object storage. Cloudian and Exabuilder object storage software are based on the same principles as these successful deployments while addressing enterprises’ challenges associated with scalability and ease-of-use by fundamentally changing the way storage is managed. BENEFITS Using object storage has changed enterprise customers’ lives, saving them time and money while increasing performance and peace of mind. Some of the main benefits of using Cloudian and Exabuilder to build your own private storage cloud include: • Reduce storage acquisition costs by using high- density commodity servers and the most cost effective storage to build a private storage cloud • Reduce cost of managing storage environment by eliminating backups, volume/LUN management, costly data migrations, etc. • Enjoy a wide choice of Amazon Web Service (AWS) S3 compatible complementary applications ranging from backup and recovery, file sync and share, archiving, etc. • Know that Cloudian and Exabuilder can grow with you as you start small (Terabytes) and easily expand to Petabytes as unstructured data grows • Balance cost & service level agreements (SLAs) using flexible multi-datacenter and multi device capabilities Cloudian Inc.I Metro Center Tower I 950 Tower Lane I suite 300 I Foster City, CA 94404 I USA I
  2. 2. Exabuilder is the leading innovator in the storage of cold data, providing a unique multi-device object storage solution. With its standard S3 API, unlimited scalability and the ability to manage spin-down disks and tapes, Exabuilder is dedicated to the extremely cost effective storage of the biggest volumes of rarely accessed data. Exabuilder is deployed in multi-petabytes environments for enterprises willing to store their cold data at the right price, and has been chosen by innovative Cloud providers to market one cent per gigabyte reduced accessibility service. The combination of Cloudian HyperStore and Exabuilder provides a unique 100% S3 compliant multi-device cloud storage platform, enabling to achieve any level of SLA at the right cost, with dynamic migrations from one storage tier to another. It meets the needs of any enterprise willing to adapt their storage cost to the value of their data, as well as service providers targeting to market multi-SLA storage services for their customers. THE COMPLETE SOLUTION : DYNAMIC DATA MIGRATION BETWEEN CLOUD STORAGE TIERS Cloudian HyperStore® is hybrid cloud storage software for service providers and enterprises that is fully Amazon S3 compliant. It ensures seamless S3 integration, simple data migration, and unfettered use of the vast ecosystem of Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 compatible applications. HyperStore is a plug-and-play software platform that is ready to go right out of the box. It allows users to deploy cloud storage without integration hassles or lengthy install times. HyperStore is easily deployable across Amazon, Openstack and Cloudstack. It is highly scalable, extremely secure, cost- effective, and backed by a proven, carrier-grade support team. Built on a robust object storage platform for effortless data sharing, cloud services providers around the world use HyperStore to deploy and manage both public and private clouds, while enterprise rely on it to maintain their private and hybrid clouds. HyperStore leverages a fully distributed peer-to-peer architecture with no single point of failure. It cost-effectively scales via commodity hardware so initial deployments can be comprised of only a few servers in a single datacenter. As demand grows, these installations can easily expand to thousands of servers that process hundreds of petabytes of data, distributed across multiple datacenters. Cloudian Inc. Metro Center Tower, 950 Tower Lane , suite 300 Foster City, CA 94404, USA Exabuilder Building Volta 17 rue Jeanne Braconnier 92360 - Meudon la Forêt - France THE ULTIMATE ANSWER TO CLOUD STORAGE