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The Foxglove Legacy - Chapter 5


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Published in: Self Improvement, Sports
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The Foxglove Legacy - Chapter 5

  1. 1. The Foxglove Legacy Chapter 5 Hey, welcome back!
  2. 2. “Race you to see mama!” giggledMadeline.“Maddie, that not fwair! I can‟t gooutside and mwama is outside,”Lauren complained, crawlingbehind her sister.“Ok ven! I win!”
  3. 3. “I win!” Madeline giggled to her„mum‟.
  4. 4. “The big scary monster‟s comingto eat you!” rawred Holly Blue,gently lunging at her sister.Lauren laughed loudly, and HollyBlue smiled.
  5. 5. Holly Blue was making lots of newfriends at school, but her bestfriend was a boy named OrlandoBertino.
  6. 6. “Weee!” screamed Lauren as herdad tipped her upside-down.
  7. 7. Holly Blue should probably havebeen named Tickle. She likedtickling people, and loved beingtickled herself!
  8. 8. Madeline discovered the toilet.
  9. 9. “Who‟s a good girl?”“Mwe! Mwe!”
  10. 10. Holly Blue enjoyed school morethan being at home. At home shehad to look after her sisters andclean up messes.
  11. 11. When there was only their dad athome, Maddie and Lauren made alot of mess.
  12. 12. Holly Blue had been enjoyingschool so much, that she got anA+!
  13. 13. As well as good grades, Evangelinegot a promotion, so the housecould now have some floors put inrather than grass.
  14. 14. Luckily it was soon time forMaddie‟s birthday, so she couldn‟tmake any more mess by playing inthe toilet.
  15. 15. “Fire!”
  16. 16. She grew up as cute as ever.
  17. 17. Holly Blue enjoyed havingsomeone to play with.
  18. 18. They were soon good friends.
  19. 19. This meant that Lauren couldspend more time with her mum,which, of course, she loved.
  20. 20. “Madeline... Would you sit down?I‟d like to talk to you aboutsomething...” Dominic saidnervously.“Yeah?”
  21. 21. “Madeline, Evangeline isn‟tactually your mum.”“But you‟re still my dad?”“Er... Yes. Actually, you have twodads. Your other dad.... he‟s analien. I got abducted when HollyBlue was young.”
  22. 22. “So...does that mean Evangelinedoesn‟t love me, and I can‟t callher mum any more?”“Oh, Maddie! Of course she stillloves you and of course you cancall her mum!”
  23. 23. “Ok... Well, I‟m going to go andplay with Holly,” Maddie sighed,walking off.
  24. 24. “Why can I never catch any ofthese stupid butterflies!” HollyBlue moaned.“Holly? Can I tell you something?”“Oh, hey Maddie! Sure what is it?”
  25. 25. Maddie told Holly Blue everythingtheir dad had said.“Oh, Maddie!”
  26. 26. “We‟ll still be best friends,whatever happens!”“I‟m so glad I have you, Holly!Now, let‟s catch some of thosestupid butterflies!”
  27. 27. “Ooh, Maddie! Orlando‟s here!Hey Orlando!”“Should we go inside?” Maddiesuggested. “It‟s cold out here.”
  28. 28. “Hello Orlando, nice to meet you!”“Pleased to meet you too, MissFoxglove!”They both giggled as they shookhands and pretended to be grown-ups.
  29. 29. But it turned out Holly Blue hadmore fun with Orlando than withMaddie, so Maddie went to playwith Lauren.
  30. 30. “When you grow up, we can bebest friends.”
  31. 31. “Orlando... Would you think mesilly if I thought that one daymaybe we could be in love andhave lots of children and getmarried and live happily ever afterlike mum and dad?”
  32. 32. “Of course not! It would cool!”“Really?”“Really!”
  33. 33. “We should play mums and dadsand Lauren can be our baby!”“Hahahahahaha, yeah!”“Can you stay for her birthdayparty tonight?”“Sorry, my mum and dad haveguests round, so I probably have togo soon.”
  34. 34. Maddie was ready to grow up afew hours later.
  35. 35. Instead of blowing out the candles,she tried to touch them, butEvangeline pulled her away.
  36. 36. Evangeline had to blow out thecandles for Lauren.
  37. 37. Lauren, instead of sprayingconfetti everywhere, oddly startedto spray snow...
  38. 38. She grew up into a very prettychild.
  39. 39. And as soon as she‟d got changed,Lauren decided to try out theeasel.
  40. 40. “Hey Orlando!”“Hi Blue!”Holly Blue blushed – Blue – sheliked that name.
  41. 41. “How was Maddie’s party?”“It was good! The cake was nice,but I wish you could have beenhere!”
  42. 42. “So do I! Oh – sorry, my mum’scalling me, I have to do myhomework. See you at schooltomorrow!”“See ya! Bye!”“Bye!”
  43. 43. Maddie had listened to the wholeconversation, and ran to findLauren.“Happy birthday Lauren!” shesaid, hugging her.“Thanks, Maddie! Should we bebest friends?”“YEAH!”
  44. 44. That‟s the end of this chapter!Hope you enjoyed it! I‟m going totry and fit their teenage years intoone chapter, and hopefully decidethe heir soon! It can‟t be Maddieunfortunately because she‟s notstrictly related to Evangeline, butshe would have been my firstchoice :(