The Foxglove Legacy - Chapter 4


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The Foxglove Legacy - Chapter 4

  1. 1. The Foxglove Legacy Chapter 4 Welcome back! Last time, Dominic was abducted by aliens and flirted with Elise Todd. Evangeline gave birth to a girl named Holly Blue, who is now a toddler.
  2. 2. “EVANGELINE, THE BABY‟SCOMING!!!”“I can see.”“WHAT DO I DO???”
  4. 4. “Oh dear, well. Now you know howI feel.”“Thanks for helping... OW!”
  5. 5. After a painful to watch birth,Dominic was holding a baby girlwith green skin and black eyes andhair in his hands. He named herMadeline.
  6. 6. “Hello! Aren‟t you the cutest?”cooed Evangeline.
  7. 7. “Finally, some attention!” thoughtHolly Blue.“Hey there sweetie, you have anew sister!”“Yayyy!” she said, but didn‟t reallymean it.
  8. 8. The next morning, Dominic wasback at work, leaving Evangelinewith Holly Blue and Madeline.“You be a good girl for mummy,ok?”“Yep!”
  9. 9. And indeed, Holly Blue was verywell behaved that day (for once).
  10. 10. The ground was soon covered in athick layer of snow – winter washere!
  11. 11. Although she wasn‟t officially herdaughter, Evangeline treatedMadeline like she was.“*gurgle*”“Hehe, who‟s a good girl?”
  12. 12. Evangeline didn‟t spend all hertime indoors though, she lovedbuilding snowmen!She heard her husband‟s carpooland went over to greet him.
  13. 13. “How was work, honey?”“Awkward. I had to explain why Iwas off for three days...”
  14. 14. “Never mind...” said Evangeline,and reached forward to kiss him.
  15. 15. Meanwhile, a man named Charliehad taken over building thesnowman.
  16. 16. And Melissa Fancey had taken aliking to Holly Blue.
  17. 17. And Holly Blue liked her too.
  18. 18. “Hello, Holly!”“Dada‟s home!”
  19. 19. Evangeline had been getting toknow Charlie, and he was a niceguy. He would make a nicehusband for one of the girls.
  20. 20. “I has hand! Hand gwives meattentwon.”
  21. 21. Evangeline was outside when shefelt that familiar feeling in herstomach.
  22. 22. “BABY‟S COMING!”“I can see.”“Aw man, Dominic! You‟reblocking my view!”“What is mummy doing?”
  23. 23. “HELLPPPP!”“What am I supposed to do?”“Dominic, you‟re a rubbishhuband!”“Look, something moreinteresting!”
  24. 24. “AHHHH!”“Come on woman, push!”“Dominic, calm down...”“....”
  25. 25. Evangeline popped out a baby girlwho they named Lauren. Laurenhad green eyes and brown hair...And unusually pale skin...
  26. 26. “Look at her, Dom. Her skin... It‟sso pale...” said Evangeline,handing Lauren to him.
  27. 27. “You‟re right, it is.”“I‟ll phone the hospital...”
  28. 28. “Hello? My daughter... She‟s justbeen born and her skin... It‟s sopale.”“It’s a rare condition, butshouldn’t affect her life too much.Try not to let her go out in thesun, she will burn easily andprobably get skin cancer. You’llneed to drop by the pharmacistand pick up a special sun-screen.”
  29. 29. “She‟s going to be ok,” saidEvangeline.
  30. 30. Soon after, Dominic learned thatthrowing toddlers around isn‟talways the best idea.“Bleurgh.”“Aww, Holly!”
  31. 31. “It‟s time for your birthday nowanyway, so you can‟t be sick on meanymore!”“Hehe.”
  32. 32. Unfortunately, the family only had$3, so they couldn‟t afford a cake.
  33. 33. ...
  34. 34. “PROPER hands! No mittens!”said Holly Blue happily.
  35. 35. A few sim-minutes later, it wasalso time for Madeline totransition into a toddler.
  36. 36. She was rather quite, but likeHolly Blue, inherited her father‟snose.
  37. 37. Holly Blue was still tickled a lot byher parents.
  38. 38. “Wee, splashety-splash!” giggledHolly, as she jumped in a puddleoutside the house.
  39. 39. “Neeawww!”Ah, the joys of being young.
  40. 40. “Whoosh!”“Hol, it‟s time for bed. Put theplane in the bed and... Er... Well,there is no bed so just... Goinside.”
  41. 41. Having not done too well atteaching Holly Blue to speak,Dominic took on the task ofteaching Madeline to walk instead.
  42. 42. “Now, at school tomorrow, try andbe nice to everyone and be wellbehaved.”“Sure, whatever.”
  43. 43. But Holly Blue wasn‟t that nervousabout school.
  44. 44. Because everyone else was at workor school (apart from littleLauren), Dominic had nothing todo but try and teach Madeline totalk.“Say „Daddy is awesome‟.”“Daddy is a bad man.”“Right...”
  45. 45. What is it with sims obsessionswith knocking over the Foxglove‟sbin!? And anyway, this childshould be at school!
  46. 46. Holly Blue had a good day atschool, despite not getting brilliantgrades.
  47. 47. “Do you want some help withthat?” asked Evangeline.“No thanks, mum. Cool peopledon‟t get their parents to help withhomework,” replied Holly Blue.“Actually, they don’t do theirhomework at all...” she addedquietly.
  48. 48. The family soon had just enoughmoney to buy an easel so moneycould be made more easily.
  49. 49. It wasn‟t long before it was timefor Lauren to grow up into atoddler.
  50. 50. She was the only one of the threechildren with her mum‟s nose, andeven though her china-white skinmade her look a bit ghostly, shewas very cute.
  51. 51. Holly Blue was proving to be aresponsible big sister.“No, Lauren! You can‟t go outside,it‟s bad for you. Good girl.”
  52. 52. “Lauren, say „mama‟.”“Nu-u.”
  53. 53. “Lauren, don‟t be uncooperative,please!”Lauren looking in the otherdirection, completelyuninterested....
  54. 54. I leave you here with a picture ofEvangeline and Madeline.Bye! :)