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It's 2013 - Time to build and test mobile apps...FAST


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2013 is the year of mobile. Yet the pressure to be fast in mobile development puts app quality at risk. When bad reviews spell the end of your app, or your company, this is risk you can’t afford.

Gartner Visionaries SOASTA and Appcelerator are leading the way enabling enterprise IT to deliver the highly rated apps that propel growth and competitiveness in this new year and beyond.

Join mobile dev and test experts to see the leading mobile technologies unified to accelerate the delivery of mobile apps that withstand all the extreme demands of today’s users.

You’ll see how Appcelerator and SOASTA together help:

Build cross-platform mobile applications from a single code base
Create compelling user experiences with cloud services
Validate mobile app functionality on real, unaltered devices
Assure mobile performance at any scale with cloud-based testing
Welcome in 2013 with a new strategy to deliver the highest quality mobile apps, faster than you may have thought possible.


Tal Broda, SVP Engineering, SOASTA
Steven Feloney, Director of Product Management, Appcelerator

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It's 2013 - Time to build and test mobile apps...FAST

  1. 1. Presents Reduce risk and build quality into your mobile apps this year Co-presented with:Webinar © 2013 SOASTA. All rights reserved. 1
  2. 2. The visionary approach to delivering high quality mobile appsTODAY’S SOASTA PRESENTERSStephen Feloney: Dir. Product Management, AppceleratorTal Broda: SVP Engineering, SOASTABrad Johnson: VP Product & Channel Marketing, SOASTAAgenda:• Introduction• Poll question• Building cross platform mobile apps with the Titanium platform• Accelerating mobile testing with SOASTA• Q&AQuestions:Submit in chat box during event © 2013 SOASTA. All rights reserved. 2
  3. 3. Complete Precision continuous mobile Integration functional testing automation Real user feedback for True scale continuous performanceimprovement testing 3 © 2013 SOASTA. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. Stephen Feloney Director of Product Management © 2013 SOASTA. All rights reserved. 4
  5. 5. Mobile apps are transforming your business Mobility enables amazing reach every users
  6. 6. However…many challenges remain Platform fragmentation creates high costs /slows deployment Rich user experience vs Cross platform deployment
  7. 7. Introducing Appcelerator
  8. 8. The next generation mobile platform Don’t sacrifice native experience for cross platform development!
  9. 9. Why Appcelerator Traditional Application Lifecycle Build Connect Test Manage Analyze Extensible cloud platform that covers the lifecycleNext-Generation Platform Pillars + Ecosystem Technology The largest ecosystems Integrated cloud services for (270+) ISVs and SIs Titanium and Native apps Single environment using 400k developers in open JavaScript that enables code source community evolving re-use for a NATIVE the platform experience Developers ISVs SIs Mobile Cloud Social
  10. 10. Appcelerator speeds deployment Average Time-to Market
  11. 11. Titanium SDK & Titanium Studio Build, Test and Deploy amazing cross-platform mobile apps Native, Hybrid, and Web, all from JavaScript code base Enables code reuse (65-90%) and shortens development time Across device classesOn iPhone, on iPad,on Android, on Mobile Web Extensible and reusable libraries /functions allows reuse of common elements
  12. 12. Ecosystem enables you to get the modules and extensions you need New Relic Mosaic Ox82 SNMP uberVu Titanium delivers GetGluethe rich experience Tabulous for all core native features. The Tappitics Lucidecosystem delivers the rest based on Salesforce an extensible model and Beintoo engaged partners Urban Airship Google Analytics Snap Parse
  13. 13. Analytics reports exactly what your app is doing• Analyze User, Session and Custom Event data• Drill into any data point by Time• Drill into any data point by Geography• Drill into any data point by Platform • Drill into any Custom Event Data
  14. 14. Objectives Safeguard field managers perform more than 1,000,000 inspections per month using a manual process withSafeguard gains 20% Business Challenge:digital cameras. handwritten notes and efficiency on field 100 digital properties = digital contentacomplexity To improve this process, Safeguard needed real-time,inspections by going on-site mobile app that could significantly reduce inspection mobile on Titanium processing time and increase data accuracy. Need to own mobile app strategy in-house Features Tactical, one-off, not scalable approach to mobile • Seamless integration with Safeguard’s backend services Cross-platform to the day’s schedule, iPad,to each location, • User access mandate: iPhone, maps Android Phone, Android an inspection-specific interactive script and Tablet, Google/Apple TV Benefits • Quick time to market: Launched in 10 weeks • Cross platform efficiency: 80% code reuse between iPhone and Android deployment • Keep control in-house: Internal web team can respond immediately to user feedback and maintain high quality • Ability to resource IT more efficiently: Inspection result uploads expected to even out from 10% during business hours (90% in off hours) to 50/50 split
  15. 15. Why Appcelerator? 400,000+ Developers Ecosystem One Code Base JS/HTML 20% Titanium Native SDK60% -90% Code Reuse Single Environment Mobile Cross Platform Native Hybri Web App d App App 16
  16. 16. Appcelerator is the leadingenterprise-grade, cross-platformdevelopment solution on themarket today, with over400,000 mobile developersusing its software to power over50,000 cloud-connected mobileapplications used on100 million devices everyday.
  17. 17. Tal BrodaSVP Engineering © 2013 SOASTA. All rights reserved. 18
  18. 18. o First End-to-End Mobile App Test Automation Platform • First Cloud-Based Load Testing Solution for Performance Engineers • Largest Global Test Platform (17 Countries, 100 Cities, 500K Cloud Servers) • First Continuous Test Automation Solution For Mobile Developers/Testers • First “real-time” Real User Monitoring (RUM) Solution for web and mobile appso Over 400 Global Corporate Customers • 10,000 Mobile Developers and Testers use SOASTA Cloud Services • Over 2,500 Mobile and Web Apps have been Tested with SOASTA.o Award Winning & Patented Technology • Wall Street Journal Top 50 Hottest Companies three years running • Named by both Gartner & IDC as Visionary Leader in Testingo Offices in San Francisco, New York, London, & Shanghai 19 © 2013 SOASTA. All rights reserved.
  19. 19. TouchTest CloudTestContinuous Load & Testing Performance mPulse Real User Monitoring 20 © 2013 SOASTA. All rights reserved.
  20. 20. Automation Precision TouchTest Speed 21 © 2013 SOASTA. All rights reserved.
  21. 21. © 2013 SOASTA. All rights reserved. 22
  22. 22. Thanks & Q&A RESOURCES Knowledge Center Whitepapers: • White Papers • Webinar Recordings source-center/?Tag=Whitepapers • Case Studies Case Studies: http://thinkmobile.appcelerat CloudLink Community • Support center/?Tag=Case+Study • Tutorials Webinars: http://thinkmobile.appceler • Video center/?Tag=Webinars Contact SOASTA: Contact Appcelerator 866.344.8766 1.650.200.4255 Follow us: Follow us: © 2013 SOASTA. All rights reserved. 23