Mobile Testing Practices for your Private Device Cloud


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Mobile Testing demands you to test and automate what brings the most value to your company. Experience has proven that real devices that you can touch, but also access remotely, provide the most versatile solution for fast-moving teams.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

The key capabilities of a Private Device Cloud
How to choose the right devices for your app testing
Tips on managing your devices remotely and locally
How to implement test automation in your private device cloud
Manual access and testing in your private device cloud
SOASTA led the charge in mobile test automation with TouchTest and now can enable you to set up and manage a Private Device Cloud. Join this live webinar to learn the winning test practices for running your private mobile device cloud.

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Mobile Testing Practices for your Private Device Cloud

  1. 1. 0© 2014 SOASTA CONFIDENTIAL - All rights reserved.Webinar 8
  2. 2. 1© 2014 SOASTA CONFIDENTIAL - All rights reserved. Implementing mobile test automation in a lab of real devices TODAY’S SOASTA PRESENTERS Fred Beringer: Brad Johnson: VP Mobile Automation Consulting VP Product Marketing Agenda: • Why a private device lab? • Key capabilities • Test automation in the device lab Questions: Submit in chat box during event
  3. 3. 2© 2014 SOASTA. All rights reserved. May 22, 2012 Mobile is part of the architecture Development is continuous 2014: 2.2B Devices & 139B downloads Gartner Teams are global and agile
  4. 4. 3© 2014 SOASTA CONFIDENTIAL - All rights reserved. • Reliable replay • Continuous feedback • Flexible real devices labs Automation • Record & replay with velocity & motion • Built in validations • In-app control Precision • Rapid test development • Easy maintenance • Cross-platform Speed Test more. Better. Faster.
  5. 5. 4© 2013 SOASTA. All rights reserved. o Establish a private device cloud installed behind the firewall o You need real-time device inventory, status and availability o Look for online access for all your teams o Enable 24x7, secure, remote access to devices o Remotely view and interact with a selected mobile device and any mobile app • Use devices for manual testing and monitoring • Remote screen-share devices for collaboration on design or issues
  6. 6. 5© 2013 SOASTA. All rights reserved.  Buy your devices (local electronics store)  Plug them in  Register to TouchTest  Load your mobile app to any/all devices  Start recording on device or remotely on the web  Edit and modify tests  Run automation from anywhere, any time, on any/all devices
  7. 7. 6© 2014 SOASTA CONFIDENTIAL - All rights reserved.  Well managed Private Device Clouds are here  Consider real-time, 24/7 needs around access and security  Remote access to reliable test automation optimizes the lab for every team member
  8. 8. Thanks Contact SOASTA: 866.344.8766 Follow us: RESOURCES Next Webinar: June 3 “Modern Load Testing: How To Move Your Load Testing From The Past To The Present.” Register: Webinars future and past: center/webinars/ Want to evaluate a TouchTest Private Device Cloud? - email - You’ll hear from us tomorrow (maybe today)
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