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CloudTech NetSuite Company Profile


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CloudTech is a fully dedicated consulting company focusing on Cloud Computing or On-Demand System. The company provides implementation and consulting services, while capitalizing the model of the Cloud. Hence, we encourage companies to focus on their business while we manage the software infrastructure.

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CloudTech NetSuite Company Profile

  1. 1. 10th Floor Richmonde Plaza 21 San Miguel Avenue Ortigas Center Pasig City 1600 Philippines Contact #: 63.2.633-1728 / 63.2.482-0995 8th Floor The Pearl Bank Centre 146 Valero Street Salcedo, Village Makati City, 1227 (02)633-1728/ (02)482-0995 8th Floor The Pearl Bank Centre 146 Valero Street, Salcedo Village Makati City, 1227 (02)633-1728/(02)482-0995
  2. 2. CloudTech is a fully dedicated consulting company focusing on ERP solutions, Cloud Computing or On-Demand System. The company provides implementation and consulting services, while capitalizing the model of the Cloud. Hence, we encourage companies to focus on their business while we manage the software infrastructure. CloudTech’s extensive experience in ERP implementation complements what the Cloud can offer. Sharing global best practices on business processes and controls provides the best methodology in deploying a fully integrated system to businesses, more so running it in the Cloud. MISSION & VISION • To be the premier Cloud company in Asia Pacific providing the highest standards of consultancy service on cloud technology implementation, ERP/CRM deployment and vertical solutions. All in the Cloud. Cloud is where technology is going and CloudTech shall spearhead the evolution – redefining how to do business, changing the way information is managed and setting a new landscape in running an enterprise. • Bring enterprises to the Cloud. CloudTech is an advocate of the Cloud. We elevate how things are with where it should be going. We will bring businesses to the Cloud and bring forth the big shift. We will move people and technology to the other side and make everyone experience Cloud. Everyone deserves the best technology the market can offer – to improve efficiency, manage cost and lift standards to the highest level. NETSUITE PARTNERSHIP CloudTech is a premier Philippine partner of NetSuite. NetSuite Inc. is a leading vendor of cloud computing business management software suites. NetSuite enables companies to manage core key business operations in a single system, which includes Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Accounting, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Ecommerce. NetSuite’s “real-time dashboard” technology provides an easy-to-use view into up-to- date, role-specific business information. CloudTech is the largest NetSuite partners in the Asia Pacific Region where it has dedicated its business model to the Cloud, envisioning an environment where all businesses will run their system with just a browser. A culture where companies worry nothing on infrastructure, where managing of data center is a thing of the past and where software systems can easily grow with the business. CloudTech lives with the Cloud roadmap.
  3. 3. THE STRENGTH BEHIND THE COMPANY CloudTech is backed by a strong management team with more than 15 years experience in ERP system implementation. With comprehensive exposure on international Audit, System Development and Business Process Consultancy – CloudTech understands technology, having lived and breathed the industry. Having extensive experience in both local and offshore projects, CloudTech’s rich heritage on industry best practice is all incorporated in our service engagements. Its global projects in Asia Pacific is a testament of its depth in the profession of IT and systems consultancy. The company, by far, is one of the most successful Cloud consultancy company in the Philippines making headways on bringing Cloud to the market and making it happen. The company takes pride as a first mover and is ready to take on more of the Cloud phenomena. CloudTech is a focused business on Cloud Computing. CloudTech dedicates 100% of its business on Cloud Computing or On-Demand System, with NetSuite being its key technology. CLOUDTECH AWARDS & DISTINCTION • NetSuite 5-Star Status Partner Asia Pacific • Partner of the Year 2012 Philippines • First Partner in Asia • 2013 APAC Solution Provider Partner of the Year
  4. 4. CLOUDTECH CLIENTS Switzerland USA Kenya Thailand Vietnam Indonesia Philippines Japan Hong Kong Laos Cambodia UAE • Switzerland - Aganica, Inc. • UAE - Aganica, Inc. • USA - Digital Divide Data - Philippines, Inc. • Kenya - Digital Divide Data • Thailand - KPGroup Philippines, Inc. • Vietnam - KPGroup Philippines, Inc. • Indonesia - KPGroup Philippines, Inc. - Philippines, Inc. • Japan - Digital Divide Data • Hong Kong - KPGroup Philippines, Inc. • Laos - Digital Divide Data • Cambodia - Digital Divide Data • Philippines - Aganica, Inc. - Asia Society Philippine Foundation, Inc. - Columbia Digital Star Corp. - Columbia Tristar Corporation - Deco Centrum - Dranix Distributors Inc. - Goldmunzen Inc - JS Unitrade Merchandise, Inc. - KPGroup Philippines, Inc. - Philippines, Inc. - Personal Collection Direct Selling, Inc. - Philippine Cut Flower Corp. - Primary Homes, Inc. - Primary Properties Corp. - Rags2Riches - Roxas Foundation, Inc. - Roxas Holdings, Inc. - Central Azucarera Don Pedro, Inc. - Central Azucarera dela Carlota, Inc. - SQL *Wizard, Inc. - Thermaprime Well Services, Inc. - Norde International Distributors - Millenium Business Solutions, Inc.
  5. 5. IMPLEMENTATION METHODOLOGY The Implementation Project approach is based on the concept of shared project responsibility. A Shared Consulting implementation is a cooperative, hands-on project, jointly managed by CloudTech and Customer. CloudTech works with Customer to plan the implementation – its functional scope, the schedule, the resources, and the budget. Upon completion of the plan, each party has a set of project responsibilities, which must be completed in a timely manner, to ensure the project meets its objectives. The plan will be created with a single deployment schedule – meaning, all functional areas listed in this SOW will be configured and deployed at the same time and will not have multiple phases. Additionally, CloudTech consultants will train a Customer how to configure and maintain the system in order for a Customer to become self-sufficient with the functionality. This is a fundamental principle of the Implementation Project approach – shared project responsibility. CloudTech conducts implementation projects using the NetSuite One methodology. NetSuite One is a structured approach to implementation, segmenting the project into multiple phases, each phase with four to seven major tasks. This segmentation allows the project team to periodically assess progress and to publish major project milestone deliverables.
  6. 6. RUN YOUR BUSINESS IN THE CLOUD ROLE BASED DASHBOARD POWERED BY THE CLOUD: • I’d like to share with you the kind of dashboard that I, and my financeteamusetomonitorandmanageNetSuite’sperformance - and you may be surprised to hear that we achieved it without having to spend any time tying together multiple systems and spreadsheets. • On my dashboard and as a finance organization as a whole – we have real time visibility across the key drivers for the business, across sales, expenses, billings, renewals and more. Mobility • Distributed workforce, outsourcing, contingent workers, any device Self-Service • Submit web based time and expenses and purchase requests via the web • Self-serve customers, vendors, partners Visibility from Anywhere • Real-time role based dashboards, • Self-service reporting and analytics • Personalized