Fundraising tools for Non-profit organizations


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Fundraising tools for Non-profit organizations

  1. 1. Fundraising and management tools for foundations and Non-profit organizations Focus on your mission not your technology
  2. 2. What is•  The World Leader in Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  3. 3. Platform strengths•  In the cloud – Nothing to install or update. Real-time upgrades•  Mobile access – Wherever you are, stay up-to-date•  Easy to use – Turn-key solution for your front or back office•  Adapts to your business – Customize it with just a few clicks•  Trustworthy provider – is used by more than 10,000 nonprofit organizations and 100,000 companies•  Secure and reliable – Proven reliability and most advanced protection
  4. 4. 1/1/1 Model and the Salesforce Foundation 1% Time 1% Product 1% Equity•  6 Paid Days Service •  First 10 Donated •  Pre-IPO Shares•  100,000 hours •  5,600+ NPOs in 60 countries •  Over $11 million grants•  Staff in 5 Countries •  Specialized Apps •  BizAcademy
  5. 5. What is a Salesforce Account? One Salesforce account gives your organization common access to information. The product donation includes 10 licenses, meaning 10 users have access to one account. Scales easily1 UserBoard Member Can create security controls to limit access to information 1 User = 1 License 1 User Fund Development 1 User Volunteering Coordinator
  6. 6. 1% Product Donation ProgramWhat is the Donation?•  10 Nonprofit Edition Licenses/annually•  $15,000 USD/year List Price Value•  Donations auto renew on an annual basis at a $0 cost.•  Additional licenses 80% discount•  Implementation services NOT included in donation
  7. 7. Nonprofits have many different use cases of theirSalesforce licenses Stanford Business School uses Foundations like are using salesforce to manage all of its salesforce to manage grant tracking. corporate relationships allowing students better opportunities to expand their education through tracking these relationships Family Service Agency is using Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation salesforce to track clinician client is using salesforce to track donations and relationships to improve case operational processes with national management and better report affiliates. program outcomes. Nature Conservancy is tracking their American Red Cross Bay Area uses parcels they protect using salesforce tracking volunteer engagement salesforce and processes around to better match volunteers with disaster skill this to improve environmental set so when the next disaster strikes they conversation. are ready to prepare
  8. 8. Is Salesforce CRM right for you?1.  Try out the trial!!!2. Participate in our nonprofit demo webinar to see different aspects of Salesforce3. Research what Salesforce can and cannot do4. Talk with your organization5. Think about the budget and commitment you are making
  9. 9. Sign up for a TrialSign up for a trial at quick tips - 1.  You must sign up on the foundation site, not the company’s website. 2.  The person who signs up for the trial is the system administrator 3.  The system administrator can add other users to the trial by going to setup I manage users I user l new user 4.  Never share your password but always include your username Email: Your email is your when talking to Salesforce staff. username. This is what defines your unique trial.
  10. 10. Benefits for your organization Institutional memory Keep institutional knowledge across the organization External communication Track every interaction you have with your constituents – donors, board members, staff, volunteer and clients Fundraising tools Tools for prospecting, campaign management, event & volunteer management and social networking Improved access to information Share information and collaborate in real time Real-time Analytics Get the insight you need to stay on track
  11. 11. CloudTango services Cloud computing service provider We integrate business applications in the cloud Salesforce consultants We are Salesforce certified consultants Implementation & integration We deliver quick success Customization We adapt the solution to your business Training & Education We help you and provide support
  12. 12. Demo overview•  Home page•  Contacts and Organization Management•  Campaigns•  Reports and Dashboards•  Calendar, meetings and tasks•  Outlook sync