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GitOps with ArgoCD


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At the spring 2019 Kubernetes and Cloud Native Meetup in Montreal, Jean-Philippe Belanger from Upgrade presented 'GitOps with ArgoCD.'

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GitOps with ArgoCD

  1. 1. by Jean-Philippe Bélanger Devops “not an engineer” @ Upgrade Kubernetes and cloud native meetup May 2019 GitOps w/ ArgoCD
  2. 2. What is GitOps
  3. 3. Allows for simplified continuous delivery. Which in turn lower the “Mean Time to Deployment” Offer easy interface for user to act on the system. Hide the complexity of the system with tooling that everyone knows. Since all change comes from one system, offer a higher stability from possible conflicts of multiple source of changes. Always kept in sync. Productivity Enhanced Experience Stability Benefits of GitOps
  4. 4. In case of problem, rollback is as easy as revert commit in Git. Single source of truth simplifies the process and reduce delays One entry point for changes. Everything is driven thru a commit in a Git repository. Everything is describe at one place (Single pane of glass). PR - Review - Merge - Apply Leveraging Git build-in security and signature. Allows for easy tracking of changes and their approvals. Reliability Consistency Security / Audit Benefits of GitOps
  5. 5. Upgrade’s workflow
  6. 6. Intuit’s Argo Project Container native workflow engine for Kubernetes supporting both DAG and step based workflows. Workflow Event-Based Dependency Manager for Kubernetes. Events CD Declarative Continuous Delivery for Kubernetes.
  7. 7. ArgoCD architecture
  8. 8. Demo
  9. 9. Questions?