Work 2.0 Give and Take, Chris Boos, Arago AG


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CloudOps Summit 2012, Frankfurt, 20.9.2012
Track 3 - Cloud Skills by Chris Boos (@boosc) from @arago_ag

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  • Hi Chris,
    ein für mich sehr inspirierender Vortrag, der nahezu meine Vision widerspiegelt. Schön zu wissen, dass noch mehr arbeitende Menschen den Ausdruck 'Work Life Balance' eher als Hindernis betrachten können! Was wir brauchen, sind begeisterte, leidenschaftliche Menschen, die ihr (Arbeits-) Leben in die Hand nehmen wollen. Dafür braucht es neue (Arbeits-) Plätze - arago scheint einer dieser Plätze zu sein!
    Herzliche Glückwunsch und viel Erfolg!

    PS: Ein ähnlicher Ansatz in diese Richtung:
    Habe Brian kennengelernt - lohnt sich wirklich, seine Erfahrungen anzuhören und seine Lösung anzuschauen
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Work 2.0 Give and Take, Chris Boos, Arago AG

  1. 1. Work  2.0   giving  and  taking   Chris  Boos  (@boosc)  arago  AG  –  the  Automa?on  Experts  
  2. 2. The  Image  of  Work  2.0   Everyone  if  doing  whatever  they  want,   whenever  they  want  and  all  that  is  happening  in  a  fantas?c  environment  at   exorbitant  pay-­‐grades  
  3. 3.  If  you  are  feeling  tense  at  Google…  you  can  go  and  get  a  massage…..      
  4. 4.  At  W.L.  Gore  the  staff  elect  their  CEO  to  avoid  the  Peter  Principle…  
  5. 5.  A  movie  suggested  to  us  that  being  able  to  hold  your  drink  will  get  you  a  good  engineering  job  at  facebook…  
  6. 6.  And  as  a  CEO  of  a  hot  startup  in  Berlin  you  spend  your  day  in  a  coffee  shop  chaQng….  
  7. 7. Why  Are  We  Talking  about     Work  2.0   Modern  day  work  is  mostly  cogni?ve.   Working  models  crea?ng  favorable   condi?ons  for  physical  work  do  not  necessarily  work  for  thes  requirements  
  8. 8.  Jobs  with  great  perspec?ve,  jobs  that  developed  countries  have  to  offer  need  brains,  not  bodies!  
  9. 9.  Unfortunately  brains  and  bodies  are  not  always  connected…  And  we  no  longer  just  need  the  bodies,  so  we  have  to  aWract  the  brains…  
  10. 10.  To  avoid  misunderstanding:    We  need  brains,  because  we  need  results.  Thus  the  brains  we  want  to  aWract  need  to  produce  results…  
  11. 11.  The  1st  law  of  behavioral  physics  tells  us:    Brains  do  not  create  results  upon  request  
  12. 12.  Conclusion:    It  is  an  economic  necessity  to  create  environments  to  increase  the  likelihood  of  good  results  from  brains  
  13. 13. Fantas?c,  Isn’t  It?  Only  if  you  actually  produce  results  and  only  if  you  enjoy  what  you  are   doing.  Otherwise  you  will  break!  
  14. 14.  1.  No  waterfall  plan  2.  You  have  as   much  free  ?me   as  you  like  3.  You  choose  your   work  4.  There  are  lots  of   services  to  make   you  feel  warm   and  fuzzy      
  15. 15.  1.  You  cannot  hide   behind   procedures,  you   are  responsible   for  your  results  2.  No  results  means   you  are  out  3.  Noone  tells  you   what  to  do  4.  No  geQng  used   to  things    
  16. 16. Besides  the  Fun,  What  Does  Work  2.0  Mean  for  Teams?   People  have  to  work  at  high  energy  levels  and  they  have  to  work  together,  rely  on  each  other  and  get  things  done.  
  17. 17.  Since  you  cannot  accomplish  much  by  yourself  and  all  your  colleagues  are  as  free  as  you  are,  you  will  have  to  make  yourself  fully  transparent  to  your  team  
  18. 18.  You  will  be  compared  and  measured  every  step  of  the  way,  because  that  is  the  only  way  create  a  just  load  distribu?on  within  a  team  
  19. 19.  Unless  you  want  to  work  double  without  any  recogni?on  or  reward,  you  will  have  to  speak  up  about  lazy  or  incompetent  colleagues  
  20. 20.  Your  problems  are  your  problems.      And  unless  you  show  some  selflessness  and  help  your  colleagues  at  your  own  expense  from  ?me  to  ?me  you  will  have  to  solve  your  problems  yourself    
  21. 21.  You  will  have  to  deliver  –  at  your  own  expense  (i.e.  ?me)  or  your  colleagues  will  diss  you  because  you  slow  them  down  and  make  the  team  look  bad.  If  you  want  help,  you  will  have  to  give  help.    
  22. 22. Confused  Yet?    Is  Work  2.0  Good  or  Bad  Now?   As  everything  in  life  the  new  way  of  working   has  upsides  and  downsides.  You  have  to  be   aware  of  them  and  for  yourself  the  upsides   have  to  outweigh  the  downsides.  
  23. 23. Good,  if  you…  1.  are  curious  2.  are  passionate  3.  consider  work   part  of  your  life  4.  can  mo?vate   yourself  5.  love  success  6.  want  to  be  beWer   than  others  7.  s?ll  want  to  wok   in  a  team      
  24. 24. Not  good,  if  you…  1.  you  are  working   to  fund  your  life  2.  have  a  job  you   do  not  like  3.  like  to  hide   behind  processes   or  bosses  4.  are  trying  to   produce   something  only   you  like  and   others  don’t    
  25. 25.  From  a  global  perspec?ve  you  will  have  to  admit:  1.  The  giant   compensa?on  we   get  in  developed   countries  are  only   jus?fiable,  if  we  do   outstanding  and   new  stuff  2.  Me  too  stuff  can  be   produced  elsewhere   at  half  the  cost  
  26. 26. Stop  whining  how  unfair  companies  are   who  move  jobs  to  cheaper  places.     You  do  the  same  thing     when  shopping  –  every  day!  
  27. 27. But  when  this  is  your   cup  of  tea,  you  are   lucky…  
  28. 28. By  design  you  are  constantly   improving    
  29. 29. By  default  you  know  what  you  are   doing  and  why  you  are  doing  it  And  you  can  realte  to  your  work!  
  30. 30. You  can  really  choose  what  you  do,   how  much  you  do     and  when  you  do  it    
  31. 31. You  work  in  a  team  of  helpful  people    
  32. 32. You  are  not  surrounded  by  idiots    
  33. 33. Your  junior  colleagues  want  to  learn  from  you,  they  do  not  want  your  job    
  34. 34. An  Example   Work  2.0  in  arago’s  product  development  team,  an  evolu?onary   process  in  full  swing  
  35. 35.  Only  2  job  descrip?ons:    1.  Senior  2.  Junior  
  36. 36.  Senior:    -­‐  Can  take   responsibility  for   project  /  idea   delivery  -­‐  Con  submit  own   projects  and  ieads  -­‐  Must  work  =  do   tasks  -­‐  Must  share   knowledge    
  37. 37.  Junior:    -­‐  Must  work  =  do   tasks  -­‐  Must  share   knowledge    
  38. 38.  Market  of  ideas:    -­‐  There  is  pool  of   ideas  that  need   implemen?ng.    -­‐  10%  of  all  ideas   come  from  the   seniors  with  no   regard  for  the   roadmap.  -­‐  Seniors  apply  for   ideas  and  haggle   for  their  teams    
  39. 39.   Market  of  tasks:     -­‐  Within  a  team   there  is  a  market   of  tasks  that  need   comple?on.   -­‐  You  pick  what  you   want  and  can  do.     -­‐  Your  colleagues   will  rely  on  you.    We  have  open  sourced  this  tool  suite.  Check  it  out  at:  hWps://    
  40. 40.  Rewards:    -­‐  Get  your  own   ideas   implemented  by   the  coolest  team   you  can  imagine  -­‐  Go  to  cool   conferences     (we  do  no  normal   IT  training,   because  we  are  all   able  to  read   books!)  
  41. 41.  Housekeeping:    -­‐  If  no  one  wants  to   work  with  you,   you  are  out.  The   team  gets  to   decide.    -­‐  If  you  badmouth   people  behind   their  backs,  you   are  out.      
  42. 42. Conclusions  You  have  endured  only  42  slides…     Do  you  want  the  big  picture?  
  43. 43. Working  2.0  is  not  for  everyone…    
  44. 44. If  it  is  not  for  you,  you  are  kind  of  unlucky,  because  your  job  is  likely  to  be  moved  to  a  place  where  whatever  you   do  can  be  produced  cheaper.       That  is  if  you  are  not  selling  local   services.      
  45. 45. But  if  Working  2.0  is  for  you,  you  gain   beyond  and  measure,  because  you  will  do  your  work  as  a  happy  person.  
  46. 46. Thank  you  for  your  ?me     Chris  Boos  (@boosc)   arago  AG  –  the  Automa?on  Experts