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Alchemy Worx: Stop segmenting, start personalizing!


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Emails power to drive conversions at the bottom of the funnel is not in dispute, but used in the right way, email can also be used to raise brand awareness and shape consumer behavior at the top of the funnel. Brands marketers need to consider the power of email at both ends of the marketing funnel, particularly if they want to exploit the dominance of mobile devices

This webinar shows how true engagement is driven by reach and frequency and how personalization is the key to achieving success and why true personalization can only be achieved by automating your email campaigns using the latest generation tools provided by ESPs and more specialist solution providers.

In this session, you'll learn:

- How to develop a long term content strategy
- Using Master Template(s) - automating content management
- Trigger programs - automating the lifecycle
- 3rd party tools – filling the gaps
- Using the right KPI’s
- Virtual Testing

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Alchemy Worx: Stop segmenting, start personalizing!

  1. 1. hosted by hosted by Thursday 28th May 2015 16.00 BST Deal Quist, CEO, Alchemy Worx Stop segmenting start personalizing! @delaquist & @alchemyworx
  2. 2. hosted by Tweeting? #CIQSUMMIT @delaquist @AlchemyWorx @cloudiqapps hosted by
  3. 3. hosted by Questions? We’ll be having a Q&A after Dela has finished presenting. hosted by
  4. 4. hosted by Want to view the recorded webinar? Please click here to watch now
  5. 5. hosted by • 10+ years experience digital marketing B2B and B2C in retail and travel • Marketing Manager at cloud.IQ • cloud.IQ – cart recovery and conversion technology • Increase revenue with our conversion tools Your host Lotty Cumming @cloudiqapps
  6. 6. hosted by • Founder and CEO of Alchemy Worx - world’s largest digital agency with a 100% focus on email • Clients inc. Tesco, Aviva & Carphone Warehouse • 25,000 hours thinking about email • International speaker on all matters email • Member of UK DMA's Email Marketing Council and integral to many other recognised industry bodies including IAB and FAST. Your speaker
  7. 7. hosted by hosted by Deal Quist, CEO, Alchemy Worx Stop segmenting start personalizing!
  8. 8. hosted by Why You Should Listen To Me? hosted by
  9. 9. hosted by On The Other Hand…… hosted by
  10. 10. It’s About The Address! Anyone Without An Email Address Is The Digital Equivalent of Homeless hosted by
  11. 11. hosted by Email Delivers More Interactions Than Any Other Channel
  12. 12. hosted by
  13. 13. hosted by How We Make Decisions System 1 - is in charge of almost everything we do. Most of everything we do is skilled, and skilled activities are largely carried out effortlessly and automatically. That even includes routine conversation; it's very low effort. So System 1 is a marvel, with some flaws System 2 - is slow and clunky but capable of performing complicated actions that System 1 cannot carry out. If I say 2 plus 2, a number comes to your mind. That is System 1 working. You didn't have to compute it, you didn't have to do anything deliberate, it just popped out of your associative memory. If I say 17 times 24, no number comes to your mind - you'd have to compute it. And if you computed it, you'd be investing effort. Your pupils would get larger, your heart rate would accelerate, and you'd be working. That's System 2. Thinking, Fast and Slow - By Daniel Kahneman
  14. 14. Current thinking - Assumes all decision making in rational and conscious In future – We will recognise the importance of influence and subconscious decision making
  15. 15. hosted by Email Whether Personal Or work Related Is Everywhere
  16. 16. hosted by Up Close, Personal & High Impact
  17. 17. hosted by Familiarity Builds Trust
  18. 18. hosted by Familiarity Builds Trust
  19. 19. hosted by Email Is Also About The Top Of the Funnel
  20. 20. hosted by When It Comes To The Individual How Valuable Are Predictions
  21. 21. Most segmentation delivers poor results
  22. 22. hosted by Marketo study: Effect of segmentation on engagement
  23. 23. hosted by Alchemy Worx study: Effect of segmentation on open rates Featuring data from eDatasource panel and Touchstone
  24. 24. Personalization delivers results because it delivers: Reach Frequency AND Relevance
  25. 25. Customers now expect highly personalised experiences But 1:1 personalisation is a big challenge for marketers
  26. 26. Without automation true personalisation is not a viable proposition
  27. 27. hosted by And you need the right platform… …Latest version required
  28. 28. hosted by 28 To automate design you need… …a portfolio of easily personalised designs
  29. 29. Responsive Master Template - quickly create a range of commercial and triggered emails that are highly relevant hosted by
  30. 30. …a dynamic predictive content library For truly Personalised Content you need…
  31. 31. Dynamic content library Month Content type Where? Title/Description Content Format Action required Ownership Status Car F, F2 Common myths and driving misconceptions Landing Page Reuse (see link) AW - Dan H Pending Home F, F2 Concerned about unexpected repair costs? Landing Page New article AW - Dan H In Progress Health 1 - medical F Healthchat - diabetes Landing Page New article AW - Jenny B In Progress Health 2 - lifestyle F2 Feeling 'Appy? Stress apps Landing Page New article AW - Dan H In Progress Travel F2 Our verdict on the top 10 beaches Landing Page Reuse (see link) Aviva - Sue Assigned Life F, F2 Planning for the future Landing Page Video Aviva - Sue Assigned Topical 1 - Health T NHS introduces new breast cancer screening option Report synopsis New article AW - Jenny B In Progress Topical 2 - Money T 2014 Budget: How will your retirement plans change? Landing Page New article AW - Nat L In Progress Topical 3 - Home T Flooding advice Landing Page Re-use (see link) AW - Dan H In Progress Niche - Pet F2 How pets benefit a child's development Landing Page New article AW - Nat L On Hold Competition 1 C Win a pair of tickets to Aviva Premiership Rugby Match Email Refresh (see link) Aviva - Sue Pending Competition 2 C Give your children the opportunity to train like a professional footballer Email Refresh (see link) Aviva - Sue Assigned Advantages 1 A Red Driving School - 2 lessons for price of 1 Email Refresh (see link) AW - Nat L In Progress Advantages 2 A National Tyres and Autocare - 50% off MOT Email Refresh (see link) AW - Nat L In Progress Advantages 3 A Gilbert Rugby - Save 25% Email Refresh (see link) AW - Nat L In Progress Advantages 4 A eFlorist - Save 20% off flowers Email Refresh (see link) AW - Nat L In Progress Product - Health P My Health Counts Email Re-use (see link) AW - Dan H In Progress Product - Car P Aviva Drive App Email Re-use (see link) AW - Tim D In Progress Product - Life P Test Your Knowledge: Retirement Planning Email Re-use (see link) AW - Tim D In Progress Extra 1 - brand E1 Railway Children Email Update (see link) AW - Nat L Pending Extra 1 - brand E1 Brighton Marathon - Breast Cancer Awareness Email New AW - Dan H Pending Extra 2 - offer E2 Refer-a-friend Email Re-use (see link) AW - Nat L In Progress EXTRAS APRIL Deployment: 30/03/2014 PRIMARYCONTENTCOMP/ADVANTAGES Dynamic Content Library Content Structure Customer 1 Customer 2 A dynamic content library filters through a goals-driven structure to produce highly personalised content hosted by
  32. 32. hosted by 32 True personalisation isn’t content personalised to the segment… … it’s content personalised to the customer
  33. 33. Customer-centric intelligence…
  34. 34. Powerful analytics to find the right insight and implement the relevant strategy hosted by
  35. 35. hosted by Automating optimisation requires... …productivity enhancing tools
  36. 36. hosted by Subject Line A/B testing using Touchstone
  37. 37. Touchstone: virtual testing real results www.subjectlinegold.comhosted by
  38. 38. ImageWIZZ: highly personalized images hosted by
  39. 39. hosted by
  40. 40. hosted by 3rd parties can fill in the gaps
  41. 41. hosted by Automated email programs can also be works of art Welcome Conversion Milestone Triggers Lapsed
  42. 42. hosted by Want To Automate And Need Help? • Maximize automation capabilities of your ESP • Build Device Responsive Master Templates or Library • Create Predictive Dynamic Content Repository • Custom Reporting • Virtual A/B Subject Line Testing Contact us:
  43. 43. Most popular articles: The uncomfortable truth about segmentation FIVE reasons why open reach will revolutionise your email marketing Inactive subscribers – waste of time or gold mine? How to create emails that sell – even unopened Why every email is a reactivation opportunity Is this common best practice costing your email program millions? Further reading hosted by
  44. 44. hosted by Q&A
  45. 45. hosted by UP NEXT: How to Create Campaigns That Actually Convert Using Conversion-Centered Design Thursday 28th May 2015 17.00 BST Oli Gardner, Co-Founder, Unbounce
  46. 46. hosted by Thanks for attending!