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CIS 2015 The IDaaS Dating Game - Sean Deuby


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The IDaaS (identity as a service) market segment continues to grow in popularity, and the scope of its vendor's capabilities continue to grow as well. It's still not a match for everyone, however. Join identity architect Sean Deuby for an overview of the most popular IDaaS deployment scenarios, scenarios where IDaaS has a tougher time meeting customer requirements, and whether your company is likely to find its perfect IDaaS mate.

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CIS 2015 The IDaaS Dating Game - Sean Deuby

  1. 1. The  IDaaS  Dating   Game   IS  THERE  A  MATCH  OUT  THERE  FOR  YOU?   Sean  Deuby    
  2. 2. Agenda   • The  Appeal  of  IDaaS   • IDaaS  Adoption   • IDaaS  Use  Cases   • Futures  and  Random   Thoughts    
  3. 3. IDaaS  In  a  Nutshell   B2B  Partner   Web  App   User  Portal   Identity  Bridge   (AuthN  /   Provisioning)   Active  Directory   Domain  Services   Other  Identity   Sources  (SQL,  LDAP)   On  Premises  (Identity  1.0)   IDaaS     SaaS     App  2   SaaS   App  N   .   .   .   Everywhere  Else  (Identity  2.0)  
  4. 4. Why  is  IDaaS  Popular?   • Speed  of  deployment   • Greatly  simplifies  SaaS  SSO     • “Pay  as  you  grow”   • Increased  security  &  control  over  SaaS   • Rapid  rollout  of  new  capabilities   • Mobile  (device  and  location)  friendly  
  5. 5. IDaaS  Adoption  Lifecycle   1.  "Not  only  no,  but  hell  no“   2.  “Our  passwords  can  stay  on   premises?”   3.  "We  can  get  these   capabilities?  That  quickly?   And  for  only  this  much?  And   we  can  streamline  our   infrastructure?"   4.  "Okay,  our  security  isn't  as   good  as  we  thought  it  was"  
  6. 6. IDaaS  Adopter  Profiles   • 2013   •  Small  /  medium  businesses   •  Technology  companies   • Today   •  All  company  sizes   •  All  vertical  markets   •  Across  the  board  
  7. 7. IDaaS  Adoption  By  Company  Size   New   businesses     SMBs     Enterprises   •  Cloud  only   •  Well  adopted   •  Existing  infrastructure   •  Active  adoption   •  Substantial,  complex  infrastructure     •  Gaining  strong  momentum   Infrastructure   Inertia  
  8. 8. Factors  That  Drive  IDaaS  Adoption   • Company  IT  tech  savviness   • Major  SaaS  app  adoption   • User  tech  /SaaS  savviness   •  BYOD  adoption   • Importance  of  user   experience   • Security  
  9. 9. Popular  IDaaS  Use  Cases   • Active  SaaS  usage   • Security-­‐oriented  companies   • Large  unskilled  workforces  with  high  turnover   • Simplest  SaaS  apps   • Streamlined  on  /  off  boarding   • Large  vendor/temp  user  populations   • IDaaS  directory  +  SSO   • Companies  with  password  reset  problems  
  10. 10. Challenging  IDaaS  Use  Cases   • Complex  on-­‐premises  IAM  environments   • Connectors,  VDS  partial  solutions   • Heavily  regulated  businesses   • Most  IDaaS  solutions  light  on  governance   and  workflow  
  11. 11. Major  IDaaS  Vendors  
  12. 12. Future  of  IDaaS  Capabilities   • Vendors  becoming  more  alike   • IoT  connectivity  becomes  a  factor   • Deeper  integration  into  on-­‐premises  IAM   • Increase  identity  bridge  capabilities   • Enhanced  mobility  management   • Better  analytics  providing  real  time  access   management  
  13. 13. Other  Thoughts   • Only  a  small  percentage  of  SaaS  vendors   support  identity  standards   • ~6%  support  federated  SSO  (AuthN)   • Very  low  provisioning  standards  adoption   • Office  365  is  a  huge  driver  for  SaaS   adoption   • Most  companies  with  existing  federation   take  a  hybrid  approach  
  14. 14. Conclusion   • “The  floodgates  are  open”   • Rapidly  approaching  mainstream  acceptance   • Products  continue  to  mature  and  expand   capabilities   • Center  of  gravity  is  shifting  to  the  cloud   • Vital  that  SaaS  vendors  adopt  identity   standards  
  15. 15. Questions?  
  16. 16. Thanks!