Cloud-Business-Accelerator Program


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MSPs, VARs, resellers and SIs have been delivering managed services to end customers with on-premise IT infrastructure for years. Now, their customers are looking to migrate their infrastructure to the cloud to take advantage of increased flexibility, ease of deployment, and consumption-based pricing delivered by cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Service providers seeking to maximize their cloud business need to know how to: manage multiple customer accounts, provide value added services, automate customer reports and optimize margins.

This presentation offers insights on how to address these issues in a way that enables service providers to truly accelerate their cloud business.

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Cloud-Business-Accelerator Program

  1. 1. CloudHealth® Technologies Cloud Business Accelerator Program for Partners
  2. 2. Policy-Driven Cloud Management Simplify and automate your cloud
  3. 3. CloudHealth Partner Program  IT Management Platform that empowers the implementation and management for partner customers and the delivery of value added services  Ability to optimize and manage infrastructure and costs across your client base to maximize margin and value  Comprehensive Training Certifications for Partner team in Platform proficiency – Delivering value-added services with CloudHealth  Go-to-Market strategies, training and support for delivering value-added services with best practices and recommendations to your customers.
  4. 4. Partner Challenges in Delivering Cloud Services  Managing customers and accounts  Automating production and delivery of customer statements  Providing value-add services to support cloud use  Optimizing margins
  5. 5. Challenge: Managing Customer Accounts  AWS Console limited to viewing single account, service and region  Customers may have up to 100s of accounts (including one or more consolidated, standalone and linked)  Managing multiple customers and accounts can be costly  Hard to identify important cost, usage, performance and security trends (“keyhole view”)
  6. 6. Challenge: Statement Generation Master Consolidated Account (1 billing family)  Reseller responsible for providing statements to customers  Complexity of statement generation impacted by handling of non-reseller discounts  Non-reseller discounts include capacity reservations and volume usage  Non-reseller discounts limited to billing families  Reseller owns separation of reseller vs. customer-owned discounts A CB Independent Accounts (3 billing families) BA C Both Consolidated & Independent (2 billing families) A CB
  7. 7. Challenge: ProvidingValue-Add Services  AWS customers looking for value-add services across cost, usage, performance, security  Common needs include – Optimizing costs (e.g. purchasing reserved instances) – Cost reporting (e.g. cost allocation) – Proactive monitoring (e.g. alerting) – Automated report delivery to key stakeholders – Business-level reporting  Customers are increasingly expecting this type of value add from resellers
  8. 8. Challenge: Optimizing Margins  Slim margins for reselling cloud services alone  High complexity to optimizing costs due to: – Multiple deployment scenarios and customers – Multiple usage patterns  Accurate visibility for optimization decisions based on current and historical usage
  9. 9. CloudHealth Partner Platform Cloud Business Accelerator Program
  10. 10. CloudHealth Platform for Partners Accelerate your cloud business  Manage customers and accounts with single pane of glass  Deliver customized statements and reports for all deployment models  Provide customers access to the CloudHealth Platform with your brand  Maximize your margins with cost optimization across your customer base
  11. 11. PromoteYour Brand Your Logo
  12. 12. Easily Move between Customer Accounts
  13. 13. Efficiently ManageYour Customer Base
  14. 14. Price Optimization  Volume discounts  Reserved instance purchases  Partner-centric pricing  Customer bill splits
  15. 15. Optimize Margins and Pricing
  16. 16. Cloud Business Accelerator Services  CloudHealth Check – In-depth Monthly Report and Analysis for management teams – Can include daily and/or weekly updates and monthly summary analysis with recommendations  Pulse Reports – Daily/weekly/monthly summary reports on: cloud ecosystem, cost by business groups and RI utilization  Partner Platform powered by CloudHealth – CloudHealth Check – Console Access – Customer Business Segments – Best-of-Breed Alerts and Customized Reports  Full Service Advantage (outsourced cloud management) – Partner Platform – Remediation and Management – Migration services
  17. 17. Customer Success BI & Data Analytics Marketing Management Platform Digital Publishing & Advertising Content Management Platforms Enterprise Organizations Mobile Platforms
  18. 18. How Can We HelpYou?  Setup Free Trial  Identify initial customers/prospects  Review service options (new and existing)  Define business practices  Execute on Go-to-Market Plan 617.986.3900