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  • The new world order is a more connected, and more complex, world. More information is flowing more easily (intended and unintended) – which at its best can lead to better decision making, improved services for citizens, better engagement of citizens, economic growth through improved trading, and better allocation of resources to achieve a more sustainable future.
  • In 135+ years since telephony was introduced in India, the number of landlines is less than 36 million. In 10 years since mobile phones were launched, India has 720 million mobile phones.
  • This is where the Cloud comes in.The Cloud is great for cost reduction and agility (most people are already aware of this), and intrinsically it’s good at sharing (sharing information, processes etc etc) which in turn is good for business growth (like Amazon Marketplace) and also for better citizen services (Education cloud in France) etc.  Note that France is focusing its government cloud on the benefits is brings to entrepreneurial working.The cloud is about sharing – to save costs and to help information flow. But sharing requires trust – different organisations are at different stages in being comfortable doing that. Some businesses are concerned about security and geography (local regulation for privacy & data protection) are important. That’s been brought into focus by Wikileaks – not just that the information was suddenly widely available, but that reputable organisations (Amazon, credit card companies) suffered attacks, and elected (political agenda as well as commercial) to withdraw service. That has set (non US) companies thinking about who should be their service provider in the new order world.We help organisations work through these issues, but it is certainly true that an organisation’s DNA is a strong indicator of whether they are ready for the cloud. For example,we’ve put a social network into a Bank – which you’d expect to have the strongest issues with security and sharing. That was done with a private cloud, which gave the assurance they required while being able to become more “modern”.
  • Looking at the potential role of cloud computing per industry sector , Government is the only sector that sees partially different roles for cloud computing (service excellence and revenue maximization)In general, most industries see business cost reduction and business access to technology as the primary roles for cloud computing.Just to give you an example of an Insurance Group who are making great use of the Cloud - Fennia, the Finnish Insurance Group, were asked by their brokers to provide an electronic communication channel to streamline the business process between them. The need was to simplify and shorten the time for case management on both sides. Fennia wanted an innovative solution that would differentiate them from their competitors and could be deployed rapidly.We worked with them to deploy a Cloud solution that included Integration, Content Management and Portal as a Service modules.Fennia have already seen increased customer satisfaction and differentiation in the market. They also received feedback that this is the most advanced service that insurance companies can offer in Finland.As to the initial brief, there is improved productivity for both Fennia and their brokers. Less manual work, easier to find the correct information and simpler to update it. True two-way communication.They have also seen cost savings through reduced manual labour, printing and mailing. Rapid deployment and foreseeable cost structure that scales based on use through cloud services.Some wider examples include Google doing detection of flu epidemics based on people’s search queries.
  • Many enterprises are learning to adopt these principles, but we are moving from pioneering to colonisation. Around 20% of our client interactions mention the cloud – they may not choose it just yet, but clients want to know there is a path to the cloud, and they are not about to build the last dinosaur. And in some areas they are moving rapidly – for CRM in France 100% of requests ask for a cloud option, and 50% select it. And Finland has been doing this for a long time. Finland as a country will benefit more from cloud also because it tops the world in deployment of broadband.
  • David king logica - cloud expo europe 2011 public

    1. 1. Cloud services for social and economic growth<br />David King<br />CTO<br />
    2. 2. So, what’s new about the new order?<br />
    3. 3. When did the future get here?<br />No. 3<br />If the world is truly more connected and complex than ever before<br />If governments around the world are entering an age of austerity<br />How do our leaders understand the systemic implications of the difficult choices they're making?<br />How do businesses prosper in an even greater competitive climate?<br />And how do we understand the world well enough to leave it an even better place than we found it?<br />
    4. 4. Radio took an estimated 37 years to reach 50 million listeners<br />Television achieved the 50 million viewer milestone in about 15 years<br />The worldwide web attracted 50 million users in less than 4 years <br />By 2014, more people are predicted to access the world wide web through mobile devices than through desktops/laptops.<br />The pace of innovation and technology adoption is higher than ever before<br />No. 4<br />
    5. 5. A declining proportion of working/younger citizens will have to support a growing number of older compatriots <br />Delivering healthcare to people over 65 is estimated to be 15 times as expensive as it is to deliver healthcare services for people under 18<br />
    6. 6. How can we work together more effectively?<br />No. 6<br />Europe - variations on a theme<br />Cloud<br />Sharing<br />Communicating<br />Collaborating<br />
    7. 7. No. 7<br />Cloud – benefits we all know<br />Europe - variations on a theme<br />Business growth<br />Reduce costs<br />Speed and agility<br />The real agenda if you can see the way through the maze<br />Necessary table stakes<br />The reason organisations buy the cloud now<br />Secure<br />Local<br />Integrated<br />
    8. 8. No. 8<br />Connection for growth<br />Europe - variations on a theme<br />Look at Amazon – their Marketplace gives you and me better service. So we’re happy, and it’s created a platform for growth for all the members of the marketplace.<br />Like the railways – which made it possible for farmers to sell their produce at a distance – when it’s easier to do something with someone else than do it yourself, people trade, and you get economic growth.<br />So how can we apply that to business? To public services?<br />Social Services<br />Education<br />?<br />Emergency Services<br />Local Government<br />Justice<br />Housing<br />Health<br />Social Care<br />
    9. 9. Cloud computing has the potential to transform all major industry sectors<br />
    10. 10. Visible challenges: recession, healthcare, education, environmental services.<br />Slower burn challenges that are less visible but no less pressing: ageing, climate change, diversity and poverty.<br />Cloud computing is not the answer for everything, but it could simplify our lives.<br />So what’s a good place to start for the public and private sectors?<br />No. 10<br />
    11. 11. No. 11<br />Community clouds<br />Europe - variations on a theme<br />Clouds are about sharing, and sharing requires trust. Hence the debate about public/private clouds.<br />Community clouds - We’re seeing a lot of interest in clouds shared by players who trust each other – often members of a specific sector. They may be competitors, but they have the same values and understanding.<br /><br />X<br />X<br />
    12. 12. Education in the cloud<br />Europe - variations on a theme<br />The virtual learning environment enables strong social links between the scholarship world, families and associations and for example sports clubs<br />Communicate<br />Students<br />Collaborate<br />Teachers<br />Parents<br />Support<br />Educational community<br />Report<br />At the end of 2012, every high school in Ile de France, almost 500, will be equipped<br />
    13. 13. Oil and Gas – preventive maintenance<br />Europe - variations on a theme<br />No or less downtime due to <br />scheduled maintenance rather <br />than unexpected breakdowns<br />Vibration monitoring<br />pattern detection<br />Specialist companies<br />
    14. 14. Achieving more with cloud services<br /><ul><li>Streamline business processes between Fennia and their brokers
    15. 15. Simplify and shorten the time for case management
    16. 16. Deployed unified ECM in the cloud solution, including integration, content management and Portal as a Service modules
    17. 17. Increased customer satisfaction
    18. 18. Increased market differentiation
    19. 19. Improved productivity
    20. 20. Cost savings
    21. 21. Rapid deployment and foreseeable cost structure</li></li></ul><li>Lives can be saved,if people nearby know they are needed.<br />
    22. 22. I am FlorenceWe’re all paramedics<br />
    23. 23. People download and install ‘I am Florence’ on their mobile device<br />GovGuard: A future ICT service, based on cloud strategy<br />
    24. 24. In case of anemergency…<br />
    25. 25. 112 receives call and selects location of emergency<br />GovGuard: A future ICT service, based on cloud strategy<br />
    26. 26. ‘I am Florence’ in action<br />GovGuard: A future ICT service, based on cloud strategy<br />IAF selects a radius of 300m around the emergency.<br />IAF shows all Appusers in the radius:<br />Trained professional (e.g. paramedic)<br /> Student of Medicine<br />Othervolunteer<br />
    27. 27. ‘I am Florence’ in action<br />112 selects whichusergroupshe wants to informtherehase been anemergency.<br />112 creates a message with nature and location of emergency.<br />112 pushes the message to the selectedusergroups.<br />GovGuard: A future ICT service, based on cloud strategy<br />
    28. 28. The selected Florences receive the message<br />Your help is needed<br />Elderlywomancollapsed. Possibleheartattack.<br />Location:<br />Corner Dam - Damstraat<br />Navigate to location<br />GovGuard: A future ICT service, based on cloud strategy<br />
    29. 29. Emergency and reanimation kits are shown on map<br />GovGuard: A future ICT service, based on cloud strategy<br />Emergency: 260 mtr<br />Reanimation Kit<br />
    30. 30. I am Florence<br />What: A unique way to unlock society’s potential to help in case of an emergency.<br />How: By letting people download and install an app on their smartphone and letting 112 easily send help requests to selected users in geographical areas.<br />Why: To save lives.<br />
    31. 31. No. 25<br />Our portfolio<br />Europe - variations on a theme<br />Assess Future IT opportunities<br /> Build and validate business case<br />Vision and initial assessment<br />Cloud readiness review<br />Navigate the <br />future<br />Overall <br />framework and<br />methodology<br />Secure the cloud<br />Design target architecture and solutions<br />Build roadmap and govern transformation<br />Collaboration<br />Communication<br />Content<br />Unified collaboration cloud<br />ECM in the cloud<br />Office in the cloud<br />Enterprise social networks<br />Transform <br />your <br />business<br />Business<br />apps on <br />demand<br />Secure Cloud (e.g. Govt.)<br />Industry in a cloud(Bank/Ins.) <br />CRM in the cloud<br />HR BPO (Oracle)<br />Integrate cloud<br />and enterprise assets<br />SAP mass data billing <br />AzureApps and test<br />Cloud migration - virtualisation<br />Manage as <br />a unified <br />service<br />Build my <br />private <br />cloud<br />Manage IT <br />as a service<br />Unified service management<br />Logica private cloud<br />Navigate the future is our consulting-led methodology<br />Transform your business combines professional services and consulting<br />Manage IT as a service includes all aspects of outsourcing<br />
    32. 32. Cloud benefits – costs, agility, growth<br />Get started – learn by using and grow with your partners<br />Integratewith existing systems - to get maximum benefit from sharing information<br />Be safe – the CIO is the Information Manager – very important in the age where sharing information is the lifeblood of the business<br />No. 26<br />Reminder and recommendations<br />Europe - variations on a theme<br />
    33. 33. Thank you<br />David King<br />David.king@logica.com<br />