The Economic Imperative of the Cloud


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CloudCamp Haiti preso by Judith Hurwitz

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The Economic Imperative of the Cloud

  1. 1. The Economic Imperative of the Cloud Judith S. Hurwitz President
  2. 2. Yeah, I remember this…
  3. 3. Mainframes Mini Computers Client/Server Browsers internet … web applications … grid computing … virtualization … cloud infrastructures The Cloud Is Evolutionary – And It’s Still Evolving
  4. 4. Cloud Service Delivery Models Software as a Service (SaaS) Applications, Business Logic… Platform as a Service (PaaS) APIs, Pre-Built Containers… Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Hardware, VMs, Storage
  5. 5. What is the cloud all about? !  An economic model based on defined repeatable workloads !  Scaling workloads supporting highly predictable workloads (email, storage, repeatable service-based applications) !  Environment optimized – hardware, power, operating system, management framework) !  Self-service – provisioning and billing !  Scale up and down !  A service management discipline !  A planned approach to using the right approach to solve the right problems at the right time
  6. 6. View from top management !  Public clouds allow me to benefit from technology without buying more hardware and support services !  IT takes too long to execute !  I can respond more quickly to changing business needs !  Google and Amazon can do things my IT organization can’t do !  I can cut expenses dramatically
  7. 7. The reality of the public cloud !  Good for highly !  Costs can be high as scalable, predictable companies scale workloads !  Are you locked in? !  Appropriate for !  Compliance can be services based an issue models (payment !  How trusted is the services, customer brand? management)
  8. 8. When do companies consider Private clouds? !  As you scale will public clouds still be economical? !  Is your business IT? !  Are you a service provider to your customers? !  Can you create a revenue model for services? !  Do you support a dynamic partner ecosystem?
  9. 9. Clouds will be hybrid !  The world is never black and white – shades of gray !  Some workloads are highly specialized !  Some organizations must support lots of legacy hardware, operating systems, customized applications !  Public clouds will reign supreme for highly scalable, lower risk, predictable workloads !  Compliance and regulations will help dictate decisions
  10. 10. Issues Slowing Adoption? … and availability, and performance
  11. 11. Is it really about security? !  How secure is the cloud? !  How secure is your data center?
  12. 12. Be prepared to answer these questions !  What is your Cloud strategy plan? !  Which workloads are most economical for the cloud? !  Can you trust your cloud provider? !  Can you move your workload from one provider to another? !  What type of SLA does your provider offer? Read the fine print !  What is your governance model? !  Where does your data live, how is it secured, and how does this impact your information governance strategy? !  Do you have a service management strategy across your data center, public cloud services, and private cloud?
  13. 13. © Steve Carter
  14. 14. Thank You Judith Hurwitz