3. Rackspace CloudCamp Las Vegas 2009 5/18


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Rackspace Lightning Talk Presentation at CloudCamp @ Interop by John Engates

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3. Rackspace CloudCamp Las Vegas 2009 5/18

  1. 1. John Engates CTO, Rackspace Hosting Email: jengates@rackspace.com Twitter: @jengates
  2. 2. 3 Take Aways    Cloud is a movement AND a technology Cloud is for everyone not everything Cloud is part of a computing strategy
  4. 4. “The bulk of business computing will shift out of private data centers to the ‘cloud’.” - Nicholas Carr
  5. 5. Not a cloud believer? $1200/square foot + servers Experts on huge sets of disciplines IT underperformance
  6. 6. Simple Advances, Big Impact  Pooled Computing  Powered by Software
  7. 7. Radical Cost Savings Pooled Computing Software Powered Opex Capex  Utilization  Automated  Asset life Pay for what you use
  8. 8. Dedicated Cloud SaaS Hosting Hosting Compromise  Custom code  Productized and bundled  Smooth Scaling OR Cloud For Custom Code OR Computing As A Service
  9. 9. One Twist Dedicated Cloud SaaS Hosting Hosting IaaS PaaS
  10. 10. Dedicated IaaS PaaS SaaS Hosting Service Provider Prescribed and Delivered On Demand
  11. 11. Everyone NOT everything Cloud gives IT new tools Old tools will remain Right tool for the right workload
  12. 12. Hybrid Hosting Dedicated Cloud SaaS ERP Blogs Email OSS Wikis Workspaces Workflow Subversion Chat Website Test/Dev IM Department sites
  13. 13. Hybrid Hosting Dedicated Cloud SaaS Email Scalable web heads Workspaces Database and Chat Application Servers IM
  14. 14. THANK YOU John Engates, CTO Jengates (at) rackspace.com Twitter: @jengates 210-312-4197