Delivering Customer Experience in the Cloud


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CloudCamp @ FOSE Lightning Talk by Kevin Paschuck of RightNow

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  • Thank you for the introduction Good morning Today I’d like to share some real-world best practices on how to improve customer experience while reducing operating costs Specifically, there is a 3 part formula:Focusing on the 3 experiences that matter (Web, Social and Contact Center)Leveraging all the benefits that cloud computing offersTransform the traditional way of doing business that did not deliver on the promise of software to a more ROI and service level approachFirst, let’s start with a story.
  • RightNow CX is a customer experience suite that includes a set of applications that are purpose built to address the three key customer experiences, ensuring a seamless experience, regardless of the number or type of interactions initiated.. RightNow Web Experience applications seamlessly integrate into an existing web infrastructure for a fully branded online customer experience. When consumers visit a website they should be able to quickly and easily find what they’re looking for. The web experience must be interactive, engaging, and branded to create “stickiness.” Finally, a comprehensive web experience should allow a customer to seamlessly transition across web self-service, agent online and telephone assistance based on their needs. RightNow Social Experience applications integrate social media into an organization to promote its brand, address customer concerns and drive revenue. Increasingly, opinions are being formed and decisions being made about products and services without company involvement – on social media sites like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook and in online communities. Companies need to have a presence on the social web, must engage with customers across social communities and must take advantage of the power of the social web (rather than being at its mercy). RightNow Contact Center Experience applications deliver consistently excellent customer experiences and efficiencies across phone and multi-channel interactions. When a customer picks up the phone – either to speak with an agent or interact through self-service – RightNow Contact Center Experience ensures that experience highly personalized and productive. RightNow Engage marries your internal, horizontal Contact Management, Case Management, and Outreach business processes with the way the citizen interacts with your agency across these three key experiences.  RightNow Engage enables organizations to provide seamless, personalized customer experiences through proactive engagement, actionable customer feedback, and deep business insight. Underlying RightNow’s CX applications is the RightNow CX Cloud Platform, the foundational elements that infuse knowledge across the entire suite and provide enterprise integration delivered via mission-critical SaaS in support of a superior customer experience.
  • We have 4 mission critical cloud offerings:Commercial cloudPCI certified cloudUS Government Cloud offering for Federal Civilian Agencies that meets FISMA (NIST 800-53) moderate complianceUS Government Cloud for DOD located at DISA built to DIACAP to ensure compliance with DoD Instruction 8500.2Each of these solutions is a fully independent, multi-tenant cloud infrastructure capable of supporting thousands of high-volume clientsWe say “mission critical” because our customer’s tell us that our operations are mission critical, and we’ve specifically architected the solution to deliver against their requirementsThe solution architecture is consistent across each of these offerings, but we provide unique processes (and in some cases technology) to meet the security and compliance needs of these marketsBoth government cloud offerings also include baseline C&A packages that we provide to our agency / military customers in support of their internal C&A requirements Our intention today isn’t to do an architecture deep-dive on how we achieve “mission critical” services across these categories. We’d be happy to engage in Q&A after the presentation or schedule a follow-up briefing.
  • Our whole business is built on the premise that if you don’t success we don’t succeed. We have made tangible investments to ensure our client’s success through our CX CommitmentRelentless focus on your business resultsExpertise in every engagementDelivering on the promise of SaaSFast ImplementationBut having the right technology solution is only part of a successful customer experience strategy. To succeed you really need a partner you can trust. This is why RightNow offers the CX Commitment, to make sure That we deliver the expertise and results you need while making it easy to work with us. Let me tell you a little more about each of these commitments:
  • FIRST - Relentless focus on your business results is a must todayBefore you start any project you should have agreement on what the results will be and how to measure those results; and your vendor should not consider the project finished until the results are deliveredClient Success Managers should be provide as part of the service (not paid for into every relationship). These are not sales people that carry quota. Their success is based on one thing: your success with the solution. They areassigned to understand your specific needs and work directly with you so you get maximum return from your investment The Project Methodology used should also be focused on results as well We have all seen large CRM projects fail in the past when the “big bang” approach has been taken You want to break Large CRM/CX Initiatives into smaller projects (Web, Social and Contact Center). Each of the smaller projects are focus areas that can help your organization and your customers realize tangible, high-impact benefits. Allowing you to start small, prove the ROI and build from there
  • SECOND Expertise You need your cloud provider to offer the concept of Centers of Excellence Keepers of best practices - cookbooksDeep expertise in CX The “Ask the Experts” concept should also be part of the business relationship. For example, you want to know how social networking can positively impact your business … you want to be able to call the COE or request a in person meetingFree online training available 24/7
  • Here today to do…posing a challenge to the entire cloud industryAbout no shelfwareMinimum pricing certaintyNo long term lock inNo haggle flex up and downRoll over usageCash service creditsIt’s time to change this…to deliver on the other half of the promise of the cloudIt’s time for vendors to change their mindset, think about biz side of relationshipIt’s time for corporate buyers to stand up and demand their rightsClients aren’t getting what thought they would out of the CloudSo today I’m challenging the industryThe Cloud Challenge – the standards by which enterprise cloud vendors should engage with their clients We need to put an end to shelfwareClient should have long-term pricing certaintyWithout being locked into long-term contractsClients should be able to flex usage up or down to meet their business requirementsRoll over usage – think about roll over minutes – allow clients to adjust for seasonality We should be write a check to our clients if we don’t meet our performance commitmentsEvery buyer should demandEvery vendor should do
  • Delivering Customer Experience in the Cloud

    1. 1. Delivering<br />CustomerExperience<br />in the Cloud<br />Kevin Paschuck<br />Vice President, Public Sector<br />kevin_paschuck<br />March 23, 2010<br />
    2. 2. RightNow at a Glance<br />Customer Experience (CX) Experts<br />Cloud Leadership<br /><ul><li>Mission: Rid the World of Bad Experiences
    3. 3. 12 years of deep CX expertise
    4. 4. Solutions deliver superior CX across Web, Social Networks and Contact Centers
    5. 5. Focus on tangible business results
    6. 6. Reduce interaction costs
    7. 7. Improve citizen experience
    8. 8. Fully multi-tenant Cloud infrastructure
    9. 9. Six global datacenters</li></ul> - US(2), US Government (2), Canada, UK<br /><ul><li>PCI, HIPPA, SAS 70 II, NIST Compliance
    10. 10. 2.5 billion customer interactions / year
    11. 11. 10.2 billion db transactions / week
    12. 12. 1.2 billion web pages / month</li></ul>Global Operations<br />Solid Financial Performance<br /><ul><li>16 worldwide offices (government in VA)
    13. 13. 800+ employees (~60 for government)
    14. 14. 1,900+ clients globally
    15. 15. 170+ government clients
    16. 16. 33 languages supported
    17. 17. Public company (NASDAQ: RNOW)
    18. 18. 12 years continuous revenue growth
    19. 19. 2009 revenue ~$150M (18% Public Sector)
    20. 20. Subscription-based recurring revenue
    21. 21. Strong balance sheet; no debt</li></li></ul><li>The Customer Experience (CX) Suite<br />
    22. 22. CX Cloud Platform <br />
    23. 23. TheRULESof<br />business have CHANGED<br />
    24. 24.
    25. 25. Results <br />
    26. 26. Expertise<br />
    27. 27. The Cloud Challenge <br /><ul><li>No Shelfware
    28. 28. 5-Year Pricing Certainty
    29. 29. No Long-Term Lock Ins
    30. 30. Flex Up / Down
    31. 31. “Roll-Over” Usage
    32. 32. Cash Service Credits </li></li></ul><li>Thank you<br />