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Startup Community: What Galway Can Do Next


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BOI Workbench Launch / Bank of Ireland, Mainguard Street, Galway / 12th August 2015

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Startup Community: What Galway Can Do Next

  1. 1. Startup Community What Galway can do next @JohnBreslin @NUIGalway @Boards @StartupGalway @GalwayCity Guillom at commons.wikimedia
  2. 2. We learned from... •  “Startup Communities” by Brad Feld •  All about the Boulder, CO ecosystem – Slightly larger than Galway, 100k people – One of most entrepreneurial cities in US alecperkins at flickr
  3. 3. The Boulder Thesis 1.  Entrepreneurs must lead the startup community 2.  The leaders must have a long-term commitment 3.  The startup community must be inclusive of anyone who wants to participate in it 4.  The startup community must have continual activities that engage the entire entrepreneurial stack Molas at commons.wikimedia
  4. 4. Participants Entrepreneurs Government Universities Investors Mentors Service Providers Large Companies Leaders and Feeders HM Marsh at British Library's Picturing Canada
  5. 5. Activities and events •  Young Entrepreneurs Organization: JCI •  Office Hours: •  Boulder Denver New Tech Meetup: Startup Galway Tech Meetup •  Boulder StartupDigest: Galway StartupDigest •  Startup Weekend: Next one being planned for October 2015 •  Boulder Open Coffee Club: Galway Open Coffee (needs reboot) •  Ignite Boulder: Ignite Galway (needs reboot) •  Boulder Beta: Demo Bar (needs reboot) •  CU New Venture Challenge: ? •  Boulder Startup Week: ? •  Entrepreneurs Foundation of CO: ? Geraldshields11 at commons.wikimedia
  6. 6. Startup Galway •  Startup Galway Tech Meetups –  Pat Phelan, Dermot Berkery, Declan Ganley, Iseult Ward, Paul Kenny, Christopher Byrne, Sean O’Sullivan •  Startup Galway Tech Workshops •  Startup Galway Pitching Meetups •  Galway Startup Weekend 2014 –  38 students and 32 non-students registered to take part –  30 out of 70 people pitched ideas –  12 teams –  Top two teams led by women –  All teams had a student member
  7. 7. New spaces in Galway •  SuperPixel Labs coworking space •  Bank of Ireland Workbench coworking space •  PorterShed coworking space (commencing works this month) •  Accelerator (later this year) flynn_nrg at flickr
  8. 8. NUI Galway •  Blackstone LaunchPad announced – Supporting undergraduate entrepreneurship, over €1M •  Entrepreneurship Society created •  Need an alumni mentor network toms at flickr
  9. 9. Parallel universes •  Whole parallel ecosystems around the medtech and creative industries Me at
  10. 10. Me at
  11. 11. Let’s build it! •  Our Startup Galway website tagline is “building an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Galway” •  Building a website is not enough – Build it and they won’t necessarily come •  We need life in the ecosystem, through commitment, participation, and continual activities Mayqel at commons.wikimedia
  12. 12. Startup Gathering •  Get involved in Galway’s day! – Run an open event on October 9 – Add your startup company or resource to the Startup Map of Ireland – Volunteer to help out on the day • Hiku2 at commons.wikimedia