SIOC Tactics: Gaining Acceptance for a Semantic Web Vocabulary on the Social Web


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12 July 2011 / Galway

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SIOC Tactics: Gaining Acceptance for a Semantic Web Vocabulary on the Social Web

  1. 1. Sioc tacticsimage from
  2. 2. lecturer at Nui galway Engineering and informatics
  3. 3. Researcher at Deri, nui galway
  4. 4. Founder of new tech post• blog•  Galway-based publisher of stories focused on emerging, cutting-edge, innovative technologies•  4000 readers in March -> 9000 readers in May 2011•  Partners: IIC (San Jose)•
  5. 5. Co-founder of•  Ireland’s largest discussion forum site•  2.25 million visitors/ month•  Irish people seeking information, or just chatting about sports, TV, politics, health, whatever
  6. 6. Its the social objects we create…• Discussions• Bookmarks• Annotations• Microblogs• Multimedia
  7. 7. …that connect usto other people
  8. 8. Social media sites are like data silos image from
  9. 9. Many isolated communities of users and their data image from
  10. 10. Need ways to connect these islands image from
  11. 11. Allowing users to easily move from one to another image from
  12. 12. Enabling users to easily bring their data with them image from
  13. 13. Data silosCan be linkedvia semantics
  14. 14. Social Semantic Web
  15. 15. Two-way street: semantic web can help social web, vice versa• Can Use semantic web to describe people, content objects and the connections that bind them all together so that social sites can interoperate via semantics• In the other direction, object-centered social websites can serve as rich social data sources for semantic applications image from
  16. 16. Sioc = frost (gaelic) image from
  17. 17. Semantically-Interlinked Online Communities (SIOC)• Goal of the SIOC ontology is to address interoperability issues on the Social Web – – W3c member submission in 2007 – SIOC has been adopted in a framework of 100 applications or modules deployed on hundreds of sites – Web 2.0, enterprise info integ, HCLS, e-gov image from
  18. 18. The steps taken1.  Develop an ontology of terms for representing rich data from the Social Web2.  Create a food chain for producing, collecting and consuming SIOC data3.  As well dissemination via papers about SIOC, provide docs and examples at sioc-
  19. 19. Some of the SIOC core ontology classes and properties
  20. 20. First attempt (foaf galway workshop 2004)
  21. 21. Sioc can be used to...• ...provide a layer of rdfa metadata from a social website, e.g. to enhance search results• ...get a Complete representation/xml dump of a social website (export, import)• a native format for social websites• other stuff; just imagine image from
  22. 22. Sioc food chain
  23. 23. Some applications using sioc
  24. 24. Growth of sioc apps (bojars)
  25. 25. From October 200928
  26. 26. RDFA in drupal 7• Drupal cms used by 1 percent of all sites• drupal 7 released in january, semantic web support built-in:• Rdfa (sioc, foaf, dublin core, skos) data for blog posts, forums, etc.• Video at image from
  27. 27. Rdfa on
  28. 28. OGP in RDF (FOAF, DC, SIOC, GR)
  29. 29. An ontology stack for the social semantic web
  30. 30. DistributedArchitecture
  31. 31. dissemination
  32. 32. Sioc survey (1)
  33. 33. Sioc survey (2)
  34. 34. SIOC data competition37