Engineering Innovation - Electronic


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Undenominated Engineering Information Session / NUI Galway / 13th March 2010

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Engineering Innovation - Electronic

  1. 1. Engineering innovation - electronic An overview
  2. 2. In a nutshell, creating engineers with... • The ability to design and innovate • The Skills to discern what end users want • better business knowledge • A strong, underlying knowledge of electronic engineering
  3. 3. Three strands: tied together 1. Electronic engineering 2. Business + finance 3. Innovation + design • Run in parallel • Benefit each other
  4. 4. electronics are exploding! image from
  5. 5. Many, many ubiquitous devices ...But what makes one electronic product succeed and another product fail? ...ipod vs. zune, vhs vs. betamax
  6. 6. That spark of inspiration • Balancing ultimate functionality against necessity, user acceptance • Being a good businessperson as well as a good engineer image from
  7. 7. Elisha gray vs. alexander bell • Gray and graham bell invented the telephone around the same time • Bell entered the history books due to his patenting knowledge and business savvy More at
  8. 8. From engineers to managers • Mike conroy, general manager, cisco galway • Brian o'donovan, director of ibm centre for advanced studies • Charlie cahill, ceo of blue tree systems image from
  9. 9. Teaching business to engineers engineers as future leaders
  10. 10. Its easier to teach business skills to engineering students than it is to teach science, engineering and technology skills to business students
  11. 11. Barry o'leary, ceo, ida ireland This new degree programme [...] is most welcome from [a foreign direct investment] perspective as it combines the three vital competencies [that] will be most attractive to global investors, especially in the rapidly emerging spaces of convergence, innovation and commercialisation
  12. 12. Kathryn D'arcy, Director, ICT Ireland, IBEC This course will help students to develop skills and capabilities to either start-up their own company or to help stimulate and support innovation and growth in many of the existing technology companies based in Ireland
  13. 13. Feargal o morain, dir. innovation, enterprise ireland This course will instil confidence in young engineers and provide them with the skills they need to become tomorrow's entrepreneurs
  14. 14. Sharon Higgins, Director, Irish med. Devices Assoc. This programme [...] is a very appropriate response as Ireland starts the process of innovating itself out of recession through the smart economy
  15. 15. James j. browne, nui galway Whether as entrepreneurs or in medium and large engineering companies, the graduates of this programme will become key drivers of the digital economy
  16. 16. neb innovation room proposal
  17. 17. Design, innovate Hot stuff image from
  18. 18. Ipad image from
  19. 19. Augmented reality image from
  20. 20. Mobile technology image from
  21. 21. the sky's the limit For more info or to arrange a f2f Email Phone 0 to pay bobby image from