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Engaging Citizens in Research and Innovation: Opportunities and Challenges Afforded by Social Media


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European Intersectoral Summit on Research and Innovation / Trinity College Dublin, Ireland / 26th February 2013

Published in: Technology
  • SEARCH FOR PARTNERS TO DEVELOP A RRI HORIZON 2015 PROGRAM; see the call on RESEARCH & INNOVATION RESPONSIBILITY in : ; Aims of EGOCREANET project on Social Responsibility of Science . As we have seen, technology have advanced quickly and significantly over the past two centuries. So that the “best” technology one day rapidly becomes “outdated” the next and is conveniently replaced with something “better” for made a lot of work simply pushing with a click of a button. It seems that nothing can stop humans’ desire for making more and more simplify technological advancements to substitute manual end intellectual work ; But what happen about human consciousness and responsibility ? what about “human values”? Has society advanced over the years? EGOCREANET would develop a project to enhance a deep reflection a of the fast-technological modernization looking to favor a more conscious and responsible foundations for improving human values in a new science research & innovation more adapted to the future growth of responsible knowledge society. Goals RRI- EGOCREANET- Project: The actual goals are evolving in a way that the deliberate focus of research and the products of innovation are oriented to achieve a social or environmental benefit. a) The consistent, ongoing involvement of society as useful to assessing and effectively prioritising social, ethical and environmental impacts, risks and opportunities,both now and in the future, alongside the development of knowledge economy. b) Develop conscious creativity to anticipate and manage problems and opportunities which are also able to adapt and respond quickly to changing. and environment and knowledge. c) identify and implement the best systemic organizational and managerial approaches to increase the public participation to remove obstacles and barriers to science & technology oversight. to growth social benefits. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES TO INCREASE RRI in public communication of science. What does mean improving RRI in science communication? What does mean evaluating RRI in public communication of science How Art and/in science communication may improve RRI Ethics and aesthetics of RRI in science communication Reflexive challenges for overcoming barriers in RRI communication . Emerging trends, strategy and issues of RRI in science communication Changing RRI in science communication media, formats, and models . More info: . see for instance : MONDO-FISICO E MENTALE :; Paolo Manzelli
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Engaging Citizens in Research and Innovation: Opportunities and Challenges Afforded by Social Media

  1. 1. Engaging citizens in research and innovation Opportunities and challenges afforded by social media John Breslin, NUI Galway
  2. 2. Me•  Lecturer in electronics•  Researcher at DERI•  Founder of•  Mad scientist engineer
  3. 3. research innovation media society European role science between new RRI responsible summit public societal communication key actors developed challenges all keys information Europe issues about policy process large area interaction six actions other order debates conference engaging concrete environment presidency dialogue better stakeholders Irish changing researchers outlined civil importance support bothindustry important makers inclusive horizon citizens grand future union needs foster content institutions participatory being social engagement EISRI during strategy through develop outcomes jobs processes via years intersectoral shaping sectors play clear clearly access innovative approach traditionalparticipation increase within some solutions terms growth assess one technologies further competitiveness fully concept relationship more broadly focus fact relate exchange reflect make equally look level leading engaged central education question disciplines different knowledge development authoritative well designed providers spongebob squarepants can you really read this small writing? Word cloud generated from http://eisri-
  4. 4. From word of mouth…
  5. 5. …to word of tweet
  6. 6. Citizens:Can we pleasehave yourattention for thisimportantscientific No, I’m too busy reading myannouncement? Facebook Haha, I get it, he’s a banana, and he’s saying it’s “apeeling”
  7. 7. The paradox of the Web* You now have a megaphone (Just like everyone else) * Bernardo Huberman, HP Social Labs
  8. 8. No longer a race to be first, but abattle to get the most attention
  9. 9. Be. Interesting.Easier said than done, eh?
  10. 10. “A new solid-state propulsion system has been devised using the sigma…” “Get me out of here”
  11. 11. Rockets! Space! Action!
  12. 12. Don’t want to dumb down themessage, just make it relevant
  13. 13. Getting attention for the scientific message•  Have you tried asking questions of the public, rather than regurgitating article titles? –  Without using a question that may bias the response –  Provoking but not being rhetorical•  Pique the interest of @influencers –  Get them to tell their fans / followers / friends•  Target #topics
  14. 14. “How well was science taught in your high school?”#scienceweek @wiredscience @nytimesscience
  15. 15. Who can best spread your message to the public?IDENTIFY HUBS AND INFLUENCERS
  16. 16. “Is it me or is he looking a little washed out?”“Doctor Jim is so cool”
  17. 17. Anecdote: tweeting out slides from a talk I gave earlier this year•  Put slides on SlideShare*•  I had referenced various funding institutions, non-profit organisations, etc. in my slides: –  And made sure to tell them about it on Twitter!•  500 views in a few hours•  3000 views after a week *
  18. 18. For events or topical storiesTARGET KEYWORDS, #HASHTAGS
  19. 19. #hashtags for big scientific events
  20. 20. And explain what the #hashtag is periodically… …for those not in the know… #sciencemedia is for EISRI BTW!
  21. 21. Sometimes, it’s good to be personalBE A FACE, NOT A LOGO
  22. 22. But don’t go too far! “I actually came for the climate change discussion, but all I got was someone on about their lousy barbeque”
  23. 23. Automate your message for sending out at peak times
  24. 24. But make sure the right message goes out…•  From: Quora Weekly Digest <digest->•  To:•  Subject: What is it like to have your mother die? - Quora•  Message-ID: <1361359522.0682987696506104@mf101>•  Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2013 05:25:22 -0600 (CST)
  26. 26. @johnbreslin or