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2011 Future Ready 365 Blog Post

  1. 1. Future Ready 365 Are You Ready Today?Introduction (Toni Wilson)There are several themes running through this week’s blog articles from the CI Division experts. One is thatcompetitive intelligence is inherently forward-looking. Another is that marketplace insights can bedeveloped by observing and understanding patterns in the information we collect. Related to the latter is avery important theme – that informational professionals are uniquely qualified to do this, ultimatelycreating value for the end users, clients and organizations we serve. In today’s blog, Anna Shallenbergeroffers practical perspective regarding filtering the facts we gather to provide insights and need-to-knowresults.Intelligence – be it regarding competitors, markets or any other area – is inherently forward-looking. Andyes – research and content is necessary to feed the intel engine that empowers future-readiness. Many InfoPros possess untapped skills key to delivering great intel (CI, MI, etc.) services, abilities they may not realizeorganizations need. The challenges are to apply them effectively and visibly. YOU have to believe, becausein a world where “Perception is reality” – people won’t buy what you’re “selling” without that confidence.So what are these secret super-hero powers? Is it all about statistical number crunching and PowerPointpresentations? Certainly not, although a certain base proficiency in these areas is preferable. And, ofcourse, our data collection and synthesis skills have value, not to mention our expertise in validatingsources. It is the talent to both battle the swollen inflow of inputs AND partner in delivering those targetedAha’s and So What’s.It takes an effective balancing act – levering the wealth of information content and methodology our“researcheritis” yields with the right filter – while smartly triangulating the significance of that which hasmade it through.Is it the same idea as actionable intelligence? Not precisely. Think of it like a souped-up version of the kid’s“Lite Brite” toy where content is the pegs and you have a big bucket of them in front of you. The more pegs,the higher the resolution of the image, and the better the insights, right? Again, not exactly.You don’t need to use every peg. Some should shine brighter (weigh more heavily) than others. You canarrange them in a variety of designs that make sense in the moment. But the future ready Info Pro seespatterns based on triangulating, drawing on the wealth of otherwise useless trivia rattling around in ourmental hard drive.Yes, our content gathering skills have great value. But let’s consider our content filtering abilities, and howaccess to all the data we’ve seen in life empowers us! LIS professionals offer a unique ability toTRIANGULATE between all the information and ASSESS meaning. Internal and external sources – gatheredby ourselves or others. Teaming up on the analysis and impact of the intel. Because it’s that piece thatmakes organization most future ready.Anna F. Shallenberger is an experienced researcher, educator, author, strategist & consultant, Anna Shallenberger, aka theClosetLibrarian, was recently recognized in Best of the Business Web. At SLA 2011 , she is a panelist for “Integrating with Sales &Marketing to Capture & Deliver Intelligence.” At the Intelligence Café, Anna will lead a discussion regarding Unique InformationSources & the Deep Web. She was also a spotlight panelist @ SLA 2010 and served as conference planner for the CI Division.