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Inbound Sales Kung Fu


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Inbound Sales Kung Fu

  1. 1. Inbound  Sales  Kung  Fu     S t e l i E f t i , C l o s e . i o
  2. 2. Helped  150+  venture  backed  startups     in  Silicon  Valley  scale  sales.
  3. 3. #1: Traffic #2: Signup, Demo, Contact, etc. #3: Activate (calling + email) #4: Qualify #5: Demo #6: Manage objections #7: Negotiate #8: Follow up #9: Close Inbound  Sales  
  4. 4. #1: Open #2: Read #3: Respond #4: Follow Up Sales  Emails  
  5. 5. ! You’re  not  sending   enough  email!  
  6. 6. ! Automate  Emails   4-­‐6  emails  during  trial  
  7. 7. ! Automate  Emails   4-­‐6  emails  during  trial   ! -­‐  Semi-­‐Personal:  ,  Sent  via  iPhone     -­‐  Drip  /  Lifecycle  Emails:  Email  courses  for  your  prospects   -­‐  Events  Driven:  Signup,  AcIvity,  Trial  End,  etc.     -­‐  Call  to  acCon  oriented:  Schedule  a  call  ,  Reply  to  this,  etc.    
  8. 8. ! Inbound  Sales  Emails   Example:  HubSpot  (B2B)  
  9. 9. Subject: & HubSpot I time to chat? ! Steli, ! Thanks for reaching out to us here at HubSpot. Here's a 2min video overview about how our product works to help you drive leads online: ! I've been reviewing your site and have a few suggestions about how you can drive more traffic and leads. When might be a good time to catch you at your desk for 5 mins after Noon today or before 11:30am ET tomorrow? ! All the best, ! ! P.S. I've also attached the new 2013 ROI report about the average results our customers see. Email  #1     (no  response  from  me)
  10. 10. Subject: & HubSpot | Follow Up Resources ! Hi Steli, ! Thank you again for the discussion today, it was a pleasure speaking with you! I am including a 2 minute video during which our co-founders describe how inbound marketing works – you can check also out our Cambridge office space, see here. As we discussed, HubSpot offers an all-in-one marketing software platform that helps businesses of all sizes generate leads and convert them into customers. HubSpot has everything a modern marketer needs to do marketing right—all in one, easy-to-use product. HubSpot software includes SEO, blogging, social media, email, automated workflows, landing pages, lead intelligence and analytics tools to help marketers get the job done. You can see the full list of our products here. HubSpot is an annual membership, which includes access to all of our software tools, 7 one-hour sessions with a dedicated consultant and continuing education and support all throughout the year. You can take a look at our pricing page here. HubSpot customers experience an average 2.7x increase in traffic after 12 months of active use and lead database growth of 30.4x after 12 months of active use, see our ROI report here. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. We look forward to helping your business grow as part of the HubSpot team! All the best, Email  #2     (no  response  from  me)
  11. 11. Subject: HubSpot & ! Hi Steli, ! Per my message today, I called to see how your internal decision making process is going. ! More importantly, since we are going through a price change on 10/1, my manager, John Dukes ( has authorized each rep on my team (2) 15% discounts on the cost of the software for customers who are able to sign up by 9/30. Not only would this lower the price of the software, but you will be grandfathered into the legacy pricing in the future. Today, Pro is slated to increase 2400/year. ! One of my coupons is spoken for, but I'd like to offer the other one to you. ! If this is of interest, please let me know as soon as possible. ! Thank you, Email  #3   (no  response  from  me)
  12. 12. Subject Should I Stay or Should I Go? ! Hi Steli, per my message today - ! I've tried to reach you a few times to go over suggestions on improving your website, but haven't heard back from you and that tells me one of three things: ! 1) You're all set with inbound marketing and online lead generation, and if that's the case please let me know so can I stop bothering you. ! 2) You're still interested but haven't had the time to get back to me yet. ! 3) You've fallen and can't get up and in that case please let me know and I'll call 911 for you... ! Please let me know which one it is because I'm starting to worry... ! Thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing back from you! Email  #4     (no  response  from  me)
  13. 13. Subject: Thank You From Hubspot ! Steli, ! In reviewing some outstanding business today, I’ll be taking out of my current follow ups at this time. ! Where we’d initially agreed in the value of our service to strengthen your online engagement, I’ve reached out to you on several occasions following our initial discussions. Having not received any replies to date, I assume that we’ve either fallen off your radar or perhaps the interest has diminished to the degree that my follow up is no longer warranted. ! I appreciate the opportunity to work with you and wish you the best with your ongoing marketing efforts. I'd be happy to speak with you when you are ready to invest resources into generating leads from your site. ! Best, Email  #5     I  responded  :)  
  14. 14. ! Inbound  Sales  Emails   Example:  TrunkClub  (B2C)  
  15. 15. Subject: Important info on your first shipment ! Hi Steli, ! I’m Lizzie Walker, your Trunk Club stylist. I can’t wait to put together your first trunk of great clothes. Before I do that, we need to have a quick chat on the phone, so that I can get an idea of what clothes to send. ! Please respond to this email and let me know the following: ! - What's a good day / time to chat? - How did you hear about Trunk Club? ! Also, feel free to call me any time at the number below. ! Hope to hear from you soon! Email  #1     (no  response  from  me)
  16. 16. Subject: Steli — It's your stylist at Trunk Club ! Hey Steli, ! I recently reached out to you about the Trunk Club clothing service that you signed up for. As you can tell, I’m really excited to help you get started with a trunk of great new clothes. Let me know when you have 5 to 10 minutes to chat in the next few days, and I’ll get a trunk to you right away. ! I’m happy to work around your schedule (mornings and evenings are completely fine times to talk), and if you’d prefer to call me, you’ll find my number below. ! Thanks! Email  #2     (no  response  from  me)
  17. 17. Subject: Trunk Club — Still interested? ! Hi Steli, ! Just checking to see if you still want to move forward with the Trunk Club service that you signed up for. If you’re ready for your first trunk, awesome! Let me know a good time for us to wrap everything up with a really quick phone call. ! Trunk Club is all about convenience, and I’m happy to work around your busy schedule. ! Looking forward to hearing from you! Email  #3   (no  response  from  me)
  18. 18. Subject: Goodbye from Trunk Club ! Hi Steli, ! I was really looking forward to putting together a trunk of great clothes for you, but I haven’t heard a response to my calls and emails. That means this will be my last email to you. If you change your mind and would like to give Trunk Club a try, please let me know and I’ll have you looking great in no time. ! Best, Email  #4     I  responded  :)  
  19. 19. #1: Reach People #2: Sound Good #3: Ask Questions #4: Manage Objections #5: Close Sales  Calls  
  20. 20. ! Call  Everyone   Within  5mins  of  signup  
  21. 21. ! Call  Everyone   Within  5mins  of  signup   ! -­‐  AcCvate:  Call  quickly  ,  Answer  QuesIons,  Give  DirecIon     -­‐  Discover:  How  did  they  hear  about  you,  Problems,  Needs   -­‐  Qualify:  Ask  QuesIons,  Lead  Quality,  Create  Pipeline   -­‐  Close:  Manage  ObjecIons  ,  Guide  buyer  to  upgrade  
  22. 22. ! Qualify   ! Customer  profile:  size,  use  case,  history,  etc.   Needs:  Champion,  team,  company,  etc.   Decision  making:  stakeholders,  process,  Ime    
  23. 23. Demo  Quickly   15mins  or  less
  24. 24. ! Demo  Quickly   15mins  or  less   ! -­‐  Qualify  first:  Can/Should  they  buy  ,  is  it  worth  the  Ime   -­‐  Benefits  vs.  Features:  Focus  on  what’s  relevant   -­‐  Sales  vs.  Training:  Demo  value  vs.  teaching  funcIonality  
  25. 25. ! Manage  ObjecIons   ! -­‐  FAQ  document:  Clarity  inspires  confidence   -­‐  Real  vs  Fake:  Listen  to  more  than  just  words   -­‐  Elephant  in  the  room:  Empower  them  to  verbalize  it  
  26. 26. ! NegoIate   ! References  that  sell:  yes  but  late  in  the  process   Discounts:  lightly,  once  value  confirmed   Pro  Ip:  always  negoIate  in  pairs    
  27. 27. ! Follow  Up  =  Winning  
  28. 28. Follow  Up   On  Follow  Ups   ! -­‐  Cold:  1-­‐2  follow  ups  allowed,  not  more   -­‐  Warm:  Unlimited  follow  ups,  stay  on  thread/start  new  one   -­‐  Frequency:  Front  load  (1,3,5,7)  then  every  1,2,3,4  weeks   -­‐  Channel:  #1  Email  #2  Phone  #3  In  Person
  29. 29. "Steli's  philosophy  on  following  up  sent  me   back  to  a  significant  prospect  that  had   gone  very  cold.       ! A  mix  of  forty-­‐one  emails  and  voicemails   later  I  got  my  response;  'You  win,  let’s   connect  at  the  trade  show.'  Long  story   short  they're  on-­‐boarding  this  month."  
  30. 30. ! Urgency?   ! Limited  beta:  10  seats,  refundable  deposit   Price  increase:  grandfather  old  price     IncenIves:  discount,  seats,  features,  services    
  31. 31. ! Sales  Office  Hour.  !