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Learn Big Data, SAP BPC NW 10.1, BW/BOBJ/BI 4.2 and HANA SP7


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CloneSkills, a scenario based learning solutions empowered by Stanford Alumni. We offer "Role Based Learning Solutions”, our SAP BPC NW 10.1 on HANA competency development program teaches you “end-to-end” SAP BPC implementation. Our SAP BW/BI/BO on HANA learning track helps you to learn our readily deployable SAP HANA solutions as a use case for practical HANA implementation.

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Learn Big Data, SAP BPC NW 10.1, BW/BOBJ/BI 4.2 and HANA SP7

  1. 1. Learn Big Data, SAP BPC NW 10.1, BW/BOBJ/BI 4.2 and HANA SP7 CloneSkills, a Platform for Practical Learning CloneSkills, a scenario based learning solutions empowered by Stanford Alumni. We offer "Role Based Learning Solutions”, our SAP BPC NW 10.1 on HANA competency development program teaches you “end-to-end” SAP BPC implementation. Our SAP BW/BI/BO on HANA learning track helps you to learn our readily deployable SAP HANA solutions as a use case for practical HANA implementation. New SAP HANA & BOBI and SAP BPC 10.1 batches are starting on March 23, 2014. Please contact us at 1-916-572-5532 or Experience on Job Learning: Watch our demos to better understand our readily deployable SAP HANA solutions, which you will be learning along with your training with us. Be part of SAP HANA readily deployable solutions development team to learn real-life implementation.
  2. 2. Our SAP NW 10.1 on HANA Pre-Packed Solutions: • Revenue, Cost and Revenue Planning for Oil & Gas • Volume, Revenue and Cash Flow Planning for CPG & Retail • Financial Fast Close With Step Consolidation Our SAP BW/BO/BI on HANA Pre-Packaged Solutions: • Financial Predictive Analytics • Smart Grid Analytics • Healthcare Predictive Analytics • Retail Predictive Analytics • Oil & Gas Predictive Analytics • Advanced Analytics on Structured and Unstructured Data Our Value: “... Blown away by the amazing driver based Planning, Forecasting and Financial Fast Close Solutions built by CubeInsights and team on SAP BPC NW 10 on SAP HANA...” Director EPM, Global Center of Excellence SAP “…you are ranked number 1 (one) content producer for your quality of work, commitment and continues delivery. Across the world, we have been viewed and rated as a highly influencing (top 1%) Knowledgebase …” Slide Share Team 2013
  3. 3. Our Differentiators: • We trained, coached and mentored more than ten thousand (10000) individuals • Around 250 ( two hundred and fifty) SAP placements • Around 300 (three hundred) SAP certifications • Around 100 (one hundred) corporate clients • We empowered by one hundred thousand (100,000) slide share readers • We have around one hundred and five thousand (105,000) YouTube viewers Our Industry Contributions: CloneSkills actively contributes at various industry events and SAP conferences to build global SAP community. At the events, we share industry trends, best practices and performance management problem solving techniques. • SAP BPC Bootcamp • AICPA • SAP Insider • SAP TechEd • SAP Reporting & Analytics • SAP Financials • SAP BI Conferences WHAT COURSE WE ARE OFFERING? # Course Code Course Name Course Real-Time Project 1 SAPHANAEPM01 SAP EPM/BPC NW Revenue, Cost and CAPEX
  4. 4. 10.1 on SAP HANA Planning for Oil & Gas. Financial Fast Close With Step Consolidation 2 SAPHANABI01 SAP BI/BW/BO 4.2 on SAP HANA Smart Grid Analytics for Power and Utility Oil & Gas Predictive Analytics 3 SAPHANAEIM01 SAP EIM/Big Data on SAP HANA Advanced Analytics on Structured and Unstructured Data WHY ARE WE DIFFERENT? We differentiate our training by delivering practical instructions followed by an “end-to-end” SAP HANA implementation.
  5. 5. Key Topics Covered - SAP HANA • Column and Row Store Tables • SLT Functions for Real-Time Data Acquisition from SAP ECC • Data Services Interface for Non SAP Data Acquisition • Database Object Import and Export Functions • Flexible Data Model - Attribute, Analytical and Calculation (Graphical and SQL Script) • Hierarchies (Level Based & Parent Child) • Dynamic Currency Conversion with User selection of Currency • In-Memory Calculations (Functions, Procedures and Database Triggers) • Decision Tables of “What-if” analysis • Counters • Synonyms and Sequences • Security (Users, Roles and Analytical Privilege) Key Topics Covered - SAP BPC/EPM Planning: • Revenue Planning and Forecasting • Cost Planning and Forecasting • P&L Planning and Forecasting • Cash Flow Planning and Forecasting • SKU Level Planning and Forecasting • Six Month Rolling Forecast and Forecasting • Cost Allocation Consolidation: • IC Matching • IC Booking • IC Eliminations • Ownership Calculations • Equity Eliminations • Minority interest
  6. 6. • Goodwill • Retained earning • US GAPP • IFRS Reporting: • Management Reporting • Operational Reporting • Statutory Reporting Key Topics Covered - SAP BW/BO/BI • Big Data • Data Sciences • Data Modeling • Data Management • Advanced Analytics • Predictive Analytics • Data Discovery • Interactive Analysis • Visual Intelligence WHAT IS YOUR ROI BY TAKING OUR TRAINING THAN OTHERS? • Gain “Hands-On” SAP HANA implementation experience, by Implementing our SAP HANA enabled readily deployable solutions (RDS) • Gain confidence in conducting "as-is" and "to-be" workshop with "C" level executives. • Ability to independently create requirement and design deliverables • Gain core skills and knowledge to become a solution advisor
  7. 7. • Ability to solve business problem quickly and interpedently • Visit to know what others are saying about us. FACTS ABOUT OUR Instructors – VERIFIABLE: • Our faculties are not Technical Developers; our instructors are Industry experts /management consultants who are highly skilled to solve any practical business problems. • Our faculties have multiple SAP HANA, BPC/EPM, and/or BO/B Implementation experience • Our faculties are SAP certified industry professionals • Our faculties are highly experienced in implementing SAP from both functional and technical perspective • Our faculties have verifiable client references and teaching credentials WHAT WE OFFER APART FROM TRAINING: • SAP HANA use cases to learn SAP HANA real implementation • SAP BPC readily deployable solutions (RDS) to learn practical scenarios • Placement Assistance • Placement Contacts and Leads • Professional References • Professional Resume Design and Development • On Job Support OUR TESTIMONIALS: "Something Beyond the Best"
  8. 8. "...It gives me immense pleasure to give my testimonial to Jothi and CloneSkills. There is no need to introduce Jothi as he is very well established personality and highly respected professional in SAP Community. I have attended SAP BPC 10.0 course from Jothi. I am working on SAP products for more than 12 years and passed 6 SAP Certifications, but, I would rate Jothi's training is the best in my entire career. After attending number of SAP Academy courses in India, I would not hesitate to say that those trainings are nowhere close to Jothi's quality of training. It is not just training, but, his authority on the subject, conceptual clarity, teaching style, willingness to share, going for an extra mile, approachability, dedication, commitment and passion are the qualities keep him admired by all the participants. It is a thorough joyous journey of learning; Jothi / CloneSkills, has maintained thorough professionalism and support before, during and after the training course. I would rate Jothi as "something beyond the best" and would not hesitate to recommend anybody, who are serious to make their career in SAP BPC. .." I can only conclude that if you are missing Jothi's classes, you are missing the "best learning curve" of your career. Ravi Sankar Venna, Management Accountant and Company Secretary. SAP FICO Consultant, Logica, United Kingdom Certified SAP FICO(4.6C), SEM(3.5), BW(3.0), SAP Security, SAP Solution Manager(4.0) and SAPFI(6.0) Consultant "Cloneskills Stands out in SAP Training World" I have yet to meet a knowledgeable BPC instructor like Jothi. With his training, you will hit the road right from get go on a BPC project. I have been through three SAP BPC courses (5.1& 7.0) before I attending Jothi's training on BPC 7.5 NW/MS. Right from the first training session, it became very clear to me Jothi has a lot of hands on experience, and in depth
  9. 9. knowledge, whether it is BPC MS/NW technical/ Functional areas, BI, BI- IP, SEM-BPS, ECC, ABAP, MS SQL, or script writing. Jothi has demonstrated, time-and-time again, he is always willing to share his knowledge. Unlike other trainers, Jothi had demonstrated professionalism by 'literally' holding hands of his students long after they complete his course. Cloneskills, stands out in the SAP training world, because of Jothi's excellent instructions and in-depth knowledge. He always remembers minute points about all of his students and reinforces, with proper instructions, by focusing, on sometimes very complex subjects like consolidation, Allocation, etc. He makes the difficult subject seem so easy with his expert instruction. He prepares PowerPoint slides as he explains which makes it easy to follow him. During the training, he keeps repeating the instructions a couple of times so that students can follow him. Throughout the training, Jothi will constantly remind you that more you put in, the more you will benefit from his instructions. Please follow his advise. I look forward to associate myself with Jothi, in some sort of working capacity, in the future. Great job Jothi... Keep up the good work! Suresh Mehta Sparta Consulting, Inc. "Best SAP-BPC Training" I took SAP-BPC training in SAP-America Training Center, both CPM 310 and 320, it cost me USD 12,000.00. Trainers were in experienced, never worked on a BPC-Project and had no real-time experience in BPC and never taught Consolidation. I joined Jothi's BPC-training program and I am learned, what exactly I need to learn to get a job which really pays well, a lot more than I make now. I recommend anyone with suitable background to join Jothi's Training program." Kris Marksteiner SAP Certified System Integrator & DFPS Consultant