My CloudConnect 2013 Talk: Infrastructure Automation in the Cloud


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This session talks about the challenges and complexity both large and small organizations face while managing their IT infrastructure in the cloud, how complex infrastructure can be managed easily through automation, and the various solutions available in the market which with the combination of configuration management and service oriented architecture makes it easy to create an elegant fully automated infrastructure.

Some of the main aspects covered in this talk are:
- Challenges with managing Infrastructure
- What is "Agile" Infrastructure and why is it important
- Best practices in setting up an agile infrastructure using automation tools
- Continuous integration, delivery and deployment
- what is DevOps ?

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My CloudConnect 2013 Talk: Infrastructure Automation in the Cloud

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  2. 2.© 2013 Clogeny TechnologiesAbout Me•  Strong Experience in DevOps, InfrastructureAutomation•  Built cutting edge products:•  Hybrid Cloud Migration Appliances•  Enterprise Java PaaS•  Multi-cloud single pane of glass Dashboard•  Experience building highly scalable automatedcloud applications•  Leading engineering teamsCo-founder/CTO at Clogeny
  3. 3.© 2013 Clogeny TechnologiesWhat is my talk about?Infrastructure Automationfor the Cloud
  4. 4.© 2013 Clogeny TechnologiesWhat is my talk about?Infrastructure Automationfor the Cloud
  5. 5.© 2013 Clogeny TechnologiesWhat is Infrastructure?App LBsApp ServersNoSQLDB slavesCacheDB CacheDBs
  6. 6.© 2013 Clogeny TechnologiesWhat is Infrastructure?DC1DC3DC2
  7. 7.© 2013 Clogeny TechnologiesProblems in Managing Infrastructure"   Configuration Drift"   Changes causes Outages"   Wall of Confusion – Dev and Ops"   Non Functional Requirements:•  Backups, security, monitoring, synchronization,performance, capacity planning" Dev,Test and Prod – All Different Environments"   Mystery Machine: On But don’t know why?"   Code Complete != Production Ready
  8. 8.© 2013 Clogeny TechnologiesInfrastructure is Hard !!
  9. 9.© 2013 Clogeny TechnologiesOld Problem: Infrastructure is Hard
  10. 10.© 2013 Clogeny TechnologiesOld Problem: Infrastructure is Hard"   Proprietary Solutions
  11. 11.© 2013 Clogeny TechnologiesOld Problem: Infrastructure is Hard"   Solve very little of the problem"   Enterprise Focused"   Large Professional Services Bills"   On-premise"   Acquired by companies with large consultingorganizations"   Google, Amazon, Microsoft built their own toolsbut its secret sauce"   Proprietary Solutions
  12. 12.© 2013 Clogeny TechnologiesInfrastructure is Changing !!
  13. 13.© 2013 Clogeny TechnologiesCloud Computing
  14. 14.© 2013 Clogeny TechnologiesNew Problem: Infrastructure isChanging"   Easier to get .. but harder to manage"   Demand is dynamic"   Developers are crucial to Operations"   Web/Cloud services are proliferating"   Manual Configuration no longer a crutch"   Few tools solve all the problems"   No Shrink Wrap software
  15. 15.© 2013 Clogeny TechnologiesInfrastructure is Code"   API Driven Abstractions"   Infrastructure is now an ApplicationApp LBsApp ServersNoSQLDB slavesCacheDB CacheDBs
  16. 16.© 2013 Clogeny TechnologiesAgile Infrastructure:The Final Frontier for Agile
  17. 17.© 2013 Clogeny TechnologiesAgile Infrastructure"   Infrastructure is Code: Apply the lessons learntfrom Software Development"   Build more Flexible systems and fasterfeedback"   Beyond Continuous Integration: ContinuousDelivery"   10+ deploys per Day – Flickr, 2009
  18. 18.© 2013 Clogeny"   Mean time between deployments: 11.6s"   Max # of deploys per hour : 1079"   Mean # of host simultaneously receiving adeployment: 10,000"   Max # of hosts receiving a deployment: 30,000
  19. 19.© 2013 Clogeny TechnologiesWhat is my talk about?Infrastructure Automationfor the Cloud
  20. 20.© 2013 Clogeny TechnologiesAgile Infrastructure Techniquesu Configuration Managementu Version Control Everythingu Build from sourceu One step deployu Monitoringu Continuous Deliveryu Work Together – Dev and Ops
  21. 21.© 2013 Clogeny TechnologiesWhat is Infrastructure (again) ?• Nodes• Networking• Files• Directories• Symlinks• Mounts• DB SchemaInfrastructure is a collection of resources:•  Routes•  Users•  Groups•  Tasks•  Packages•  Software•  Services•  Configurations•  Stuff
  22. 22.© 2013 Clogeny TechnologiesInfrastructure as Code (really?)package "ntp" do!action :install!end!service "ntpd" do!action [:enable,:start]!end!template "/etc/ntpd.conf" do!source "ntpd.conf.erb"!owner "root"!group "root"!mode 0644!action :create!variables(:time_server =>“”)!notifies :restart, “service[ntpd]”!end!
  23. 23.© 2013 Clogeny TechnologiesConfiguration Management"   Infrastructure as Code"   Put systems into a known state"   Audit and enforce consistency"   Manage server lifecycle"   Reason about services, instead of systems"   Apply dev-test-prod cycle to infrastructure
  24. 24.© 2013 Clogeny TechnologiesConfiguration Management Tools
  25. 25.© 2013 Clogeny TechnologiesVersion Control Everything"   Network Configurations"   System Configurations"   Application Configurations"   Application Code"   Database Schema"   Documentation"   Anything else that matters!
  26. 26.© 2013 Clogeny TechnologiesBuild from Source"   Build Application and Infrastructure fromsource" Dev,Test and Prod in sync"   Test from a known state"   Scaling"   Disaster Recovery
  27. 27.© 2013 Clogeny TechnologiesOne Step Deploy"   One automated process from version control tolive services"   Lower the time and cost to deploy
  28. 28.© 2013 Clogeny TechnologiesMonitoring"   Define ‘Normal’ Conditions"   Monitor Baselines, Charts, trends"   Monitor, Monitor and Monitor !Ref:
  29. 29.© 2013 Clogeny TechnologiesContinuous Integration"   Check in regularly"   Create an automated and comprehensive testsuite."   Test New builds"   Assert Services are running"   Deploy early and often"   No manual steps!"   Never go home on a broken build"   Build a pipeline!
  30. 30. Poll MasterandCompileRun UnitTestsPackageDeployRunSmoke/IntegrationTestsRelease
  31. 31.© 2013 Clogeny TechnologiesContinuous Delivery PipelineSCM Build CI Analyze DeployConfigPrivateCloudsPublicCloudsRepo InfrastructureContinuousIntegrationContinuousDeployment
  32. 32.© 2013 Clogeny TechnologiesWork Together – Dev and Ops" Dev and Ops see the same thing, in the sameplace"   Share Metrics"   Share the Repository•  Configs in sync with Application Code"   Minimize Surprise"   Always ship trunk/master
  33. 33.© 2013 Clogeny TechnologiesHow often do we see this?
  34. 34.© 2013 Clogeny TechnologiesWork Together – Dev and Ops" Devs need to understand the infrastructure"   Ops needs to understand the Application"   Manage Flows – Avoid Fires"   Build a culture – Avoid the blame game"   Break the silos and work together!"   Collaboration: not only when things go wrong"   No Rock star mentality
  35. 35.© 2013 Clogeny TechnologiesWhat is DevOps ?DevOps:is a software development method that stressescommunication, collaboration and integrationbetween Dev and Ops.
  36. 36.© 2013 Clogeny TechnologiesWhat is DevOps ?DevOps really is:"   Processes"   Tools"   Culture
  37. 37.© 2013 Clogeny TechnologiesDevOps"   Processes and Tools•  Automated infrastructure•  Shared version control•  One step build and deploy•  Shared metrics"   Culture•  Respect•  Trust•  Healthy attitude about failure•  Avoiding Blame•  Superhero Culture
  38. 38.© 2013 Clogeny TechnologiesConclusionü  Agile Infrastructureü  Embrace DevOpsü  Business Agilityü  Improved Time to Marketü  Ahead of the competition
  39. 39.© 2013 Clogeny TechnologiesQuestions ?
  40. 40.© 2013 Clogeny TechnologiesReferences"   Dev2Ops -"   Flickr’s 10 deploys per day -"   Agile Infrastructure -" DevOps – The war is over -" DevOps, the future is here –"   Jesse Robbins’s DevOps talk -