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Clogeny Technologies is an outsourced product development and software services company with leadership in DevOps, cloud and webscale applications. We understand the needs of young start-ups as well as companies with $250 million in revenues. We have expertise with DevOps and CI technologies like Jenkins, Hudson, Chef, Puppet, Gerrit, Bamboo, etc.

We have helped customers to design, deploy and manage a mature Build Automation and Continuous Delivery pipeline that has led to automated builds, better code quality, stable codebase, faster QA feedback and deployment automation to QA or production. Essentially it has led to enhanced agility and faster on-time product releases.

This slidedeck talks about the benefits of devops and automation, a reference design for an ideal continuous delivery process, clogeny's offerings and some of our success stories.

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Clogeny Technologies - DevOps, CI and Automation Expertise

  1. 1. Clogeny is India’s leading software and product engineering services provider to independent software vendors, enterprises and online SaaS businesses looking for reliable technology partners. Clogeny provides services in Cloud Computing, DevOps and Storage domains. Innovation Execution Solution Delivered DevOps, CI & Automation Expertise
  2. 2. © 2013 Clogeny Technologies Improved quality of software code and deployments More frequent software releases Improved visibility into it process and requirements Cultural change collaboration and cooperation More agile development and change management process More responsiveness to business needs  Increased Business Agility.  Agile Product Releases  Faster Time to Market
  3. 3. © 2013 Clogeny Technologies Nightly Builds Auto deploy to Test Environment Test Execution at Build time Latest reports always accessible Build on Commit Self-service deploy to test and prod Automated Functional Tests – run nightly Report Analysis and trending Build Cluster Continuous Deployment to production High Code Coverage Cross Silo Visibility and Analysis Basic Intermediate Mature Increased Business Agility
  4. 4. I Check out code and build Quality Control Fetch Latest Builds Deploy to Test Environment Packaging and Archiving Integration Testing Unit Testing Fetch Release- ready Builds Deploy to Pre- production environment Acceptance Testing Deploy to Production Environment Source Code Management Build Tools Avoid Configuration Drift Ensure all environments are in sync Configuration Management and Deployment Tools I Testing Frameworks Ideal Continuous Delivery Process Continuous Integration Servers Check-out code Poll branches Code Quality Analysis Validate Builds Sanity Checks UAT Deployment Environments Store valid binaries, packages 1 2 3 4 5 67891011 Production Pre-Production Test
  5. 5.© 2013 Clogeny Technologies Automated Provisioning Continuous Delivery Custom Development Strategy and Roadmap for Adoption Infrastructure & Application Deployment Chef, Puppet, Rundeck, Nagi os CI/CD Pipeline Design & Deployment SCM, Build Management & Automation Git/Gerrit, Jen kins, Bamboo Tools, Connectors and Service Accelerators Web Application development Python, Ruby and Java expertise
  6. 6.© 2013 Clogeny Technologies The customer is a leader in the social e-commerce space. Their social e-commerce platform for online retailers. It provides a suite of on-site social applications for retailers aimed at generating social interactions. Their customers include leading US brands like Sears, The Children's Place, Sport Chalet, CafePress, Ritz, Zales and others The customer had several manual processes for building/deploying code leading to delays in releasing key features, outages due to differences in different deployment environments. Clogeny worked with the team to setup agile infrastructure practices. Clogeny setup CI pipeline, configuration management tools and automated integration tests. ShopSocially are now able make multiple code pushes to production in a day and have never missed a deadlines ever since. Opscode is a leading provider of Infrastructure automation, configuration management and DevOps tools with Chef as their flag-ship product. Their customers include Facebook, IBM, HP, Dell, Rackspace, Nordstrom, GAP amongst several large companies. The customer is the world’s largest privately held storage company building massively scalable storage products for the Big Data, Cloud and HPC market. The customer powers more than two-thirds of the top 100 super computers Clogeny setup a 5-person DevOps team. Clogeny designed and deployed a continuous integration pipeline for 8 out of 40 product lines. The otherwise manual process of building and delivering software artifacts was completely automated with hardware integration and a slick easy-to-use User Interface to monitor the pipeline. It lead to increased quality of code, automatically packaged deliverables, cross silo visibility while allowing engineers to focus on development. Clogeny is a development and professional services partner for Opscode . Clogeny has an engineering working across several key features of the product including building a new management dashboard, managing cloud plugin integrations and developing cookbooks to automatically setup and manage clouds. Clogeny conducts trainings on behalf of Opscode in the APAC region. “Clogeny quickly understood the challenges we faced and successfully architected the process. Our releases are on track and customers extremely pleased – thanks to Clogeny” - Senior Director, Engineering and Products, "Their fundamental understanding of complex technologies and ability to translate them in very simple workflows has been very effective and paramount in the success of several mission- critical projects.” – Chief Technology Officer
  7. 7. Clogeny is India’s leading software and product engineering services provider to independent software vendors, enterprises and online SaaS businesses looking for reliable technology partners. Clogeny provides services in Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, DevOps and Storage domains. US: +1 408 556 9645 India: +91 20 661 43 400 Website: