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Ged mirfin poitical cv


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My Political CV

Published in: News & Politics
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Ged mirfin poitical cv

  1. 1. Ribble Valley Conservative Association Political CV Ged Mirfin
  2. 2. 2 About Me I’m aged 51 and was first elected to Ribble Valley Borough Council in 2011. I have extensive Committee experience having served on the important Policy & Finance Committee, most recently as Chairman of the Licensing Committee, as Deputy Chairman of the Personnel Committee & Accounts & Audit Committee and also on the Planning & Development; Community Services; Licensing and Parish Liaison Committees. I continue to play an active role on the management teams of Ribble Valley Conservative Association as Deputy Chairman (Political) since 2018 and Chairman of the Policy Forum between 2017-19. I am also Web Master, Data Coordinator and Press and Social Media Officer for the Association. In the parliamentary elections of 2015 and 2017 I was a Campaign Manager in the Hyndburn Constituency responsible for all aspects of On-line Campaigning Web-Sire Development & Maintenance, Content Marketing & Messaging, Social Media Activity: Twitter, Facebook & Party Web-Sires, On-line Campaign Measurement, Tracking & Analytics, On-line Leaflet Design, Image Sourcing & Manipulation, On-line Data Manipulation of Voter Metrics & Socio-Demographic Profiling using Vote Source - the Conservative Party Electoral Databaset. In 2017 he Conservative Vote in Hyndburn increased by 4,629 to 18,305 from 13,676 in 2015 an increase 8.6% from 31.9% to 40.5%. This was just 1,405 Votes less than the 19,405 Votes achieved by Ken Hargreaves when he first won the seat in 1983 - only 1.7% less than the 42.2% he achieved. Hyndburn was in the top 33 Seats in England - 7.86% - for % improved Conservative Vote share and second for % improved Conservative Vote Share in Lancashire. I have gained significant campaign experience and can confidently utilise social media, website management, competent in leaflet development and production.
  3. 3. 4 Conservative Voice Working with allied organizations – such as – to help the Conservative Party and its candidates to sharpen up election campaigning through practical help with media relations, social media and local organization, to help nurture and spread best practice campaigning in wards, constituencies and regions under the Conservative banner Providing a home, and a new voice, for Conservatives at the grassroots – that connects with the needs, and reflects the aspirations, of voters Policy development and promotion that contributes to the Conservative Party’s next General Election manifesto and beyond, working with the leadership, CCHQ, allied think thanks and party affiliates, academics, business people and those in the third and public sectors who share that vision. Supporting aspiring MPs and Councillors and encouraging local activists with a wider range of experience from outside of politics to lend their time for campaigning; Assisting aspiring MPs and Councillors with their online and social media presence Creating a forum for ideas and debates, featuring key figures within the Conservative Party Work with Peers, MPs, MEPs, Councillors and Conservative Party activists to promote the best of new Conservative ideas from a wider range of experience than the Westminster village, to help shape Conservative Party manifesto policies “What didn’t Emily Know? : White Van Man Culture, Middle Class Condescension, Moral Panics: the importance of White Van Man Drivers to the Economic Recovery and defeating UKIP” – Conservative Voice – November 2014
  4. 4. 6 Publications 2 “Political arrogance: A Paper” - October 2017 “Political Inertia” - November 2017 “Political Hypocrisy: Magical Realism and the Death of the Political Actor” - August 2018 The Growth Aspiration Achievement Gap – December 2015
  5. 5. 7 Publications 3 My most recently published Paper is entitled “Political Hypocrisy: Magical Realism and the Death of the Political Actor”. This is a Paper which discusses the concept of Political Hypocrisy from a number of different perspectives including that of magical realism for the first time. It focuses on approaches taken by David Runciman: Political Hypocrisy: The Mask of Power, from Hobbes to Orwell and Beyond, John Mearsheimer: Why Leaders Lie:The Truth About Lying in International Politics, Peter Oborne: The Rise of Political Lying, Michel Foucault: Truth and Power, Colin Crouch: Post-democracy, Martin Jay: The Virtues of Mendacity: On Lying in Politics, Sophia Rosenfeld: Hypocrisy in American Political Attitudes. Another of my recently published papers is entitled: “Political Inertia”. This is a paper which analyses the concept of Political Inertia from a number of different theoretical perspectives including Adversarial Politics, Consensus Politics, Failure to Deliver Economic Growth, Sequencing of Political Democracy, Social Acceleration, M|ixed Economy Models, Path Dependency, the Winner-Takes-All-Politics thesis, Political Drift, the Political Science of Lobbying, the Off-Center Republican Revolution Thesis, the Captured Economy Model and Economic Rent Seeking and the Decline of Nations Thesis and the Logic of Collective Action. Another recently published paper is entitled: “Political Arrogance”. This is a Paper which discusses the concept of Political Arrogance. It seeks to do this by reference to the UK context. It focuses on the notion of political immaturity and political arrogance as a block against political change. It focuses on the gap between belief systems and emergent political reality – and the notion of an Outmoded Worldview. It looks both at those Prime Ministers that have been behind the curve of history and those that have sought to pre-empt it. It uses as a case study example the 2017 General Election before showing that political arrogance is a mark both of strength and weakness when utilised in different circumstances. It then goes on to discuss how political arrogance can morph into hubris. It concludes that a gap has opened up between mass and elite publics because of politically arrogant behaviour arguing that this is likely to result in political instability which is only likely to be resolved by a large scale replacement of the political elites.
  6. 6. 8 Publications 4 Yet another recently published paper is entitled: ”Political Authenticity: Villains or the Virtuous” which has received some media attention. The paper presents a wide-ranging analysis of the concept of Political Authenticity. It focuses on the concept of charismatic authority. It seeks to differentiate between true and false political authenticity and agues that it has become a media construct, a P.R. tool to enable politicians to scale the heights of power. It further argues that charismatic leaders espousing political authenticity are part of the counter elite who have emerged from the political establishment at times of political crisis. I have also recently published a paper entitled “The Death of Aspiration: The End of Work and the Emergent Culture of Middle Class Discontent”. This is a paper which addresses the issue of how middle class aspirations are being thwarted by the impact of technology (automation) on work. It draws on the work of Edward Luttwak (Turbo Capitalism), Jeremy Rifkin (the End of Work thesis); John Kenneth Galbraith (the Culture of Contentment) and Robert D. Putnam (Social Capital). It address the central paradox that the middle classes are being attracted to anti-status quo populist political movements at one and the same time as favouring status quo communitarian politics. It concludes by arguing that the nature of politics and political parties will change fundamentally with the emergence of a new form of factionalised based caucus politics which will be much more localised in nature. It suggests that this will lead to tensions within sub-regional Combined Authorities in the UK. The paper was highly referenced in the U.S. media during the U.S. Presidential Election. I was interviewed by Fox News, the Washington Post and the Chicago Sun Tribune. .
  7. 7. 9 Publications 5 I have recently published a Policy Paper for Conservative Voice entitled: “What didn’t Emily Know? : White Van Man Culture, Middle Class Condescension, Moral Panics: the importance of White Van Man Drivers to the Economic Recovery and defeating UKIP” which was commissioned by Conservative Voice and addresses the issue of the Political Disenfranchisement of Globalisation amongst the victims of Globalisation – the disadvantaged and insecure working and middle classes in the context of the Revolt on the Right and Blue Labour theses amongst others. I have won 2 International Recognition Awards for the Paper which was the most mentioned Politics paper on Twitter in the Month that it that it was published and the most viewed Politics Paper on Slideshare Globally in the three months following its Publication. The Paper is the most viewed and Downloaded Policy Paper authored by a member of the British Conservative Party in 2014 and also in the first half of 2015. The Paper has been viewed and downloaded approaching 10,000 times across a variety of media. I have also recently published a high profile Policy paper for Conservative Voice entitled: “A High Wire Balancing Act – Reshuffles, Reform, Modernization and Policy Making in the Coalition: UKIP & Cameron’s Attempt to Overcome the Limitations of Electoral Groupthink. A Paper commissioned by Conservative Voice on the Cabinet Reshuffle of July 2014 which looks at the Electoral & Socio-Demographics behind the Reshuffle, the continuing impact of UKIP and the Constraints on Reform, Modernization & Policy Making in the Coalition Government and the forces that have shaped David Cameron's behaviour as a Prime Minister. It has been viewed and downloaded approaching 7,000 occasions across a variety of media. I have recently published a high profile paper on the Oldham West & Royton By-Election which was the most widely downloaded paper during the course of the by-election which was used extensively as a reference by national journalists from The Financial Times as well as The Guardian. The paper has been downloaded over 5,000 times across all media.
  8. 8. 10 Publications 6 I have recently been contributing Business Economist for the Peel Policy Forum - the North West's only Centre Right Think Tank. I published a high profile Policy Paper commissioned by Rejuvenate Your Business on behalf of projectEV (Enterprise Village) entitled: "Supporting High Growth Companies: It's A Life-Stage Issue Not A Journey to Shangri-La" It has been downloaded over 5,000 times. A Second Paper entitled: "Are "We" all Working Class Now? : The Rise of the New White Collar Working Class" It has been downloaded over 2,000 times. The Paper was featured as the Lead Article on the Conservative Home Web-Site A Third Paper followed entitled: "Apprenticeships in SMEs: The Key Debates" followed and received a large amount of attention from the Lobbying Group Apprentices4England who host a number of high profile conferences. .
  9. 9. 11 University Politics Lecturer I am a former academic with 7 years Teaching and Lecturing experience in Higher Education at the Universities of Hull, Wolverhampton & Coventry I have extensive experience of teaching Comparative Politics, International Relations and International History across Years 1 to 3 and up to and including Masters Level. Lecturer in International Studies: Coventry University I taught a no. of International Relations (Level 1: The International System); International History (Level 1: World Politics Since 1945) and Foreign Policy (Level 2: Foreign Policy Analysis) Modules Lecturer in European Studies (Politics and International Relations) University of Wolverhampton I taught on a no. of EU Politics, Policies and Institutions, East European Politics and British Politics Modules. I also taught on a no. of International Relations, International History, East European Politics and Foreign Policy and War Studies Modules. I was also responsible for the creation of the majority of the syllabus for two Year 2 British Politics modules The Making of Modern Britain and Issues and Controversies in Modern Britain. As part of a TEMPUS University Teaching,Training and Observation visit from the Bulgarian Universities of Varna, Russe and Sofia in Bulgaria where the two modules went on to be taught. Lecturer in Politics: University of Hull I taught on a no. of Comparative Politics Modules: .
  10. 10. 12 Chief Data Officer – Business Link North West 1 I recently led a Team which built the Rapid Response Framework initiated by the North West Development Agency to deliver Support and Funding to Businesses struggling as a consequence of the economic downturn. As Chief Data Officer at Business Link Northwest - a data driven evidence-based business economics role I was the Architect of the Business Performance Index (BPI) and its contribution to the development of the Northwest Development Agency's (NWDA) "Rapid Response Framework". The BPI: the heart of a Shared Intelligence Network, accessible by Public Sector Business Support Agencies allowed the NWDA and BLNW to closely monitor and report on the ongoing impact of the economic recession on Businesses at both an aggregate level across industry sectors and administrative and political geographical boundaries.The BPI was the first Business to Business Commercial Risk Profiling Tool available within the Public Sector and offered the NWDA real-time intelligence to support efforts to address market failure. The BPI was commended at the national "Data Strategy" awards for "Best use of Data in the Public Sector" The BPI allowed the NWDA and BLNW to make definitive pronouncements about the effectiveness of its Services Delivery to the North West Business Community including Membership and Cluster Organizations, Local Councils, Politicians and Opinion Leaders Provision of relevant and up-to-date information on emerging business trends meanwhile has allowed the NWDA to service requests from Government, Political Parties and Lobbying Organizations. The BPI was the first Business to Business Commercial Risk Profiling Tool available within the Public Sector and offered the NWDA real-time intelligence to support efforts to address market failure. BLNW worked with a no. of Business Support Agencies at SRP, Local Authority and below. It was able to use its BPI Data to support a range of Joint Projects beginning with the majority of Local Councils. I played an integral role in developing these Key Relationships and developing Data Communities of Practice working with a number of Senior Politicians and Governmental Officials upto and including the Cabinet Office, the Prime Ministers Development Unit and the Office of the Minister of State at BIS (Shriti Vadera).
  11. 11. 13 Chief Data Officer – Business Link North West 2 As Chief Data Officer I built an extensive network across Public Sector Bodies, within Academia and within Research Bodies and Think Tanks across Government and with a large number of Politicians across all Parties at Councillor and MP level. BLNW also serviced a high no. of requests for Complex Data Analytics from Business Support Agencies at different levels within the political administrative geography of the North West. Again I played a key role in developing the systems and processes for the delivery of Key pieces of Economic Analysis writing and authoring a considerable number myself. This capability has ensured that bodies that were "blind" to the impact of the recession on the Business Community were able to accurately contextualize their own Business Support activity on the ground against a robust evidence base testing and measuring the impact of their Business Support Policy Criteria. I have vast experience in writing a range of communications and PR pieces I have extensive experience of writing and placing material authored on behalf of journalists in the National Press including Front Pages in the Daily Express and Daily Mail and Articles in the Times, Guardian and Independent based on findings from data projects I have led or been involved in. Perhaps the strongest example of a such a Project is the “We’re Backing Business” campaign which BLNW launched in conjunction with the Lancashire Telegraph. The Lancashire Telegraph campaign to support businesses allowed BLNW to enhance its Market Reputation through a series of Thought Leadership Campaigns Delivered through PR & On-Line Communications. This allowed BLNW to Evolve a Strong Local Brand Identity focussed on Issues and Themes specific to North West Businesses. Critical in achieving this was building Brand Association with Other High Visibility Premium Brands.
  12. 12. 14 Chief Data Officer – Business Link North West 3 The United We Stand Campaign was the first instance of a Regional Press Group working in conjunction with the Business Link Network to promote its service offering. Indeed for the first time there was implicit trust in the message that BLNW was promoting and unquestioning acceptance of the figures that were being stated about the health of the Sub-Regional Economy in Lancashire. This allowed BLNW to position itself as the trusted authority on the subject. Using extremely enticing hooks BLNW was able to build awareness of its message using data in an extremely granular context not possible previously. The campaign and its impact, the only instance of such a campaign to be recorded in the UK thus far has won praise from far and wide, including David Cameron, then Leader of the Opposition who said, “It’s a great idea.” "We all have a responsibility to the community at a time of recession and newspapers have a great responsibility, which you are showing, to try and help businesses get all the help they need. “I wish your campaign well and I hope the businesses respond and that they can help us trade out of this difficult recession.” The result is that BLNW was able to Build Strong and Enduring Customer Advocacy born out by the highest levels of Customer Satisfaction for any Business Link Network in the UK by Building Stakeholder Advocacy Networks. Quite Simply we were able to Nudge the Change Architects (Thaler & Sunnstein) and Be Confident in the expansive capabilities of B2B Mood Contagion.