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2013 Buyer’s Guide                                                                 resoftco.comWelcome to the 2013 Buyer’s...
Who we are                                                                                                      Page 2  Th...
Look Inside                                                                                                    Page 3Becom...
Data Governance                                                                                             Page 4  Become...
Identity Governance                                                                                               Page 5 D...
SharePoint Search, Archive & Restore                                                                        Page 6 Improve...
Electronic Discovery                                                                                         Page 7  Ready...
Recovery for Discovery                                                                                  Page 8  Restore on...
Availability, Metrics & Alerting                                                                              Page 9  Emai...
Secure Data Delivery                                                                                            Page 10 Pr...
Email Content Management                                                                                       Page 11 Get...
Archiving and Retention                                                                                          Page 12  ...
Archiving and Retention                                                                              Page 13 Email archive...
Cloud Migration, Virtualization, Modernization                                                                  Page 14 Mi...
PST Elimination and Backup                                                                                  Page 15 The ch...
Lync and Sametime                                                                                     Page 16 Make Lync an...
Lync and Sametime                                                                                      Page 17 Sametime fo...
Conference Room Booking & Team Calendars                                                                    Page 18 Confer...
Mobile and virtualization                                                                                   Page 19  Tripl...
Lotus Notes Solutions                                                                                    Page 20  Manage l...
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ReSoft Buyers Guide


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Become litigation ready: Only retain what you need; Prevent the email oops!; Legal hold retention
Don’t fail your next security audit; Who had access to that? Cloud - leave no-one behind Unify your distribution lists
Improve SharePoint security and uptime: Simplify your library structure; Know your growth, use & uptime; Recover files quickly from backup
Ready for that search request?: Email, SharePoint and PST search; Early case assessment; Search social media and website
Recovery for discovery: Restore one message from backup; Recover lost mailboxes; Eliminate the backup window
Email always backs up when you least expect it: Reduce help desk problem escalations; End to end monitoring; Optimize email routing
Protect your data in-transit: Secure eForms; Secure large file transfer; Secure email
Get the most out of your current email storage: Reduce mailbox size by up to 40%; Set standards for email content; Filter email content as it is sent or received
Retention is now a way of life: Gather multiple archives into one; Website and social media archive; Secure, fast Cloud retention; Email archive and quota control; Regulatory compliance capture; Vault your email
Migration is not for the faint of heart: Upgrade obselete email archives; Assess the email stores first; Migrate Domino apps and Buddy Lists
The challenge of PST files: PST detection and backup; Migrate PSTs to Exchange 2013 or 365; Understand your PST content
Make Lync and Sametime IM enterprise-ready: Audit Lync conversation history; Lync emergency broadcasting; Accelerate Lync change requests; Leverage Sametime for help desk; Keep Buddy Lists up to date; Archive Sametime chats
Conference room, hot desk and signage: Accurate conference room booking; True team calendar sharing; Add digital signage to meeting rooms
Mobilize and virtualize: Triple your VM density; Clamp down on mobile usage; Mobile change management
Lotus Notes specific tools: Manage large email broadcasts; Strengthen email policies; Filter email in real-time

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ReSoft Buyers Guide

  1. 1. 2013 Buyer’s Guide resoftco.comWelcome to the 2013 Buyer’s GuideWho are we?ReSoft International is anintegrator and reseller of best-of-breed software tools that addressemail and data governance,identity governance, regulatorycompliance and retention, Cloudmigration and storage relief. Why work with us? ReSoft has acted as a trusted advisor for over 18 years to hundreds of organizations across many industries. We apply the relevant technologies and techniques from our broad set of tools to reduce liability risks and save time. By partnering with ReSoft, you will enjoy the results of thorough, considered research and experience to help you to make informed, timely decisions to meet emerging threats to the smooth operation of your systems.
  2. 2. Who we are Page 2 The ReSoft methodology: helping you make informed decisions and implement timely solutions Our approach allows the provision of products and Making the Technology Work For You services to fulfill your specific requirements; from In todays market, pre-packaged software solutions are requirements definition, policy definition, solution & groaning with features that overwhelm even the most architecture design, product and technology impressive IT department. The challenge is selection to project planning, installation, training, understanding how to convert this software health checks, site assessments, troubleshooting commitment into a measurable return-on-investment and skills transfer. that addresses your requirements. ReSofts approach is to make the software work for you. Our involvement in your project can range in duration from a couple of days to months. At the end of the assignment, we want you to be self-sufficient so we typically incorporate documentation and skills transfer into our assignments. ReSoft International, LLC (203) 972-8462
  3. 3. Look Inside Page 3Become litigation ready……………………………..……. 4 Retention is now a way of life…………………………. 12• Only retain what you need • Gather multiple archives into one• Prevent the email oops! • Website and social media archive• Legal hold retention • Secure, fast Cloud retention • Email archive and quota controlDon’t fail your next security audit……………………… 5 • Regulatory compliance capture• Who had access to that? • Vault your email• Cloud - leave no-one behind• Unify your distribution lists Migration is not for the faint of heart………………. 14 • Upgrade obselete email archivesImprove SharePoint security and uptime …............6 • Assess the email stores first• Simplify your library structure • Migrate Domino apps and Buddy Lists• Know your growth, use & uptime• Recover files quickly from backup The challenge of PST files………………………………. 15 • PST detection and backupReady for that search request?…………………………. 7 • Migrate PSTs to Exchange 2013 or 365• Email, SharePoint and PST search • Understand your PST content• Early case assessment• Search social media and website Make Lync and Sametime IM enterprise-ready… 16 • Audit Lync conversation historyRecovery for discovery…...………………………………….8 • Lync emergency broadcasting• Restore one message from backup • Accelerate Lync change requests• Recover lost mailboxes • Leverage Sametime for help desk• Eliminate the backup window • Keep Buddy Lists up to date • Archive Sametime chatsEmail always backs up when you least expect it….9• Reduce help desk problem escalations Conference room, hot desk and signage...…........18• End to end monitoring • Accurate conference room booking• Optimize email routing • True team calendar sharing • Add digital signage to meeting roomsProtect your data in-transit……………………………… 10• Secure eForms Mobilize and virtualize …..……………………………… 19• Secure large file transfer • Triple your VM densiity• Secure email • Clamp down on mobile usage • Mobile change managementGet the most out of your current email storage…. 11• Reduce mailbox size by up to 40% Lotus Notes specific tools……………………………… 20• Set standards for email content • Manage large email broadcasts• Filter email content as it is sent or received • Strengthen email policies • Filter email in real-time ReSoft International, LLC (203) 972-8462
  4. 4. Data Governance Page 4 Become litigation ready. Understand what data exists, where its located and who has copies. Identify what data should be retained to comply with policy and legal hold requirements and what can be safely purged. Scan a wide range of data sources including online networks, email servers and offline back-up tapes to provide a content profile. Use this knowledge to create data maps of the content. Define robust retention policies that will support current litigation and prepare you for the future. Integrate new data into day-forward procedures. Users will add classification labels to new documents and emails as they create them. Only retain what you need Contain a 6x expected growth in data storage in the next 5 years. Rigorous Data Governance principles with Index Engines will: • Reduce growth in network storage by applying data mapping to evaluate what data to retain for business value and legal holds. Identify duplicate data and what can be safely purged • Save up to 80% of the cost of storing backup tapes by removing duplicate data • Allow fast response to legal and compliance needs through fast, indexed content searching Web ID: Prevent the email oops! Improve compliance at time of document creation and email send with the Titus Classification labeling and policy enforcement software for Microsoft Office and Outlook. • Promote end-user accountability of sensitive data • Increase accuracy of ediscovery and data loss systems • Enable ethical walls to limit distribution of emails to inappropriate recipients • Force encryption of sensitive email that needs to be sent externally Web ID: Legal hold retention Are you keeping too much email? Mail Attender will manage legal holds, retention dates, quotas, email content, mailbox size, and more. • Automate your archive, purge and retention policies • Target Exchange mailboxes, Public Folders, PST files and Lotus Notes mail databases • Manage email policy by providing flexible, yet centralized, control over mail content, size and age Web ID: ReSoft International, LLC (203) 972-8462
  5. 5. Identity Governance Page 5 Dont fail your next security audit - apply sound IAM principles A Failed security audit drives the need for high-level remediation skills and software, caused by: • Independant legacy IAM solutions that do not communicate to each other • Acquisition/merger/layoff plans driving a need for a short burst of specialist skill • Cloud, Mobile & social media limitations in your audit policies Our IAM offerings will help rationalize disparate directory, password and access solutions, migrate you to the latest IAM technologies through experience in all major solutions such as SAP, Microsoft, Sun/Oracle, Siemens. Who had access to that? Collect access rights audit logs from all your systems across the entire IT environment, from on-premise enterprise applications to Cloud applications. Consolidate into a single, central point using SailPoint IdentityIQ. • On-demand visibility into who had access to what….and when • Accelerate and improve audit process • Meet compliance and regulatory mandates • Change and terminate user access as needed Web ID: Cloud: leave no-one behind Provision and de-provision users in multiple Cloud applications using PingFederate. • Cloud single sign-on and federated identity • Employees, customers and partners can access multiple Cloud resources • Secure mobile access to cloud resources • No-one left behind: user de-provisioning across all Cloud applications • Use social networking sign-ons, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Web ID: Unify your distribution lists Realize over 30% savings on IT admin and helpdesk costs without compromising security with Unify Distribution List Management. • Delegate basic operational tasks to employees through protected "smart distribution lists" • Automate expiry of unused lists • Manage regular and dynamic distribution groups • Clone groups, set minimum membership • Manage aliases and delivery restrictions • Create ethical walls Web ID: ReSoft International, LLC (203) 972-8462
  6. 6. SharePoint Search, Archive & Restore Page 6 Improve SharePoint security & uptime SharePoint offers excellent collaboration and publishing facilities, but it can present challenges to organizations needing to support regulatory compliance or regulatory-discovery initiatives or growth. Administrators are overwhelmed trying to manage availability and litigation requests in a timely manner and end up spending an increasing amount of time responding to requests, finding deleted files, and recovering from hardware failures. Simplify your library structure Override the default "allow-all" access by adding metadata properties to each document at posting time using Titus Metadata Security for SharePoint. • Eliminate errors created when manually setting document access-permissions incorrectly • Automatically enforce access security at the document level, based on user-roles, trusted claims and document metadata • Control access to externally-facing library content by user and group Web ID: Know your growth, use and availability Combine all the key elements for SharePoint monitoring and reporting with Foresite. • Everything you need in a single, concise tool. • Optimize performance, improve SLAs, show growth. • Over 25 built-in realtime data & historical trending reports, plus the ability to create complex queries. • Self-generating personalized dashboards gives key roles their own dashboard with information relevant to them • Test critical services: site availability, timer jobs, search and index service, content databases. Monitor all underlying core technologies; IIS, Active Web ID: Directory and SQL. Recover files quickly from backup Simplify the process of restoring individual documents, sites, sub-sites and folders from backups using DocRetriever for SharePoint. No longer spend hours rebuilding the entire production database or a temporary SharePoint recovery farm, just to recover a single document. Connect directly to native backups or any snapshot. Browse SharePoint objects as if you were connected to a live SharePoint site. Recover sites, site hierarchies, list items, libraries and views directly to the production Web ID: servers, to alternate servers or to a file system. ReSoft International, LLC (203) 972-8462
  7. 7. Electronic Discovery Page 7 Ready for that search request? • Live email files • Web page and social media content With over 37% of searches involving greater than 2.5TB of • Archives such as PST files, journal data (IDC), there is substantial data to review once a archives and third-party Archives document discovery request or subpoena is issued. Often, • Back-up tapes requests must be completed under intense court-imposed • SharePoint libraries deadlines. Consider these sources as e-discovery targets: • Files on user home drives Email, Sharepoint, PST search Perform dynamic keyword searches against Exchange mailboxes, PST files, SharePoint libraries, Lotus Notes databases and common file storage areas with Discovery Attender. Scan message subject, body and attachment content using customizable search criteria. Results are summarized in a report listing items matching keyword criteria. • Run legal, HR and corporate discovery searches discreetly and transparently to end-users • Search data for suspected evidence or breaches • Secure potential evidence once its located Web ID: Early case assessment Answer critical questions about the content, age, size, and importance of electronically stored information in your Exchange servers, PST files and files on the network with Report Attender. • Gather and distill data to identify the items stored on network shares and email servers • Make informed decisions for early case assessment, administration, litigation and compliance needs • Create summarized reports, drill-down views and vibrant charts Web ID: Search social media and websites Search through a website exactly as it appeared live online on a specified date using PageFreezer . • Archive social media and website page changes (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.) every day • Add a digital signature and timestamp to each archived page, evidence of the time the page was archived proving the page was not changed since it was archived Web ID: ReSoft International, LLC (203) 972-8462
  8. 8. Recovery for Discovery Page 8 Restore one message from backup Restore, copy & search un-mounted Exchange edb databases using PowerControls. Restore a single mailbox, individual folders, or any number of messages and attachments to any mailbox on the network or directly into an Outlook PST file on your local drive. • Interact with backups just like you do with Microsoft Outlook. • Restore directly from your backups • Remove time consuming and expensive single mailbox (brick-level) backups Web ID: Recover lost mailboxes Restore deleted, lost and archived emails from any un- mounted Exchange data store, EDB, without the need to perform expensive & time consuming brick level backups using MailRetriever. • Recover private and public information data stores from any off-line EDB with Recovery Wizard • Identify email for e-discovery and recovery with Search Wizard • Make better use of existing Exchange snapshots • Check the EDB for corruption . • Synchronize the un-mounted EDB with the online server. Web ID: Eliminate the backup window Protect the whole Exchange application - operating system, configuration, data, Active Directory and Blackberry Servers using REPLAY - it continuously creates a volume block-level, point-in-time image of the entire Exchange environment. • Replicate changes of the entire server footprint to a VM machine. • Perform discovery & restoration tasks against the Replay backup without impacting the production Exchange server • Replicate to a failover site • Validated backups for corruption each time • In the event of a failure, restart the server as the primary Web ID: ReSoft International, LLC (203) 972-8462
  9. 9. Availability, Metrics & Alerting Page 9 Email always backs up when you least expect it Internet connectivity crashes, a server stops responding, a mobile device doesn’t connect.... and you are always the last to know. To know that mail is flowing properly you need to implement end-to-end server delivery monitoring. If a link slows or stops, it tells you! Another part of managing messaging is the ability to track and trend usage and identify anomalies to help in capacity planning, load balancing and usage accounting. Important to this is setting up a central collection point for all the messaging related resources - email servers, SMTP Sendmail servers, anti- spam devices, anti-virus plug-ins, fax servers, instant-messaging servers etc. Reduce help desk escalations Monitor your Exchange, mobile device & AD components with a quick glance at a single screen. Mailscape is a suite of Exchange & Active Directory monitoring tools with a one-look dashboard that enables you to : • Increase help desk resolution capabilities thereby reducing escalation calls for messaging and AD issues • Lower support costs and easier deployment than other tools like SCOM • View intuitive, accurate real-time dashboards, filtering relevant information for that user role Web ID: End-to-end server monitoring End-to-end or heartbeat server delivery monitoring observes realtime email flow between internal email servers, mobile devices and connections to the Internet. If a link slows or stops, Topper tells you. • Remove the need to deploy agents on monitored servers. • Reflect the current status of your network • Take action on outages before users are impacted. Web ID: Optimize email routing Optimize email routing and report on service levels and usage for cost recovery by delivering metrics on all messaging traffic, server availability, mail delivery times, replication and mail store content for messaging systems like Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes using OmniAnalyser. • Demonstrate compliance with service levels • Track individual messages • Calculate cost chargeback for organizational units • Report on mail flow statistics, estimate usage trends • Check email system configuration correctness Web ID: ReSoft International, LLC (203) 972-8462
  10. 10. Secure Data Delivery Page 10 Protect your data in-transit Secure data delivery services from DataMotion is hosted in either a private or public cloud, increasing compliance and control while reducing cost and complexity of delivery. All modules, SecureMail, FileTransfer, SecureContact and eForms share the same core platform architecture and interconnect with each other to provide a unified encryption solution. Secure eForms Deliver eForms securely and directly to a customers inbox, bypassing portal logins • Web-enable offline workflows, e.g., loan applications, processing, benefits enrollment, health insurance claims, medical forms • Create eForms with your organizations logo to ensure a seamless user experience • Allow customers to receive, fill out and submit eForms as emailable PDF forms, right into your back-end application • Integrate Web eForms (hosted, secure HTML forms) right into your website Web ID: Secure large file transfer Transfer large files between business partners, employees and customers while providing governance to track and monitor all activity. • Send and receive any file type • Pick up interruptions through checkpoint restart capability • Drag and drop interface • Remove the need to exchange encryption keys • Trigger encryption from pre-defined rules • Automatically provision accounts for recipients Web ID: Secure email Meet HIPAA requirements, deliver sensitive financial documents, protect client confidentiality. • Install on-premise or in the secure Cloud • Apply pre-built regulatory and best-practices filters • Fault-tolerant and clustered • Enable secure messaging for employees, call centers • Automate data delivery such as eStatements, eBilling • Seamlessly integrate into your existing website design Web ID: ReSoft International, LLC (203) 972-8462
  11. 11. Email Content Management Page 11 Get the most out of your current email storage Growth in the number of e-mails generated and stored in your email system may be inevitable, but ReSoft can help you to reduce their impact on resources and make the most efficient use of e-mail in your organization. For organizations that need to minimize expenditures on storage and reduce disaster recovery windows, implementing an effective mailbox size management strategy will reduce server loads, shorten restore times, increase ROl on storage expenditures, and slow the consumption of new storage as it is made available. Reduce mailbox size by up to 40% Automatically and invisibly compress and decompress attachments in Outlook and Exchange using MaXCompression. • Save on network bandwidth • Reduce mailbox storage requirements • Reduce transmission times for remote users • Reduce backup and restore time for mailboxes • No change in work procedure; no staff training • Set compression rules centrally Web ID: Set standards for email content Are you keeping too much email? Mail Attender will manage retention dates, quotas, email content, mailbox size, and more. • Automate your archive, purge and retention policies • Target Exchange mailboxes, Public Folders, PST files and Lotus Notes mail databases • Manage email policy by providing flexible yet centralized control over mail content and size Web ID: Filter email content as it is sent or received Filter email in realtime in Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes/Domino using securiQ. Server-based security policies block undesired email, prevent the spreading of enterprise-critical data and ensure secure e-mail transmission. Automatic e-mail disclaimers and intelligent e-mail processing increase the quality of service. Actions can be triggered based upon: • Email content • Attachment • Presence of a disclaimer Web ID: • Encryption ReSoft International, LLC (203) 972-8462
  12. 12. Archiving and Retention Page 12 • Journaling of all email Retention is now a way of life • Data in mailboxes and local archive/PSTs The persistence of the electronic record and the • Draft emails yet to be sent recovery of electronic communications in connection • Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) with almost every business dispute means litigation • Calendar appointments complications resulting from problematic email and • Cloud-based email social media activity are commonplace. Consider • Instant Messaging what information to capture as part of your retention • External email such as Blackberry policy: • Specialist email solutions (Bloomberg, etc.) Gather multiple archives into one Consolidate all your email-generating applications into a single archive to give a single point of search and retention. Data Parser formats content into compliant .eml or .msg files which may then be ingested into your primary archive. Archive email from: • Blackberry SMS • Bloomberg and Reuters • NewsGator, Symantec MessageLabs • Facebook and Twitter • SharePoint Wiki, blogs and list Content • Microsoft Lync, Microsoft LiveMeeting Web ID: Website and social media archive Browse through a website exactly as it appeared live online on a specified date using PageFreezer. • Archive social media & website page changes (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) every day • Add a digital signature and timestamp to each archived page, evidence of the time the page was archived proving the page was not changed since it was archived Web ID: Secure, fast Cloud retention Simplifiy infrastructure and reduces costs with unlimited storage with Proofpoints hybrid Cloud email archive. • SLA-driven eDiscovery/Compliance and end user searches result in 20 seconds or less (average search is 6.8 sec): search against a mailbox, group of mailboxes or entire archive • Allow mobile device access to archive • Automate legal holds: a single compliant legal hold repository for messages relevant to a given matter • Encrypt data at time of collection. Only you have the encryption key • Automated policy enforcement: for PCI, PII, SOX, FDA, HIPAA Web ID: ReSoft International, LLC (203) 972-8462
  13. 13. Archiving and Retention Page 13 Email archive and quota control Enforce email policy through flexible yet centralized control of the Exchange Information Store and PST files with Archive Attender • Automate retention so email is moved to the archive from the user’s primary mailbox based upon age or how close the user is to their Exchange quota • Identify inappropriate, confidential or threatening emails • Improve legal discovery: search email containing particular keywords. • Offload messages from mailboxes to a separate archive to meet email retention regulations Web ID: Regulatory compliance capture Meet SEC, NASD, Sarbanes-Oxley, ISO, DOD, HIPAA and other email compliance requirements with Archive One. • Reduce legal risks by retaining and recovering e-mail. • Improve awareness of legal exposure • Extract email from the mailboxes of nominated users to a separate archive store from which users can retrieve • Improve Exchange email server performance by ensuring only the optimum level of messages are held on the server • Increase productivity by giving search and retrieval Web ID: of archived email to end users Vault your email Vault adds archiving, ediscovery and information governance to the Google Apps cloud. Retention policies: archive email and chat messages according to policy, preventing inadvertent deletions E-discovery: be prepared for litigation and compliance audits with powerful search tools that help you retrieve relevant email and chat messages Legal hold: place legal holds on users. Email and chat messages cant be deleted by users on hold Export: export specific email and chat messages to Web ID: standard formats for additional processing and review ReSoft International, LLC (203) 972-8462
  14. 14. Cloud Migration, Virtualization, Modernization Page 14 Migration is not for the faint of heart There is a strong business case for moving existing processes, such as email and collaboration, into a Cloud infrastructure, but does it apply to you? There are many moving parts that must be considered before embarking on a migration to the Cloud. Our diagnostic methodologies will analyze your existing environment to identify those applications that best sit in the Cloud and migrate only the application functionality that is used. Upgrade obsolete email archives Migrate and consolidate email and related records from one email archiving system to another or back into the user mailbox. Ensure future accessibility, regardless of archive, messaging platform or storage using TransVault. • Consolidate different archive repositories into a single platform or split a single archive into new groups • Eliminate the significant costs, complexity and risks of managing data in a series of uncoordinated silos • Export any mailbox from an archive whether the message came from Notes, Exchange or is trapped in Web ID: an obselete archive Assess the email stores first Make smart decisions about data migration. The Report Attender Data analysis tool will answer critical questions about the content, age, size, and importance of electronically stored information in your Exchange servers, PST files and files on the network. • Use as an early data assessment tool to understand age and size of mailbox items • Gather and distill important details to identify the items stored on network shares and email servers Web ID: Migrate Domino Apps, Buddy Lists Leverage your current investment in Lotus by transforming existing business logic into X-Pages with Transformer. • Save up to 90% of the cost of rewriting applications • Remove most Notes pre-reqs to avoid data migration Update, rename, and modify Sametime buddy lists for people, groups, or networks with BuddyList Deployment Manager. • Remap all user ids from Domino to LDAP or AD • Migrate Buddy Lists from Sametime to Microsoft Web ID: Lync ReSoft International, LLC (203) 972-8462
  15. 15. PST Elimination and Backup Page 15 The challenge of PST files PST files containing valuable or confidential information that needs to be accessible to other users can be saved anywhere on the network and, most likely, will not be regularly backed up, risking data loss. • Identify where PST files reside, who owns them, how large they are and when were they last accessed • Backup PSTs across the network so you have a solid copy for any subsequent searches or restores • Move PSTs to the best network location for access • Filter PST content so you only keep the data you need • Eliminate PST files by ingesting back into the email system or to a third-party archive. PST detection and backup Automatically detect PST files with PSTStation Corporate. Detect all PSTs stored on workstations or shared file servers, in live Outlook profiles, or by scanning directories to find empty,or hidden PSTs. • Backup PSTs fully or incrementally, where only email created since the last backup will be saved, reducing the volume of data and backup time • Ingest PSTs into an archiving repository; deduplicate, compress and move to a long term archive. Select one PST, a group or an entire server. Web ID: Move PSTs to Exchange to 2013 Find PSTs and migrate them to an archive, Exchange on-premise or Cloud 365 using PST Enterprise. • Search for and find all PSTs • Selectively extract unwanted data • Place data on Legal Hold without archiving first • Establish location, size, age, owner of all PSTs • Ingest PSTs to archive or to Exchange 2010, 2013 Web ID: or 365 Understand your PST content Answer critical questions about the content, age, size, and importance of electronically stored information in your Exchange servers, PST files and files on the network with Report Attender. • Gather and distill details to identify the items stored on network shares and email servers • Make informed decisions for PST migration, administration, litigation and compliance needs using summary reports, drill-down views, vibrant charts, and custom options Web ID: ReSoft International, LLC (203) 972-8462
  16. 16. Lync and Sametime Page 16 Make Lync and Sametime enterprise-ready Audit Lync conversation history Monitor and audit Microsoft Lync IM conversations for policy enforcement or regulatory needs using Instant OCS Archive Viewer . • Enterprise search and discovery - enable a user with ‘super admin’ privileges to conduct organization-wide audits of all conversations • Departmental search and retrieval - give managers the ability to monitor the conversations of employees • End User search and retrieval - let users see their own conversation history without intervention from the help desk Web ID: Lync emergency broadcast Turn Microsoft Lync into a real-time news broadcaster to accelerate the delivery of critical or transient information with Instant Alert Manager • Quickly create IM broadcast messages and instantly send them to specific users, groups or system-wide • Schedule IM broadcasts for auto-delivery • Set messages to expire if offline users do not retrieve them within a certain time frame. • IT can inform users of unexpected events and provide updates on service re-establishment • Business Units can relay transient information to staff; an impromptu meeting, a new client Web ID: Accelerate Lync changes Deployment and capacity planning for Microsoft Lync is time-consuming and labor-intensive because native interfaces do not support bulk updates to user configurations. Unify Lync Manager overcomes these Lync provisioning and administration issues through its template-based provisioning. This allows the definition of various different ‘flavors’ of Lync functionality according to the usage requirements of different groups. Web ID: ReSoft International, LLC (203) 972-8462
  17. 17. Lync and Sametime Page 17 Sametime for the help desk Reduce help desk costs by using IM for help desk contact using Instant Queue Manager • Create virtual queues that sort Sametime chat requests and direct them to the next available help desk agent • Route incoming requests to the correct person or group • Contact help desk using mobile devices • Track all queue activity through database logging • Let help desk staff appear as a single entity to outside parties and can be anonymous Web ID: Keep Buddy lists up to date Lotus Sametime Buddy lists are created by users as an easy means of building team contacts. But when a Buddy’s name changes, a user leaves, or a directory OU is redefined, none of these will be updated in the user’s Buddy list. Allow administrators to centrally index, view, update, rename, and modify buddy lists for people, groups, or entire networks of Sametime users using Instant BuddyList Deployment Manager. • Instantly update Buddy lists • Build dynamic Buddy lists • Migrate & co-exist between Sametime & Microsoft Web ID: Lync Archive Sametime chats Log and archive IBM Lotus Sametime Connect client chats, and send dynamic, customizable company disclaimer messages to IM chat parties using Instant IMtegrity. • Audit and log who says what, what was promised and when and for how long people chatted on-line • Authenticate and Identify anonymous AOL screen names and match them to real user names from your LDAP directory Web ID: ReSoft International, LLC (203) 972-8462
  18. 18. Conference Room Booking & Team Calendars Page 18 Conference room, hot desk booking and signage Natively, Microsoft Exchange has only a rudimentary capability for managing conference rooms. There is no way to view the properties of a meeting room such as location, capacity or capabilities such as video conferencing or digital signage and no way to order services such as catering for the rooms. Accurate conference room booking Integrate advanced conference room scheduling and meeting room booking capabilities into Outlook and Exchange with Resource Central. Remove the confusion surrounding conference room scheduling requests by providing planning and organizing services within the Microsoft interface. • Manage services for conference rooms such as catering, table arrangements, name badges, AV equipment and internet access • Handle changes or cancellations and send order receipts • Select rooms in the same Outlook booking process as you invite attendees removing free-busy problems Web ID: True team calendar sharing View and manage many Outlook calendars and/or Outlook resources on one screen using Exchange Central. • Give a consolidated view over many calendars • Perfect for the front-desk clerk, reception or the ”back-end“ for planning, booking, statistics of Outlook calendars • Plan employees, meeting rooms and other Outlook resources • Color-code and filter appointment views Web ID: Add digital signage to meeting rooms Inform visitors and coworkers of present and future events outside meeting rooms with Digital Sign Service. Book, change, and end meetings directly on the touch screens of your digital signs. Guide and welcome visitors while enhancing corporate branding. • Integrate interactive signage directly and seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook • Create templates to brand your company • Review, book, confirm, expand, end, and delete Outlook meetings directly on the touch screen Web ID: ReSoft International, LLC (203) 972-8462
  19. 19. Mobile and virtualization Page 19 Triple your VM density Using existing security solutions to protect the Virtual Machine environment can threaten performance, cause undue complexity, leave unintentional security gaps, and hinder the ability to fully benefit from Virtualization. Trend Micro Deep Security offers a lighter way to secure VMs with an agentless anti-malware, intrusion prevention and integrity monitoring platform, built for VMware that will: • deliver 11X more efficient resource utilization • support up to 3X the number of VM machines • reduce the need to continually patch agents. • allow continuous and optimized protection of virtual servers as they move between data center and public cloud Web ID: Clamp down on Mobile usage Capture real time data of all the core components of your mobile infrastructure including automatically testing to ensure everything is working normally. Prevent outages & helping determine the root cause of issues quickly with Mailscape: • ActiveSync Connectivity Testing • Folder sync verification • Data sync • Get item sync test • Ping test • Autodiscover verification Web ID: Mobile change management Easily manage your entire mobile access infrastructure, including your users’ various devices of choice, with Unify Mobility. • Customize provisioning and de-provisioning policies • Securely delegate administrative tasks down to your help desk and/or your end users (device activation, password reset, 24/7 remote lock/wipe) • Increase the number of supported devices and allow user self service • Ensure security of sensitive corporate data • Set alerts, thresholds and notifications Web ID: ReSoft International, LLC (203) 972-8462
  20. 20. Lotus Notes Solutions Page 20 Manage large email broadcasts E-mail broadcasts are a special class of electronic messaging typically containing large address lists. A user can easily abuse the system by mailing ill-timed or inappropriate messages to large groups. A recipient only has to hit REPLY ALL to create havoc! • Intercept Lotus Notes broadcast requests with Castcadia • Review, approve and schedule each broadcast and then move into a traffic stream • Set delivery schedules, routing strategies and formatting adjustments with predefined rules. • Add opt-in opt-out capability using Subscription Manager Web ID: Strengthen Notes email policies Provide centralized control over Lotus Notes mail databases using Mail Attender for Notes. • Automate quota, document retention/deletion so the user takes an action to keep a document beyond the retention time • Identify inappropriate or threatening emails or attachments already residing in the email system • Save disk space by offloading attachments into a separate archive leaving a link in the original message • Prevent users from saving, sending or deleting messages they shouldn’t Web ID: Filter Notes email in real-time Provide fine-tuned control over all sent and received messages in Lotus Notes email with Compliance Attender. • Capture messages before they are routed, allowing the collection, quarantine, archive and disclaiming of messages in response to compliance requirements • Run discreet rules from a central location to all or a select group of users. • Comply with increasingly stringent industry regulations, government legislation and internal corporate compliance policies Web ID: ReSoft International, LLC (203) 972-8462